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Licensed Therapy Session

Licensed therapy sessions are a form of talk therapy that is designed to help patients understand their behavioral patterns and emotional drive. Through exploring their emotions and past behaviors, patients can begin to understand their motivations and how to improve their everyday lives. 

What do you do in a therapy session?

Most therapy sessions are around 45-to-60 minutes and consist of a patient talking about his or her emotional, behavioral, or situational problems, setbacks, and goals. Therapists often ask questions, offer advice, or simply listen. 

How do you know therapy is working?

Most people know therapy is working when they begin feeling better or at least have a rational understanding of their problems. Some of the common therapy milestones include:

  • Emotional breakthroughs
  • Improved relationships
  • Better quality of life
  • Happier days
  • Achievement of goals

How does talk therapy work?

Depending on your therapist, talk therapy can work in several different ways. Almost all talk therapy starts with the patient describing behavioral, emotional, and situational challenges that are making life difficult. 

Some therapists ask probing questions to help guide the patient to treatment possibilities; others offer advice, and analysts don’t talk at all! 

What can I expect at my first counseling session?

The first counseling session is more of a meet-and-greet than a down-and-dirty session. Much of the first session is spent filling out intake and medical history forms and getting to know your therapist. Your counselor will probably ask a few questions to find out why you’re seeking therapy and determine if the methods used by the practice align with your goals. 

Can I bring someone to my therapy session?

Not all types of therapy encourage patients to bring guests to their therapy sessions. The most common types of sessions that encourage such behavior are relationship, couples, and family therapy. These three types of therapy treat people in relationships, so sessions are designed for more than one person.

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