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CallOnDoc is an online diagnosis and treatment website, serving patients all over the country. It's known for being a one-stop-shop for online healthcare needs. Patients can get a diagnosis for more than 20 conditions and even get their prescriptions sent right to their local or online pharmacy.


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    CallOnDoc Company Overview 

    This telehealth platform offers primary care, urgent care, and diagnosis of chronic conditions. CallOnDoc reviews mention how easy it is to get a diagnosis and prescription — right from their own homes. 

    Patients simply choose their condition from a list on the website and fill out a health history form. A doctor will respond in less than two hours. Doctors may ask additional questions or request a video consultation. Regardless, patients will receive a diagnosis and treatment plan that includes a prescription (if necessary).

    CallOnDoc is relatively new to the telehealth field (compared to many of the large companies that have been in the game for over a decade). But what it lacks in experience, it makes up for in its number of service offerings. The platform treats dozens of conditions, offers psychiatry, women’s and men’s health services, and can even order and review lab tests. 

    Is CallOnDoc Right For You? 

    CallOnDoc offers straight-forward pricing and treats a long list of conditions. Ultimately, this telehealth platform is ideal for anyone who needs preventative and urgent care but doesn’t want to drive all the way to the doctor’s office. Since the platform doesn’t take insurance, it’s also a cost-effective alternative to traditional medicine and anyone who doesn’t have a healthcare plan. 

    CallOnDoc is perfect for anyone who:

    • Doesn’t want to commute to a doctor’s office 
    • Needs a prescription refill
    • Hates sitting in doctor’s office waiting rooms with sicker patients
    • Has questions about COVID-19
    • Is putting off lab tests because of high prices and/or inconvenience
    • Can’t schedule a doctor’s appointment during regular business hours
    • Needs medical questions answered in under two hours
    • Feels frustrated by too-short appointments
    • Never can remember all the questions they need to ask the doctor
    • Doesn’t have health insurance 
    • Lives in a rural area and get to a doctor’s office easily
    • Isn’t suffering from a serious condition or needs emergency care
    • Wants to get tested for STDs, allergies, or hormone imbalances
    • Needs women’s health or men’s health services 

    Is CallOnDoc Credible?

    CallOnDoc is a little newer to the online healthcare scene, but it’s still legit. The platform only uses board-certified doctors licensed in the United States. It has a 4.8 online rating. 

    Google CallOnDoc reviews state that getting treatment is super easy and that doctors responded to questions quickly. They mentioned specifically that wait times were much quicker than at an in-person doctor’s office and that it was very easy to get a prescription. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by CallOnDoc  

    One of the biggest reasons to turn to CallOnDoc is that this online doctor’s office treats an extremely long list of symptoms. In fact, you can consult CallOnDoc for pretty much all of your urgent care and non-emergency health needs. While this platform doesn’t treat all symptoms and conditions (see below), it certainly treats almost any type of condition that doesn’t require a face-to-face appointment. Just some of the conditions treated on the CallOnDoc platform include:

    Through CallOnDoc, you can even order lab tests, which removes the middleman from the blood-drawing equation. Instead of driving to a doctor’s appointment, asking the doctor to order lab tests, driving home, making an appointment at a lab, driving to the lab, and waiting for your doctor to call with results, you can simply order the test online and get your results via email. 

    Lab Testing Included at CallOnDoc

    • Cholesterol
    • Diabetes
    • Thyroid
    • Electrolyte and vitamin
    • Full thyroid panel
    • Anemia panel
    • Kidney health
    • Liver health
    • Annual physical panel
    • Lupus screening
    • Weight/fatigue
    • Serum testosterone
    • Full testosterone
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Semen analysis
    • PSA prostate 
    • HIV
    • STD panel
    • Urinalysis
    • Female hormone panel

    How CallOnDoc Works

    It’s easy to get a diagnosis for your symptoms at CallOnDoc. In fact, you can get a diagnosis and a prescription in fewer than two hours and by following three simple steps. 

    1. Start your online consultation by filling out a form, selecting your condition, and answering a few questions. You’ll need to fill out a medical history form and possibly schedule video chats/video consultations (based on the state in which you live).
    2. Sit back and wait for your doctor to respond via email. Within two hours, you’ll get a consultation and diagnosis as well as a treatment plan and prescription (if necessary).
    3. Have your prescription called in to your local pharmacy (or online pharmacy), and go pick up your prescription. 

    Diagnosis and treatment are that easy! You can ask the doctor as many questions as you’d like; since you’re communicating via email, you never feel rushed. 

    How to Order Lab Tests

    One of the stand-out benefits of CallOnDoc is its affordable lab test pricing. You can order labs right on the website, and you’ll never get any surprise bills or need to pay for add-on costs. 

    Just some of the benefits of ordering lab tests through CallOnDoc are:

    • Discreet ordering of tests
    • Get test results in two-to-five days
    • Chat with a doctor online regarding your results
    • Ask as many questions as you’d like
    • Get a prescription online from CallOnDoc doctors

    To order online lab tests from CallOnDoc, follow four easy steps:

    1. Order your test online
    2. Get a medical consultation with a CallOnDoc medical professional
    3. Go to the lab to get your blood drawn
    4. Get your results in two-to-five days

    CallOnDoc Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    CallOnDoc providers treat an extensive list of conditions. Sadly, some conditions aren’t treatable via telemedicine or require emergency room attention. Just some of the conditions not treated by CallOnDoc include:

    • Emergency room care (call 911 if you need emergency help)
    • In-person services, such as sutures and/or setting fractures or bones
    • Complicated conditions

    The platform also cannot treat anyone who:

    • Wants/needs to pay for treatments with health insurance (labs can be paid for with insurance)
    • Needs assistance outside of regular business hours (Mon to Fri 7 a.m. EST to 7 p.m., and weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

    CallOnDoc also doesn’t prescribe controlled substances or potentially dangerous medications, including: 

    • Ambien
    • Clonidine
    • Gabapentin 
    • Muscle relaxers
    • Xanax
    • Opioids
    • Highly addictive medications
    • Marijuana

    CallOnDoc offers some psychiatry services and can prescribe certain medications for mild depression and/or anxiety. The platform also doesn’t offer psychiatry services for anyone who is:

    • Under the age of 25
    • Suicidal or homicidal
    • Incoherent
    • Incapable of making sound healthcare decisions
    • Considered a complex case

    Pricing: How Much Does CallOnDoc Cost? 

    One of the reasons we love this telemedicine platform is because of its transparent hassle-free pricing. The prices to treat the following conditions are:

    Acne: $39.99

    Allergies: $39.99

    Asthma: $39.99

    Bacterial vaginosis: $39.99

    Birth control: $39.99

    Bronchitis: $39.99

    Chlamydia: $49.99

    Cold sores: $39.99

    Dandruff: $39.99

    Dental infection: $49.99

    Depression: $39.99

    Dermatology: $39.99

    Ear infection: $39.99

    Eczema: $39.99

    Erectile dysfunction: $39.99

    General anxiety: $39.99

    Gonorrhea: $39.99

    Hair loss: $39.99

    Herpes: $39.99

    High cholesterol: $39.99

    Hypertension: $45.00

    Hypothyroidism: $39.99

    Medication refills: $39.99

    Menstrual suppression: $39.99

    Migraine: $39.99

    Motion sickness: $39.99

    Mycoplasma: $49.99

    Nausea: $39.99

    Pain relief: $49.99

    Panic disorder: $39.99

    Pediatric: $40.00

    Pink eye: $39.99

    Premature ejaculation: $39.99

    Psoriasis: $39.99

    Sexual disorders: $39.99

    Sinus infection: $39.99

    Social anxiety: $39.99

    Strep throat: $39.99

    Syphilis: $49.99

    Trichomonas, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea: $59.99

    Trichomonas: $39.99

    Type 2 diabetes: $50.00

    Upper respiratory infection: $39.99

    Ureaplasma: $49.99

    Urethritis: $59.99

    UTI: $39.99

    Vomiting: $39.99

    Weight loss: $39.99

    Yeast infection: $39.99

    The cost of psychiatry services are as follows:

    Depression: $39.99

    General Anxiety: $39.99

    Panic Disorder: $39.99

    Phone Visit: $49.99

    Rx Refill: $39.99

    Social Anxiety: $39.99

    The cost of lab tests are as follows: 

    Cholesterol: $25.00

    Diabetes: $25.00

    Thyroid: $25.00

    Electrolyte and vitamin: $100.00

    Full thyroid panel: $55.00

    Anemia panel: $30.00

    Kidney health: $25.00

    Liver health: $25.00

    Annual physical panel: $100.00

    Lupus screening: $70.00

    Weight/fatigue: $100.00

    Serum testosterone: $50.00

    Full testosterone: $200.00

    Erectile dysfunction: $100.00

    Semen analysis: $290.00

    PSA prostate: $30.00

    HIV: $50.00

    STD panel: $100.00

    Urinalysis: $40.00

    Female hormone panel: $250.00

    Lab test insurance copay: $39.99

    CallOnDoc offers a full refund of the service fee if you’re unhappy with your services. 

    Yet, the platform doesn’t refund the consultation fee after your prescription has been sent to the pharmacy. The platform recommends checking the cost of your medication before asking the doctor to send it to your pharmacy. If you need low-cost, generic prescriptions, we recommend checking out >GoodRx or asking your doctor to send your prescription to an online pharmacy. 

    CallOnDoc can’t refund its fee if you can’t afford your medication. It also can’t refund a fee if the pharmacy loses your prescription. You must contact the helpdesk at CallOnDoc to get a copy of your prescription sent to your pharmacy.

    Currently, the platform doesn’t accept health insurance (though you can pay for your drugs at the pharmacy and for your labs and other third-party tests with health insurance). You may be able to pay for services with your health savings account; check with your provider for details. 

    What Do We Think About CallOnDoc?

    We happen to think that CallOnDoc is headed in the right direction when it comes to the large number of symptoms and conditions it treats. It has straightforward and transparent pricing and an easy-to-use app. 

    CallOnDoc reviews mention that doctors respond very quickly. Most reviewers were happy with how fast they could get their diagnoses and prescriptions. We love how each condition is priced separately, offering complete transparency. This service is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have health insurance and needs urgent care but doesn’t want to spend hours waiting at a clinic with sicker patients. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. 

    We also love how easy it is to schedule labs and that lab service pricing is just as transparent as urgent and preventative care pricing. 

    If you have urgent care symptoms and need a diagnosis and treatment (with possible prescriptions), head over to CallOnDoc. You’ll hear back from a doctor in less time than it takes to see a doctor at an urgent care clinic.