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TelaCare is a telehealth company specializing in a long list of urgent care and primary care services. It also provides specialist services, such as eye exams, pharmacy prescriptions, and answering sports medicine questions.


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    TelaCare Company Overview 

    This online healthcare powerhouse is an Entrepreneur Magazine's top 100 company in 2019. Since launching more than 10 years ago, TelaCare has grown exponentially. It has seen its number of members grow significantly as well as increased its revenue by triple-digit rates. 

    It provides affordable 24-hour healthcare 365 days a week to residents of all 50 states. Patients can access the portal through landline, video chats, and messaging. The platform offers an extensive list of services performed by doctors, dentists, dietitians, naturopathic doctors, optometrists, pharmacists, pediatricians, sports medicine, and therapists. 

    Is TelaCare Right For You? 

    TelaCare offers one of the most extensive lists of services in telemedicine. It serves patients in all 50 states and offers services by web portal, app, or phone. It also provides specialist services, so you don’t need to contact several platforms for different services.

    TelaCare doctors can help you if you want:

    • 24/7 easy access
    • To avoid admissions
    • Cost savings
    • Dentists
    • Dietitians
    • Easy access
    • Easy follow up
    • Fitness solutions
    • Health programs
    • Naturopathic medicine
    • No waiting
    • Optometrists
    • Peace of mind
    • Pharmacist
    • Reduce transfers
    • Save money
    • Sports medicine
    • Therapy and counseling
    • Weight loss
    • Wellness Programs

    The TelaCare Wellness Program Includes

    • Fitness training
    • Health articles
    • Health coaching
    • Healthy recipes
    • Macro planning
    • Meal prepping
    • Nutritional coaching
    • Personal trainers
    • Supplements
    • Therapists/counselors
    • Workout videos
    • And more!

    This platform is also ideal for anyone who needs the following specialist services and wants to avoid emergency rooms and urgent care centers. TelaCare members can take advantage of the following benefits provided by specialists.

    Workout Videos and Health Coaches

    Members get access to over 500 professional full-length workout videos. Just some of the categories include low-impact workouts and HIIT training. In addition to the self-service videos, patients can always contact licensed health coaches for more personalized programs and information. 

    Naturopathic Medicine

    In addition to medical doctors, you can contact naturopathic doctors for treatments, such as acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, and reiki. Very few telehealth providers offer this type of service. 

    Sports Medicine

    TelaCare also offers sports medicine services, provided by board-certified sports medicine professionals, providing answers to common questions. This is one of the only platforms that we know of that offers this service. 

    Peace of Mind

    One of the greatest benefits of signing up for an around-the-clock telemedicine platform is access to physicians and specialists from the comfort and safety of your home — day or night. Get answers to stressful late-night health questions instead of turning to internet searches. 

    TelaCare’s platform can be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or landline. Never worry about calling after hours or on the weekend. 

    Speak to the same therapist, counselor, or specialist every time for consistent care. You can also schedule follow-up appointments directly within the app. 

    Online doctor scheduling and 24-hour responses to questions offer both peace of mind and flexibility. 

    Save Money

    TelaCare allows you to save money on urgent care clinics. Instead of heading to a clinic and waiting for two hours with sicker patients to get a few minutes of face-time with a doctor, simply log on to the platform and get the care you need from home. Most urgent care clinics charge a minimum of $200 for services; get more affordable care without the wait. 

    Dealing with preventative treatments and urgent care issues in a timely manner can also prevent issues from escalating. Patients that focus on preventative care spend less time in emergency rooms; preventative care is also cheaper than emergency care. 

    TelaCare offers healthcare without ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses. 

    No Waits

    Patients never need to wait for an appointment or drive to an office. All appointments take place online, so there’s no waiting necessary. Doctors timely respond to all patients. Even psychiatry and psychology patients can see a specialist without any wait. 

    No Unnecessary Psychiatry Emergency Room Visits

    Psychiatry patients can spend around $100 per hour per bed in the emergency room. Online psychiatry offers people preventative care — without the social stigmas of driving to a doctor’s office every week or month. 

    When fewer people take up hospital beds in the emergency room, those beds are freed up for other patients. 

    Specialists Available to Answer Questions

    Get a second opinion on dental recommendations. Ever wonder if you really have a cavity? Or if you absolutely need a root canal? Get a second opinion online and get your questions answered regarding implants, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, and clear aligners

    Chat with dieticians and nutritionists to find out what foods you should focus on and which ones you need to avoid, based on your medical history. 

    Ask online pharmacists dosage and medication questions. Find out which medications might possibly interact with each other. Discover the best over-the-counter products to take for optimal health. 

    Reduce stress and get a few mental tools to add to your toolbox to live a happier life. 

    Is TelaCare Credible?

    Founded in 2009 by Larry D. Jones, TelaCare Health Solutions’ goal was to disrupt and fix the United States healthcare system, specifically unmanageable costs and inaccessibility to primary care physicians. 

    TelaCare works with U.S. board-certified physicians and doctors that diagnose conditions, provide treatment plans, and prescribe medications (when necessary).

    To keep patients safe, the platform doesn’t allow doctors to prescribe certain medications, such as controlled substances, drugs with serious side effects, and opioids. 

    The platform is HIPAA compliant and uses security measures such as data encryption to ensure patients can safely share information — without information being shared across the internet. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by TelaCare  

    TelaCare treats one of the longest lists of treatable conditions we’ve seen. From mental healthcare to preventative care and sports medicine, the doctors on this platform have you covered. Offering treatment for so many conditions on one platform also creates seamless care as doctors are able to share information and all of your records are available right on the app.

    TelaCare treats the following conditions:

    How Does TelaCare Work?

    Signing up for TelaCare services is very easy. In fact, you can start feeling better in as little as three easy steps:

    1. Register for an account

      Simply sign up for a free account by entering your personal information into an online form. Download the app or call customer service to set up your account.
    2. Doctor Consultation

      Consult with a doctor, therapist, or specialist. Explain your symptoms, and get a diagnosis. Your doctor will provide treatment options (including sending a prescription to your local pharmacy or online pharmacy if necessary). 

    3. Treatment and Follow-Up

      Your doctor will provide treatment plans and advice. You can even schedule a follow-up consultation if needed. Your primary care provider may even refer you to a TelaCare specialist, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, or registered dietician. 

    TelaCare Platform Access

    You can access the TelaCare platform by phone or web portal. Many telehealth platforms heavily encourage patients to use an app or web portal instead of calling the customer service center. Yet TelaCare encourages both — though contacting doctors through the app is very convenient as you can access all your records right from the portal. 

    Web Access

    Simply log on to the website and chat with a doctor practically instantly. A typical visit takes around 10 minutes, but doctors never rush patients. You can access this chat history at any time to review your questions and treatment options. You don’t need to do anything to get a prescription; your doctor will handle everything for you.

    Mobile App

    TelaCare’s mobile app is possibly one of the most convenient ways to chat with doctors and get treatment. You can message with a doctor or schedule a video appointment right in the app. Some of the most common conditions treated include diagnosing flu, anxiety, and stress symptoms. A doctor may request a video appointment for certain conditions or ask for photos of lacerations or other body parts to determine the best treatment options. 

    TelaCare Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    TelaCare is an online primary care provider and an urgent care provider. This means that you can make an appointment for services your family doctor would normally provide. TelaCare also hires a long list of specialists, such as dieticians, sports medicine specialists, and pharmacists. Yet, not every condition can be treated online. This platform doesn’t treat:

    • Emergency room care
    • In-person care (such as sutures and bone settings)
    • Complicated conditions

    Telemedicine providers don’t allow doctors on the platform to prescribe controlled substances, potentially dangerous medications, or medications with extreme side effects, including but not limited to: 

    • Adderall
    • Ambien
    • Clonidine
    • Gabapentin 
    • Highly addictive medications
    • Klonopin
    • Marijuana
    • Muscle relaxers
    • Opioids
    • Xanax

    Pricing: How Much Does TelaCare Cost? 

    TeleCare offers three plans at varying price points. An individual plan costs $24.95 a month, and a family plan costs $34.95 per month. TeleCare also offers employee plans for large corporations.

    Individual plan: $24.95 per month

    • Board-certified doctors, pediatricians, therapists, pharmacists, dentists, and optometrists
    • Certified wellness coaches, dietitians, sports medicine, and naturopathic medicine professionals
    • Rx prescription savings

    Family plan: $34.95 per month

    • Board-certified doctors, pediatricians, therapists, pharmacists, dentists, and optometrists
    • Certified wellness coaches, dietitians, sports medicine, and naturopathic medicine professionals
    • Rx prescription savings

    Employer and Employee Benefit Plans

    This platform provides discounted services to large corporations (much like a health insurance company would). The cost for employer and employee benefits is:

    2 to 99 employees: $9.00 per employee

    100 to 249 employees: $8.00 per employee

    250 to 499 employees: $7.00 per employee

    499 to 999 employees: $6.00 per employee

    This cost covers the following services:

    • 24/7 and 365-day access
    • Video, phone, and app consultations
    • Access to doctors, counselors, and medical specialists
    • Prescription savings
    • Medical alert system
    • Medication reminders
    • Medical document storage
    • Appointment reminders

    What Do We Think About TelaCare?

    We’re just going to go ahead and say it: we’re really impressed with the long list of conditions TelaCare can diagnose — right on one platform. The ability to assist patients that need primary, urgent, and specialist care creates a seamless experience and can prevent symptoms from escalating and turning into bigger problems. 

    TelaCare reviews mention how easy it is to schedule an appointment or to simply log on to the app and get immediate care. Doctors are helpful and provide not only prescriptions to treat the symptoms, but they also offer advice on long-term lifestyle changes and can refer patients to specialists, such as dieticians and therapists to ensure conditions don’t escalate. 

    If you want to chat with a doctor about easy-to-treat or long-lasting symptoms, sign up for a TelaCare account. You’ll get to chat with a primary or urgent care doctor — or get connected with a specialist. From nutritional advice to psychiatric care, you’ll be in good hands.