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Lemonaid Health is one of the premier online doctor’s office services and mail-order pharmacies that promises convenient care at an affordable price. Up until now, going to the doctor was a...
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Talkspace is one of the largest online therapy platforms in the world! With over 1,000,000 customers using the site & app, you can be confident that their product is both safe, private,...
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BetterHelp has made online therapy and counseling truly accessible to all people. With great pricing & flexible communication methods, BetterHelp is the #1 provider in America. Read on f...
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Created by world-famous Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Doctor on Demand (Dr on Demand) is one of the fastest-growing telemedicine providers in America. Read below to see our in-depth review so...
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Even if you think you are the most loyal partner a person could have, you are involved in multiple relationships. And so is your partner. Heck, even your parents have a bunch of relationship...
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It’s becoming more and more clear and accepted that therapy for teens is just as important, if not more so than at any other stage of our lives. Thankfully, there are online platforms that a...
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Imagine needing to see a doctor and being able to do so within 5 minutes. No need to travel. No time wasted spent in the waiting room. No need to even leave your home. Well, these are just s...
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ReGain aims to provide online couple counseling that is convenient, discreet, effective, and affordable. Relationships are not easy, and the best relationships have their ups and downs. A go...
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Alma is an online community of therapists that are on a mission to provide better access to mental health care.  Alma was launched back in 2018 with a brick and mortar set up at their f...
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Teladoc was first established back in 2002. Since then Teladoc has grown into a virtual telemedicine juggernaut, with an active presence in over 130 countries around the world. In 2020, Tela...
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For those of you out there that are devout Christians searching for online therapy we, may have just found what you’re looking for - Faithful Counseling. This online counseling platfor...
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7 Cups, also known as 7cupsoftea is an online platform that allows anonymous messaging with your peer listeners and/or licensed therapist. 7 Cups refer to themselves as “the world larg...
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MDLIVE is an online platform that allows you to easily access to board-certified medical providers. Quickly access a doctor via secure online video, phone or by using the MDLIVE app. Th...
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Wellnite is on a mission to make treatment of anxiety and depression simple and affordable. Wellnite is an online therapy platform that provides same-day doctor consultation, therapy, and me...
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Pride Counseling is the #1 online therapy site for the LGBTQ community. With the largest network of trained LGBTQ therapists, there is no other site better equipped to provide top-notch coun...
Why We Like Them has a dedicated online-based team of consultant therapists, cognitive-behavioral therapists, practitioners, and support staff ready to collaboratively work to help you wit...
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Advekit is an online therapy company whose mission is to change the way people access mental health treatment by matching users with a therapist best suited to their needs and by providing f...
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Maven Clinic is a digital clinic whose goal is to fill the gaps in healthcare specifically targeting fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care that many women and couples face. Maven works w...
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Online Therapy (Single Live Session) Overview
Table of Contents

Licensed Therapy Session

Licensed therapy sessions are a form of talk therapy that is designed to help patients understand their behavioral patterns and emotional drive. Through exploring their emotions and past behaviors, patients can begin to understand their motivations and how to improve their everyday lives. 

What do you do in a therapy session?

Most therapy sessions are around 45-to-60 minutes and consist of a patient talking about his or her emotional, behavioral, or situational problems, setbacks, and goals. Therapists often ask questions, offer advice, or simply listen. 

How do you know therapy is working?

Most people know therapy is working when they begin feeling better or at least have a rational understanding of their problems. Some of the common therapy milestones include:

  • Emotional breakthroughs
  • Improved relationships
  • Better quality of life
  • Happier days
  • Achievement of goals

How does talk therapy work?

Depending on your therapist, talk therapy can work in several different ways. Almost all talk therapy starts with the patient describing behavioral, emotional, and situational challenges that are making life difficult. 

Some therapists ask probing questions to help guide the patient to treatment possibilities; others offer advice, and analysts don’t talk at all! 

What can I expect at my first counseling session?

The first counseling session is more of a meet-and-greet than a down-and-dirty session. Much of the first session is spent filling out intake and medical history forms and getting to know your therapist. Your counselor will probably ask a few questions to find out why you’re seeking therapy and determine if the methods used by the practice align with your goals. 

Can I bring someone to my therapy session?

Not all types of therapy encourage patients to bring guests to their therapy sessions. The most common types of sessions that encourage such behavior are relationships, couples, and family therapy. These three types of therapy treat people in relationships, so sessions are designed for more than one person.

Licensed Therapy Providers

7 Cups





Faithful Counseling


Prairie Health

Pride Counseling


Relationship Hero


Teen Counseling



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