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Ways2Well treats chronic conditions and symptoms by taking a holistic preventative approach to medicine. It specializes in detecting genetic markings through blood tests and treating a long list of hormonal issues — before they become irreversible or life-threatening.


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    Ways2Well Company Overview 

    Ways2Well is an online doctor that utilizes hormone optimization and a holistic approach to health and wellness. It uses blood lab analysis to get biometric data and provide diagnosis and treatment plans. 

    Instead of treating the symptoms, doctors on the platform address the source of conditions. All treatment plans are customized to each patient’s needs; doctors never take a one-size-fits-all approach to symptoms.

    The platform also aims to provide low-cost healthcare that’s accessible to all patients. Instead of waiting for an hour in a clinic to see a doctor for 10 minutes, patients make appointments online for (on average) 30-to-45 minutes each. Doctors write prescriptions for vitamins, supplements, and custom medications that are filled by an online compound pharmacy. Drugs are sent directly to a patient’s home or office. 

    Ways2Well doctors and nurse practitioners spend around 75 minutes with each patient. 

    Its mission? “We don’t want you to wait until you’re sick to get healthy.”

    Is Ways2Well Right For You? 

    Ways2Well primarily specializes in hormone balancing. This telehealthcare platform is ideal for anyone who needs services for:

    Ways2Well specializes in hormone optimization. Through a series of blood tests and labs, doctors on the platform determine if your hormones are at their optimal levels; if not, they create a plan to help balance your body’s chemicals, using vitamins and supplements.

    Since this platform offers primarily online services (except for the initial blood work), it’s ideal for patients who:

    • Don’t want to commute back and forth to and from a clinic
    • Need blood work but aren’t able to schedule it themselves
    • Don’t want to wait in clinic waiting rooms with sicker patients
    • Prefer to schedule online visits because they can’t get away from work during traditional business hours
    • Want more time to chat with doctors
    • Need more in-depth holistic care
    • Feel more comfortable chatting with a doctor online

    Is Ways2Well Credible?

    Founded by a failed healthcare system patient, Brigham Buhler, Ways2Well aims to create better, specialized care for all patients. 

    Buhler has worked in the healthcare system for 15 years. He realized that most primary care physicians wear too many hats and don’t get enough time with most patients. Patients also don’t get a holistic view of their overall health and rarely get enough facetime with doctors (eight minutes on average to discuss health history and goals).

    Buhler realized that patients needed better diagnostics and more access to low-cost preventative care and in-depth blood lab analysis. The more information patients have, the better they can educate themselves on their health conditions. He graduated from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business and also founded ReviveRx, Ways2Well’s sister company, an online pharmacy.

    All doctors and nurse practitioners on Ways2Well’s platform must meet the following requirements before applying. All doctors and nurse must have:

    • An active license in Texas
    • An unrestricted license in Texas
    • An active DEA Schedule II through V licensure 
    • No pending or open malpractice claims 
    • Undergone a background check
    • Proven they are proficient with diagnosing patients
    • Strong management experience 
    • Excellent interpersonal skills that 
    • Good bedside manner on the platform
    • Proven problem resolution skills
    • Excellent organizational skills 
    • Strong technical knowledge of systems
    • Specialized in urology, endocrinology, or primary care
    • Familiarity with hormone replacement therapy

    Ways2Well’s platform is HIPAA-compliant; its systems use secure servers and firewalls to protect patients’ information. It also encrypts all data. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Ways2Well  

    Did you know that 60% of adults suffer from at least one reversible chronic condition? And that 70% of your health determinants can be analyzed by one drop of blood?

    If you suspect you’re suffering from any of the following conditions, Ways2Well can analyze your blood and discover the root cause of your symptoms. Since the platform treats the condition instead of the symptom, you can live your life free of medications with harsh side-effects. 

    Ways2Well treats the following health conditions:

    • Dry skin
    • Fatigue
    • Stress 
    • Hormone deficiencies
    • Improper nutrition
    • Insomnia
    • Low libido
    • Mineral deficiencies
    • Mood swings
    • Muscle soreness 
    • Unexplainable exhaustion
    • Thin skin
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Weight management
    • And more

    All of the above symptoms are commonly present in a patient with imbalanced hormones. Ways2Well specializes in balancing hormones through vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle changes to ensure patients get the most holistic care — without taking medications that come with harsh side effects. 

    You don’t need to spend a fortune for good medical care. Preventing health conditions before the worsen is much more cost-effective than treating the condition in the emergency room.

    The platform also places an emphasis on educating patients. The more you know, the more you’re likely to make good health decisions. 

    The platform encourages patients not to wait until they’re sick to get treatment. This type of upstream thinking keeps people healthier and living longer lives.  

    If you’re tired of feeling like just another patient in a doctor’s day, Ways2Well can help you understand your genetic markings and catch diseases — before they become life-threatening and costly illnesses. 

    How Ways2Well Works

    1. Schedule a Virtual Health Consultation

      Create an account and choose your health concern to chat with a board-certified nurse practitioner. You can schedule your appointment on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone — right from your home. You’ll never need to wait for your appointment; your doctor will never keep you waiting. Find out how to address your health concerns and make a long-term plan to stay healthy and meet your goals.

    2. Schedule Comprehensive Lab Tests

      Ways2Well specializes in analyzing bloodwork to determine the fastest and most comprehensive route to wellness. Make an appointment for a blood draw at Quest Diagnostics Texas location right through the app. When you arrive at the lab, all your information will already be in the system — there’s no additional forms or long wait times.

      Or, you can always walk into a lab location. The blood draw takes only around 10 minutes of your time. Before your blood draw, don’t drink alcohol, participate in strenuous exercise, or eat for 12-to-14 hours before. 

    3. Get Your Results and Wellness Plan

      Your lab results will appear in your portal less than a week after your blood draw. Ways2Well makes it easy for you to access the reports and understand the results. Your doctor will create a wellness plan, based on those results.

      With this platform, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all approach’. Your doctor will tailor your plan to fit your lifestyle — and your lab results. Chat about dietary, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Your doctor can even give you tips on executing your plan.

      The lab review takes around 45 minutes to complete — about four times the amount of time of a typical primary care physician’s appointment. You’ll also schedule follow-up visits that are no more than 30 minutes each. You’ll schedule the right amount of time for your appointment, depending on the reason for meeting your doctor.

    4. Feel Better

      Your doctor will schedule follow-up visits and chats to ensure you’re getting the best possible care. One way Ways2Well treats patients is through hormone optimization. Your doctor may suggest hormone replacement or therapy to improve your mood and energy levels.

      Your doctor also may write prescriptions. The platform partners with Revive Rx, a compound pharmacy, offering affordable cash-pay prescriptions. All drugs prescribed through this platform are of high quality and highly effective.

      The best part? You can get prescriptions sent right to your home or office in two business days (which means you’ll never need to wait in line at a pharmacy again!). You can even text doctors for refills requests. 

    Ways2Well Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    • Emergency room care
    • Urgent care
    • In-person care (sutures and bone setting)
    • Mental health therapy
    • Anyone who wouldn’t benefit from hormone therapy or lifestyle changes
    • Patients outside the state of Texas

    Ways2Well plans on expanding to other states, so stay tuned if you don’t live in Texas!

    Pricing: How Much Does Ways2Well Cost? 

    Ways2Well was founded with the mission to reduce the cost of the emergency room and urgent clinic care by treating symptoms before they become chronic conditions — and by reversing chronic conditions. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the doctors on this platform know what they’re doing. 

    The platform charges the following fees for online services and lab reviews:

    Initial 15-minute consultation: Free

    Comprehensive lab reviews: $120

    Follow-up visits: $60 each

    You can pay for Ways2Well services and some products with your medical savings account (HAS, HRA, FSA, MSA); though, the platform does recommend checking with your provider before scheduling services or purchasing products. 

    Right now, the following patients aren’t eligible for reimbursement:

    • Medicare
    • Medicaid 
    • Government healthcare programs
    • Commercial insurers
    • Managed care organizations
    • Preferred provider organizations
    • Other payers 

    If you want to submit documentation to your health insurance provider for reimbursement, the platform can provide such documentation; yet, it does not guarantee reimbursement. 

    What Do We Think About Ways2Well?

    We love Ways2Well’s preventative approach to medicine. The doctors really seem to care about patient health and finding holistic treatment options. 

    Ways2Well reviews state how much patients love their doctors and how much they appreciate the time allotted for each appointment. Patients also mention how convenient they found online services. Instead of waiting months for an appointment, waiting in an office, and waiting for results, patients could get fast and easy treatment at the click of a button. 

    Patients also loved that they didn’t feel rushed when asking questions. Since all appointments are scheduled online, they never felt shuffled in or out of the office. They also mentioned how doctors took the time to ensure they felt ‘heard’ and that their symptoms weren’t ignored or pooh-poohed. 

    We do wish that Ways2Well would enhance its offerings by creating a package that includes monthly or even quarterly check-ins. Even though the portal does recommend regular follow-up services, a pricing package that includes these services would encourage patients to follow through on future appointments. 

    If you’re experiencing chronic health conditions and symptoms and find that you just don’t get enough time with your doctor each year, check out the long list of conditions treated by Ways2Well, and schedule an appointment with one of its qualified doctors.