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MDProactive is an online doctor based in Naperville, Illinois, with physical locations in Naperville and Chicago. Founded in 2015 by primary physician Narendra Garg, this boutique family practice offers patients all over the United States the same personal touch it offers to its local patients. It strives to provide broader access to healthcare for even those who live in rural areas of the country. 


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    MDProactive Company Overview 

    This telemedicine platform specializes in treating common medical conditions that are often treated by primary care physicians and in urgent care centers. MDProactive has board-certified physicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist patients. The platform is available through its website or by phone.

    MDProactive reviews mention that patients head to the platform thanks to its low prices for treatments that would normally cost hundreds of dollars when prescribed by a regular doctor at a clinic or urgent care center. Chronic diseases and chronic conditions, such as heart disease, can be avoided altogether with proper preventative treatments and online health services.

    Patients can expect a response time in as little as one hour — no waiting room or contact with sicker patients necessary. 

    You can get a treatment plan and/or prescription sent right to your local or online pharmacy

    Such types of visits can actually reduce the number of patients with escalating symptoms and lower the cost of healthcare overall. Making preventative treatments more affordable can prevent emergency visits and physical visits and decrease costs. By offering these treatments online, MDProactive can reduce the cost of the visit; the doctor doesn’t need to pay for rent, utilities, and staff at a brick-and-mortar location.

    Is MDProactive Right For You? 

    This telemedicine provider can in many cases replace your primary care physician or a trip to an urgent care clinic. It’s the perfect telemedicine platform for anyone who is tired over overcrowded doctors’ offices but still wants a doctor with a small, family-operated vibe. 

    Since prices are kept low (thanks to the reduced costs of an online platform), MDProactive is a great preventative and urgent care option for anyone who doesn’t have access to traditional health insurance plans. 

    It’s also ideal for anyone who needs quick and reliable treatment but is too sick to leave the house. We feel you: getting a doctor’s note is always a catch-22 situation. You’re too sick to go to the doctor, but you can’t get a doctor’s note without a trip to an office. An online doctor can solve this problem by diagnosing and treating many conditions that require a doctor’s note — right in your own home.

    You should contact MDProactive for medical treatments if you:

    • Need treatment for a common medical condition
    • Want to save money on urgent care visits
    • Don’t want to wait in a doctor’s office for a quick appointment
    • Are worried about being exposed to sicker patients in a doctor’s office
    • Need quick and timely treatment and/or are worried your condition could turn into something more serious
    • Don’t have health insurance
    • Need a doctor’s sick note for work
    • Need a prescription refill
    • Want your doctor to be added to MDProactive’s roster of online physicians
    • Need treatment and/or a prescription in less than an hour

    Right now, this platform isn’t available in every state, but it’s available in most states and is working on expanding. Currently, MDProactive is available in the following states:

    • Arizona
    • Alabama
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • California
    • Florida
    • Hawaii
    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • Idaho
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Iowa
    • Maine
    • Minnesota
    • Michigan
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • Missouri
    • Nevada
    • Nebraska
    • New Jersey
    • New Hampshire
    • North Carolina
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • South Dakota
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Tennessee
    • Utah
    • Washington
    • West Virginia
    • Washington D.C.
    • Wyoming 
    • Wisconsin

    If your doctor isn’t on the MDProactive platform, you can submit a request for your doctor to join. Offering patients the option to see their own doctors on the online platform has allowed this telehealth provider to grow substantial — and doing so offers a much-needed service to patients all over the United States. 

    Is MDProactive Credible?

    MDProactive was founded by doctor Narendra Garg, who has practiced medicine for over 25 years. Garg is also the founder of Chicagoland Aesthetics and Veins Without Surgery. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Griffin Hospital, a major teaching affiliate of the Yale University School of Medicine.

    Garg is also a member of the American Telemedicine Association and is licensed to practice in over 30 states. His team consists of board-certified and U.S.-trained primary care physicians. 

    The platform keeps information stored on secure servers and is enrolled in SecureTrust's Trusted Commerce™ program, meaning it’s compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and has a seal of approval to ensure transparency and authenticity. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by MDProactive  

    MDProactive treats a long list of conditions approved for diagnosis by online doctors. In fact, the following conditions are only on the shortlist of just some that are treated by doctors on this platform. You should contact MDProactive if you’re interested in online treatments for:

    • Acne
    • Alcohol use disorder
    • Bronchitis
    • Cold sores
    • Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)
    • Contact dermatitis
    • Doctor’s notes
    • Ear infection (otitis or swimmers ear)
    • Erectile dysfunction (ED) for men
    • Flu
    • Herpes
    • Laryngitis
    • Medication refills
    • Pharyngitis
    • Poison ivy
    • Poison oak 
    • Seasonal allergies 
    • Sinusitis
    • Sore throat
    • STD treatments 
    • Strep throat
    • Swollen glands
    • Tonsillitis
    • Toothache/tooth infection
    • Upper respiratory infection 
    • Upper respiratory tract infection
    • Urinary tract infection (UTI bladder infection)
    • Yeast infections

    This online doctor platform also treats a wide variety of other conditions and symptoms. As long as your ailment does not require emergency room care or in-person care (see list below), MDProactive might be able to treat it. 

    We recommend contacting MDProactive for a consultation if you need treatment for any common conditions or urgent care conditions that don’t require emergency care or in-person care. Many symptoms can be diagnosed online without the care of a face-to-face doctor; you might want to check with MDProactive before heading to your primary care provider’s office to see if your symptoms can be treated online. 

    Many patients are shocked to find out that in-person care isn’t necessary and that most non-emergency conditions are treated through thoughtful questions — not physical interactions!

    How to Use MD Proactive

    MDProactive makes getting your symptoms diagnosed super simple. Just head to the platform to create an account and fill out a few online forms with your medical history, symptoms, and preexisting conditions. Start feeling better in six super-simple steps. 

    All you need to do to start feeling better is:

    1. Choose from a list of conditions to understand typical treatment protocols
    2. List your specific symptoms
    3. Create an account on the MDProactive platform with your contact information
    4. Confirm you’re not experiencing life-threatening symptoms
    5. Enter your health information and history into the system
    6. Enter payment information and submit your request

    You’ll receive an email in 30-to-90 minutes with a treatment plan and a prescription for medication (if necessary). In many cases, the doctor can provide a treatment plan without a video appointment; in some cases, the doctor may ask you to provide photos or further descriptions before he or she can diagnose your symptoms. 

    All information is stored on a secure server, so your information won’t ever fall into the wrong hands. 

    MDProactive Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    MDProactive does treat quite a long list of conditions and symptoms. Yet, it still doesn’t replace in-person care for some conditions. You should seek in-person care if you need any of the following:

    • Refills of narcotics or controlled substances or certain medications with severe side effects
    • Mental health counseling*
    • Emergency room services
    • Common in-person care (broken bones, sutures, physical examination, etc.)
    • Further examination or additional treatment after speaking to one of the online doctors or nurses
    • Extremely evere symptoms

    Unfortunately, doctors can’t yet offer sutures or bone settings online (maybe we’ll get there in 2050?). Until that time, we recommend heading to an emergency room or urgent care center to speak with an in-person physician. Luckily, most conditions don’t require that level of care, and speaking to an online doctor can free up emergency rooms and urgent care centers for patients who desperately need in-person treatments. 

    *If you need mental health counseling or to speak to a psychiatrist, we recommend checking out some of our online therapist recommendations and reviews. 

    Pricing: How Much Does MDProactive Cost? 

    Most treatments offered by this online doctor cost $39.95. Compared to the cost of visiting an in-person primary care physician, emergency room, or urgent care center (usually a $200 minimum), MDProactive pricing offers extremely low costs — even when you take into account the high cost of health insurance copays and deductibles. In fact, the cost of an online doctor is often lower than most health insurance copays. 

    Some treatments cost $49.95, and alcohol use disorder treatments are $79.95. Below is a list of the cost of some of the most common treatments at MDProactive:

    Acne: $39.95

    Alcohol use disorder: $79.95

    Bronchitis: $39.95

    Conjunctivitis (pink eye): $39.95

    Ear infection (otitis, swimmers ear): $39.95

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) for men: $49.95

    Flu (influenza): $39.95

    Laryngitis: $39.95

    Medication refill: $39.95

    Poison ivy, poison oak, or contact dermatitis: $39.95

    Seasonal allergies: $39.95

    Sinusitis: $39.95

    Sore throat, tonsillitis: $39.95

    Pharyngitis: $39.95

    Swollen glands: $39.95

    Strep throat: $39.95

    STD treatment online: $49.95

    Toothache/tooth infection: $39.95

    Upper respiratory infection and mild wheezing: $39.95

    Upper respiratory tract infection: $39.95

    Urinary tract infection (UTI bladder infection): $39.95

    Yeast infections: $39.95

    Conditions not listed: $49.95

    Currently, MDProactive doesn’t accept health insurance. Yet, it does hope to begin accepting insurance as a form of payment down the line. Patients can always use health insurance to purchase prescriptions at their pharmacy (though, we recommend checking out GoodRx for drug coupons before doing so as well!).

    Your flexible spending account or health savings account may be eligible for telehealth visits. Check with your provider to see if online visits qualify. 

    MDProactive takes all major credit card payments, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You may also be able to pay for online treatments with a debit card with the Visa or Mastercard logo. 

    What Do We Think About MDProactive?

    We’re pretty jazzed that there’s so much space in the telemedicine industry for owners of small family practices. 

    MDProactive offers a personal touch for an industry that could otherwise be overrun by major healthcare conglomerates. It offers simple pricing and competitive costs for common treatments. The company also boasts short wait times for diagnosis and reminds us that one of the major benefits of telemedicine is never needing to spend hours in a waiting room with extremely sick patients ever again.