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HealthyMale is an online men’s sexual health doctor and pharmacy. The platform sells generic and brand-name prescription medications for hair loss, sexual health, some STIs, female sexual arousal disorder, and cold sores. Doctors don’t charge for services but instead, take a commission from medications sold on the platform.


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    HealthyMale Company Overview 

    Founded in 1998 to prevent men and women from turning to shady internet pharmacies that sell drugs not approved by the FDA, today more than half a million customers trust HealthyMale for their sexual health medications and over-the-counter products. 

    From joint and prostate care to energy management to weight loss and sexual virility, this platform focuses on customer service, quality medications, and connecting doctors, pharmacists, and patients. 

    The founders also believe that good medical care should never be out of reach — regardless of your income. That’s why you’ll never pay for a doctor’s appointment, only the products you purchase on the platform.

    Is HealthyMale Right For You? 

    HealthyMale specializes in helping men reach their optimal sexual health. Just some of the conditions it treats include imbalanced hormones, STIs, and cold sores. 

    This online sexual and men’s healthcare website can get you on the road to wellness if you need any of the following treatments:

    Since HealthyMale is a telehealth portal, it’s also ideal for anyone who:

    • Feels too uncomfortable to see a sexual health doctor in-person
    • Wants to cure sexual and hormonal health issues at home
    • Doesn’t want to wait for long periods at a doctor’s office
    • Wants prescription medications shipped right to their home
    • Needs information on preventative care
    • Doesn’t want to commute to a specialist or doctor 
    • Can’t make a doctor’s appointment during regular business hours

    Is HealthyMale Credible?

    HealthyMale only sells FDA-approved men’s health and sexual health medications. 

    One of the reasons for creating HealthyMale was to stop the demand for counterfeit prescription medications. Many men and women turn to the internet to purchase medications they don’t feel comfortable buying in person. Yet, much of the medicine sold online isn’t approved by the FDA. 

    Patients also seek these treatments online because they can’t afford a doctor’s appointment. Drugs sold online are often cheaper because they are counterfeit. Such drugs could create even more health problems and even lead to serious conditions and even death.

    HealthyMale only sells brand-name and FDA-approved generic medications (such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra).The platform ships all medications from AccessRx, an online pharmacy. All doctors and pharmacists are U.S.-licensed and work with licensed wholesalers. 

    Drugs manufactured in other countries often don’t contain the approved amount of a drug and active ingredients. Many are packaged in unsupervised or unregulated warehouses and labs. Many of these drugs are deemed unsafe or ineffective. 

    If you’re ever worried about the contents of previously-purchased medication, we recommend having it tested at Valisure. If you haven’t yet purchased your men’s or women’s health medication, you can buy at HealthyMale for a fair price knowing it’s an approved generic or brand-name medication. 

    HealthyMale is HIPAA compliant and follows all guidelines regarding audio and/or video consultations.

    The platform does not sell, share, or exchange personal information. Doctors and developers understand the need for privacy when it comes to sexual health. That’s why the site is encrypted and secure. Should there be a breach of privacy, the platform will contact you within an appropriate time period. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by HealthyMale  

    HealthyMale doctors can treat the following conditions:

    How Does HealthyMale Work?

    Ordering your prescription from HealthMale is very easy. Simply follow these six easy steps and get on the road to sexual wellness:

    1. Choose Your Medication

      Already know what type of medication you need? Simply choose your own medication, and you’ll chat with a doctor to write your prescription.

    2. Create an Account

      Fill out a form to create your account. Enter your personal and payment information, including name, address, email, and credit card info.

    3. Fill Out a Medical Form

      Fill out a form with as much medical history as necessary. Your questionnaire will only include medical health history information that is pertinent to your requested medication.

    4. Online Doctor Consultation

      Schedule a video or audio appointment to speak with a doctor licensed in your state. Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and determine if your chosen medication is right for you. He or she may suggest another medication, write a prescription for your chosen medication, or recommend a specialist.

    5. Prescription and Payment

      Your physician will determine which medication is right for your condition (if any) and write you a prescription. Doctors have complete discretion over the prescriptions they write and may deny a prescription for any reason.

    6. Pharmacy and Delivery

      Once your medication is approved, your prescription is sent to the online pharmacy. Your medication will arrive in a few days; all medications are discreetly packaged and shipped to your home or office.

    HealthyMale Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    HealthMale specializes in men’s and women’s sexual health conditions. That being said, the platform isn’t a full-service online doctor and doesn’t provide the following services, products, and medications:

    • 20 mg Revatio
    • Off-label medication prescriptions 
    • Medications not approved by the FDA
    • Primary health care services (other than the ones listed above)
    • Emergency and urgent sexual health care
    • Prescription of medications with serious side effects
    • Schedule I medications and controlled substances
    • Online mental health services
    • Full dermatology and allergy medications
    • Auto refills or shipments

    Pricing: How Much Does HealthyMale Cost? 

    HealthyMale only charges for medications — and not the fee to see a doctor. The platform doesn’t charge a subscription fee or bill for any ‘surprise’ services or fees. You’re only charged after you’re approved for a medication. 

    The platform charges the following prices for medications:

    Greenstone Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra for erectile dysfunction), 100 mg* (up to four doses): $49.00

    Viagra (up to four doses): $106.00

    Cialis (36-hour erectile dysfunction medication, up to two doses) $104.00

    Teva Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra): $49.00

    Teva Tadalafil (generic Cialis): $49.00

    Daily Cialis: $345.00

    Finasteride (steroid reductase inhibitor for hair loss) 90-day supply: $59.00

    Finasteride 180-day supply: $99.00

    Propecia (male pattern baldness) 30-day supply: $178.46

    Jointmaxx (glucosamine formulation for arthritis) 30-day supply: $19.95

    Amino 14X (natural male supplement with Tribulus Terrestris, Panax ginseng, arginine) 30-day supply: $19.95

    VitalityMaxx (herbal male libido support) 30-day supply: $19.95

    GoutMaxx: $19.95

    HairMaxx: $19.95

    Visionmaxx: $19.95

    *100 mg Sildenafil Citrate and Viagra can be cut into 25mg which effective dose for some men

    What Do We Think About HealthyMale?

    When it comes to men’s health online doctors, the HealthyMale truly understands what men want. 

    We love that customers all over the United States can log on to the platform, choose their sexual health medications, and talk to a doctor practically instantly. We also love that every part of the process can be completed virtually, so there’s no reason to visit a doctor’s office or a pharmacy.

    HealthyMale customer reviews mention how much reviewers love the personal care they get from doctors. Reviewers also mentioned that they appreciated the discreet packaging and ease of ordering prescription medication. 

    The only concern we have is whether or not doctors are incentivized too much to prescribe certain medications. While we do appreciate that certain medications are not prescribed through the platform to curb misdiagnosis and possible medication side effects, we hope that HealthyMale has procedures in place to prevent prescribing unnecessary medication. 

    We’re also not so sure if the site is as geared toward women as the developers assume it is. It seems more geared toward men that might want to purchase a product for their partners. 

    Despite the minimal drawbacks, we do like the services offered on the site. There aren’t enough online doctors that take into account the social stigmas of men’s health issues, and we’d love to see more platforms like HealthyMale.

    If you want to take control of your sexual health, balance your hormones, and live life to its fullest, order supplements, prescriptions, and over-the-counter meds discreetly and conveniently from HealthyMale.