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Sesame Care
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Online Doctors, Online Therapy, Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy, At-Home Lab Testing, Skin Care, Primary Care, Urgent Care Near Me
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Get 15% OFF most services (SESAME15) & 50% OFF our first mental health visit (BETTER50). No copays. No hidden fees. No insurance. No problem. See an online doctor for just about anything, for as low as $30.
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Hers review
Online Therapy, Digital Clinic, Skin Care, Supplements
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$10/mo special intro offer for custom anti-aging skin-care! Hers is a one-stop-shop for all things skin and hair care, sexual health, Primary Care, and Mental Health for women. Get fast & easy consultations & prescription delivery from Hers.
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Antidote Health
Antidote Health review
Online Doctors
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Get $10 OFF WITH CODE RELIEFSEEKER! Antidote Health offers single online doctor visits & online doctor memberships to give you fast, easy, and affordable access to care!
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PlushCare review
Online Doctors
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PlushCare is an online pharmacy & teledoc that allows you to connect with your doctor via your computer or smartphone. PlushCare has 100 plus doctors present in all 50 states of America, facilitating same-day appointments for almost any health issue in the privacy of your home.
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K Health
K Health review
Online Doctors, Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy, Primary Care
Why We Like Them
Chat with a doctor right now for just $19! K Health was founded by doctors and artificial intelligence (AI) experts and is quickly moving the healthcare industry into the 21st century. Since launching in 2016, K Health was listed as one of Forbes’ America’s 50 most promising artificial intelligence companies and has transformed the way millions of Americans communicate with medical professionals....
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GoodRx Care
GoodRx Care review
Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy
Why We Like Them
GoodRx acquired the online telehealth platform HeyDoctor in 2019. This merger now offers patients a seamless online healthcare experience — especially for those without access to health insurance or affordable healthcare. Patients can now get diagnoses, prescription drugs, treatment plans, and prescription discounts all from the same low-cost provider. 
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Doctor On Demand
Doctor On Demand review
Online Doctors, Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Created by world-famous Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Doctor on Demand (Dr on Demand) is one of the fastest-growing telemedicine providers in America. Read below to see our in-depth review so you can see if Doctor on Demand is right for you - you could see a doctor online in 30 minutes!
TelaCare review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
TelaCare is a telehealth company specializing in a long list of urgent care and primary care services. It also provides specialist services, such as eye exams, pharmacy prescriptions, and answering sports medicine questions.
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MeMD review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
MeMD is an online mental healthcare and telehealth provider that specializes in keeping up with technical and medical trends. Its goal is to disrupt the healthcare industry, offering affordable online healthcare options to patients all over the United States. The company hopes to cut down on patients paying exorbitant fees to in-person urgent care clinics and free up emergency rooms for patients w...
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Trulee Health
Trulee Health review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
Trulee is a digital telemedicine platform that provides custom prescription treatment for many health common issues such as erectile dysfunction, skin concerns, hair loss, the flu, and cold sores. Trulee is passionate about providing fast, reliable, and affordable care for all users.
Hey Doctor
Hey Doctor review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
Nobody likes going to the doctor. It takes a lot of time, most of it spent sitting around and waiting. For decades there was nothing you could do about it, it weas an inevitable part of life. Thankfully technology has provided a simple and effective solution - online healthcare platforms. Today we will be taking a closer look at one of these platforms – HeyDoctor.
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#12 review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
Heal is an online/house call doctor hybrid platform that specializes in slow medicine. Patients can schedule virtual visits via an app or landline. After the initial video call, medical professionals may suggest more personalized in-home care. The Heal team offers a holistic patient support network and is available in cities and states all over the United States. Its goal is to combine the conveni...
Uncovered HC
Uncovered HC review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
The healthcare and insurance industries have become increasingly confusing to navigate. Most consumers don’t realize there is a pretty big difference between the two industries because it’s often difficult to see where the healthcare industry stops and the insurance industry begins. Uncovered wants to change all that. Its motto is to: “Use our insider knowledge and experience to...
Galileo Health
Galileo Health review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
Galileo Health is a membership-based online doctor app enabling people to get personalized care, 24/7, from expert clinicians. Through the Galileo App, patients can talk to a doctor, get a new prescription, get refills, and referrals for care from specialists. Join Galileo to get access to a doctor anytime, anywhere, through your phone!
Teladoc review
Online Doctors, Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Teladoc was first established back in 2002. Since then Teladoc has grown into a virtual telemedicine juggernaut, with an active presence in over 130 countries around the world. In 2020, Teladoc has 27 million patients accessing their services, serves more than 12,000 clients, 40 different health plans and 300 hospitals. Their impressive national network in the United States is made up of more than...
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Curable Health
Curable Health review
Digital Clinic, Health Apps
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Curable is a user-friendly online pain psychology app whose goal is to educate and train those who suffer from chronic pain (any pain that has lasted or has been reoccurring for longer than 3 months) on the role their brain plays in their chronic pain. Curable wants to provide comprehensive access to evidence-based, safe, and effective chronic pain therapy for all who need it.
Kick review
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Need help fighting insomnia and anxiety? Kick hires online doctors that specialize in both conditions and can help you — well, kick insomnia and anxiety to the curb. Chat with a doctor online, get your prescription mailed right to your door, and get ongoing advice and support.
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Push Health
Push Health review
Online Doctors
Why We Like Them
Push Health is a platform that allows doctors and patients to connect online. Instead of offering the services itself (like most telehealth companies), Push simply provides a safe online portal for doctors to offer virtual visits with current patients. It was created to offer seamless transactions and make medical care easier for doctors, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, and patients. ...
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Vault Health
Vault Health review
Online Doctors, Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Vault Health started with a goal to give men an easier way to diagnose and treat symptoms of low testosterone and now they are providing testosterone treatments and specialized healthcare for men from the comfort of home. With Vault you can consult virtually with a doctor who provides a personalized treatment plan, Vault can then deliver any recommended treatments discreetly to your home.
Amwell review
Online Doctors, Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Imagine needing to see a doctor and being able to do so within 5 minutes. No need to travel. No time wasted spent in the waiting room. No need to even leave your home. Well, these are just some of the benefits you'll get at Amwell. And while their technology is constantly revolutionizing the medical field, their development of the modern-day virtual doctor, or teledoc, could be one of the most imp...
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Table of content

    Online doctor consultations offer the same high-quality medical care that you’d receive from your in-person healthcare provider. 

    Thanks to improved technological advances and the need for socially distanced medical care, virtual doctor visits are on the rise. These types of consults are more convenient, offer patients more time with doctors and nurses, and are more cost-effective than in-person treatments.

    Instead of commuting to a doctor’s office, you can receive ​medical consultations, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide variety of health issues from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

    What Is an Online Doctor Consultation?

    Online doctor consultations are very similar to in-person consultations. Simply log on to a telehealth website, fill out a form, explain your symptoms, and get a diagnosis. The only difference is that the entire consultation happens online or over the phone instead of in a doctor’s office. 

    Your online healthcare provider will usually provide a video consultation. In some cases, you may only need to message your doctor or fill out a questionnaire. If your doctor has any further questions, you may receive them via email instead of by phone or video. 

    Many telehealth companies also provide consultations with a doctor’s assistant or a nurse practitioner; both of which can save you both time and money, as you won’t need to wait for a doctor to become available, and these medical professionals often charge less than medical professionals with a Ph.D. 

    How an Online Doctor Consultation Works

    An online doctor consultation works the same way an in-person appointment does. The doctor asks the patient questions, looks at symptoms via photos or video consult, and listens to audible symptoms. The doctor then prescribes treatment and/or medication — right from the comfort of the patient’s home.

    Some consultations happen in real-time via messaging or video, and some simply happen over email. If you can be treated through telehealth, your doctor will diagnose your symptoms and offer a treatment plan (often including a prescription sent to your local pharmacy. Some companies send your prescription to a partner compound pharmacy, and medications can be mailed directly to your home). 

    Depending on the provider, you may also get free follow-up consultation; some providers also charge for follow-up consultations. Providers like Health Sapiens offer online doctor and online therapy appointments for a low monthly fee. 

    How Much Does an Online Doctor Consultation Cost?

    Telehealth providers charge a wide variety of fees. Some charge a doctor consultation monthly membership fee (pay one low monthly fee for unlimited or specific services over the course of the year) and some charge fees on a case-by-case basis.

    Some companies charge more for treating certain conditions and others simply charge one basic flat-fee rate for all services. 

    Most online doctor consultations start around $20 on the low end of the spectrum, while others charge up to $50 or more on the higher end. Prescription treatments often cost more, but some digital clinics will only charge you the fee for the prescription and not a fee for the consultation (though some telehealth digital clinics do charge a $5 fee for consultations when you order prescription treatments through the clinic). 

    Common Online Doctor Treatments

    A wide variety of health services and medical services are now offered through online doctor consultations. Some of the most common types of treatments may include:

    • Annual checkups

    • Pediatrician services

    • Urgent care

    • Primary care physician services

    • Condition diagnosis and treatments

    • Prescription medication refills

    • Doctor’s notes

    • Lab tests

    • Allergy diagnosis

    • Referrals

    Common Health Conditions Treated by Online Doctors

    Online doctors now address a wide variety of health concerns. You can get treated for pretty much anything online — aside from conditions that require triage, hospital stays, or close monitoring. 

    Online doctors and digital clinics can treat symptoms ranging from a simple cough to sneezing, back pain, kidney issues, and depression. 

    As long as your doctor can safely diagnose your symptoms via a message, email, video, or audio conversation, you can be treated virtually. The most common conditions treated through telehealth medicine include:

    • ADHD 

    • Behavioral health issues

    • Dermatology

    • Psychiatry

    • Common cold

    • Flu

    • STDs

    • Acid Reflux & GERD

    • Acne

    • Asthma

    • Back Pain

    • Erectile Dysfunction 

    • Hair Loss 

    • Bug Bites

    • Cold Sores

    • Concussions

    • Diabetes

    • Diarrhea

    • Ear Pain

    • Headaches

    • Hot Flashes

    • Insomnia

    • Measles

    • Mental health disorders

    • Parkinsons

    • Pink Eye

    • Rashes

    • Sinus Infection

    • Weight Management

    • Urinary tract infection (UTI)

    • Sore throat

    Are Online Doctor Consultations Safe?

    Online doctor consultations are relatively new, which is why it’s normal for patients to feel a little apprehensive about them. 

    The good news is that these types of consultations are completely safe. Online providers only board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, assistants, and EMTs to offer treatment. These providers also ensure your information stays safe and secure, as they encrypt their websites and maintain secure servers. 

    All online medical professionals also need to follow HIPAA guidelines — just as they would if they were treating patients in person. 

    If a doctor can’t reasonably or safely treat you online, you’ll need to head to an in-person doctor, urgent care facility, or hospital for treatment. Sometimes online doctors can provide a referral to a specialist should you need a higher level of treatment that a telehealth professional can’t provide. 

    Do I Need to Be Tech-Savvy to See a Doctor Online?

    One downside to most telehealth services is that you do need to be at least a little comfortable with technology to make an online doctor appointment. Most providers provide services through online portals or mobile apps, so you’ll need an internet connection to make a video visit. 

    Most telemedicine services are available on Androids and iPhones, though some providers will offer appointments on a web portal or via email or phone consultation.

    At-home urgent care providers such as Ready offer appointments via phone. Simply call the dispatcher, and Ready will send a Responder to your home to help facilitate the visit. Ready provides all the tech you need (including an iPad for the online doctor visit and an EMT to take your vitals). 

    Do I Need Health Insurance for Online Doctor Visits?

    The good news is that you definitely don’t need health insurance to see a doctor online! Most online visits are reasonably priced and cost around the same as a traditional co-pay, so you won’t need a health plan to see a doctor. 

    If you do happen to have insurance, your telehealth provider may be able to bill your insurance provider, or you may be able to get reimbursed for your visit through your health insurance. Before making an appointment, it’s always best to check with both the health provider and your health insurance carrier to determine if your treatment is covered.

    Most digital clinics provide generic prescription medication, making it easier and more affordable to get treated. Most generic medications are offered at a fraction of the cost of their brand-name counterparts and cost even less than a health insurance co-pay for brand-name medication. 

    How Does Lab Testing Work Online?

    Should you need lab testing, some online doctor can help you make an appointment at a local testing facility; the telehealth company can also usually provide the results for you when they’re available.

    At-home lab testing companies like EverlyWell offer the same tests you would get at a lab from the comfort of your own home. 

    Simply order the test you need online, get the test in the mail, and follow the instructions to take your sample. You may need to provide a urine, saliva, or blood sample. Blood samples are taken via a simple finger prick.

    Mail your sample to the lab, and get your results within a few days. 

    Online Doctor’s Prescriptions

    In most cases, doctors can write prescriptions for patients they consult online (including prescriptions for mental health diseases and disorders, antibiotics, and non-addictive pain medications). 

    Most online doctors can send your prescription to your local pharmacy, or they can send the prescription to a compound pharmacy that will mail your meds right to your home or office. 

    Right now, doctors cannot write prescriptions for controlled substances or medications with dangerous side effects for online patients. 

    Can Online Doctor Appointments Really Replace In-Person Care?

    The short answer? Yes, absolutely. In fact, many doctors claim that online doctor consultations are much more affordable, convenient, and efficient than in-person appointments.

    Nearly 80% of the diagnosis process is asking the right questions and looking at symptoms. 

    Doctors can do both online via a video chat, by looking at photos of physical symptoms and listening to patients’ symptoms over the phone. Patients who opt for online consultations actually free up urgent care clinics and emergency rooms for patients that are in more desperate need of in-person care.

    Doctors Providing Online Consultations

    While there are dozens of doctors providing online consultations, the top telehealth providers list includes the following telehealth companies:


    Carbon Health

    Doctor On Demand


    Galileo Health


    Health Sapiens

    Hey Doctor

    K Health

    K Health Review


    One Medical


    Sherpaa Health


    Trulee Health

    Uncovered HC



    JustAnswer Doctors