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Mood Health is an online mental health care platform whose goal is aimed at helping people experiencing or suffering from anxiety and depression. They offer virtual care with psychiatric clinicians and therapists through talk therapy and medication management.


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    Mood Health Overview

    Mood Health is a mental health care platform whose goal is aimed at helping people experiencing or suffering from anxiety and depression. They offer virtual care with psychiatric clinicians and therapists through talk therapy. Mood strives to make therapy available for all by offering support from licensed clinicians that are passionate about mental health. The Care Team at Mood believes that sometimes therapy just isn’t enough and sometimes people need to incorporate medications, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills into their treatment. Mood Health has your back and if medication is deemed necessary, they will send it directly to your home without any hidden markups or fees. 



    How Does Mood Health Work?

    Mood understands that finding top-quality mental health care is hard. From vetting psychiatrists to get a prescription refilled, their team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and therapists offer mental health care from the comfort of your home! The team at Mood Health works on a daily basis with three goals in mind. 

    Human to Human therapy

    The talk therapy service offered by Mood Health is no different from physical therapy practice. Their team of therapists consists of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and therapists that care about each patient. Appointments with their therapists last 50 minutes, at a time that is convenient for the user. The sessions are conducted over a video call.

    Daily checks to learn your mood

    Mood Health is currently hard at work on a subscription service that will allow users to track their mood on a daily basis and then share that information with their clinical team. This information will then be used to guide the care the user receives, as well as serve as the basis for those appointments where there isn’t a more pressing matter that needs to be discussed.

    Making Mental Healthcare Accessible

    One of Mood Health’s goals is to make finding mental healthcare easy. After all, for an individual suffering from depression, getting out of bed can seem like an insurmountable task, never mind having to vet therapists and psychiatrists, getting prescriptions filled, and keeping up to date with appointments.

    Mood Health not only understands this but aims to make things easier by offering their team of highly qualified therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and more all in one place. So, you can think of Mood Health as being your one-stop-anti-depression-shop.

    Where Does Mood Health Operate?

    Currently, Mood Health is only available in Arizona, California, and Colorado. 

    How to Get Started with Mood Health

    Getting started with Mood is simple. Many Mood reviewers appreciate just how easy they make this process. Below, we will give you a walk-thru of getting started with the platform, including how users are matched up with a suitable clinician. 

    1.  Connect with a Clinician

    The user will be asked to take a quick questionnaire so that the user can be matched up with the most appropriate primary psychiatrist or therapist.

    The questions users are asked during this section include:  

    • Are you over 18?

    • Are you in a state that Mood Health operates (AZ, CA, CO)?

    • Next, the user will be asked if they had or have any of the following conditions: ADHD, if you're currently experiencing an eating disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts or behavior, or unspecified psychosis 

    2.  Create your plan

    If the user has qualified with the answers supplied to the previously listed questions, they will then work with their licensed provider to mark any goals they may have for treatment and design their treatment plan, including whether it will consist of medication, talk therapy, or both.

    3.  Treatment plan refinement

    The users and their Mood Health experts will use continuous psychiatry, talk therapy, video sessions, and daily mood tracking to help refine and develop the user’s ideal treatment plan 

    4.  Continuous care

    Using constant check-ins, regular monthly delivery of medication, and ongoing therapy, users can keep their mental health under control with the help of a Mood Health medical expert.


    What Services Does Mood Health Offer?

    Mood Health specializes in treating people with anxiety and depression and currently offers two services:

    • Talk therapy

    • Psychiatry + Medication 

    Talk Therapy with Mood Health

    All of Mood Health’s therapists are fully licensed therapists that you can interact with from the comfort of your home. This eliminates one of the biggest stumbling blocks preventing those suffering from depression from getting treatment – actually having to motivate themselves enough to get out of bed, get dressed, and then commute to a therapist.

    Psychiatry & Medication

    In addition to making talk therapy more accessible Mood Health has also increased access to mental health medication via its prescription program. This service is especially useful during the current COVID-19 pandemic since there has been a sharp increase in the number of Americans suffering from mental health illnesses during this period. Also, delivering medication to the user's door reduces the contact they need to have with outsiders, reducing the odds of them contracting COVID-19.

    With their Psychiatry & Medication service, users consult a mental health professional to discuss possible treatment options, one of which may be medication. Once the user and mental health professional have agreed on a treatment plan, they will then write up a prescription. Next, the prescription is either sent to the user’s pharmacy or the medication is shipped directly to the door of the user. Mood Health’s experts then conduct monthly check-ins with the user to track their responses to the treatment and make adjustments if required.

    Medication may not be the ideal treatment for everyone but it can make a profound difference for certain users who suffer from anxiety or/and depression.

    Mood Health’s medical experts work with users to first work out if their case warrants the use of antidepressants or if a non-pharmaceutical approach is preferable. If users and experts agree on anti-depressants, Mood Health can supply the medication, without any mark-up, delivered straight to their door.

    What Medications Does Mood Health Prescribe?

    Mood prescribes over 25 medications to treat anxiety and depression. Some of the more well-known include:

    Mood does NOT prescribe controlled substances, including Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, or medication to treat ADHD/ADD. 

    What Conditions Does Mood Health Treat?

    Mood Health aims to help those experiencing anxiety and depression through at-home and virtual talk therapy, psychiatry, and medication management. You can think of Mood as your mental health shaman that will help guide you to where you want to go through a holistic approach to navigating feelings associated with anxiety and depression. 

    Mood is available to people 18 and over who live in or are residing in AZ, CA, or CO. If you don’t currently live in one of the three states that Mood services, please check out our extensive list of Online Therapists that have all been vetted and reviewed by the team at  

    Mood Health Does NOT Treat Some Conditions

    Mood Health realizes that some conditions are better suited for a higher level of mental health care that might include more specialized treatment or in-patient care. If you have been diagnosed with one of the following, Mood Health recommends seeking care that would better suit your needs. Mood Health is NOT right for you if you’re currently experiencing:

    • An eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia

    • ADHD/ADD

    • Bipolar Disorder

    • Borderline personality disorder

    • Suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide in the recent past

    • Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective disorder

    • Unspecified psychosis

    If you, or a loved one is experiencing an emergency situation or are in crisis, you are not alone! Help is available:

    Call 911 or go to your closest Emergency Room

    Text HELP to 741741

    CALL the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255

    How Much Does Mood Health Cost?

    Mood offers ongoing psychiatric care subscriptions as well as talk therapy sessions. With Mood, you can sign up for one or both. 

    • Talk Therapy -  $89/session - 50 minutes each

    • One-on-one support from home (via video) with the licensed therapist of your choice

    • Evidence-based therapy techniques including CBT, psychotherapy, and mindfulness

    • Support with other issues stemming from anxiety and depression, such as self-esteem, stress, relationship issues, and grief

    • Psychiatry & Medication  - $95/month (not including the cost of medication)

    • Assessment and diagnosis

    • Treatment planning

    • FREE Prescription delivery to your doorstep. Medication cost: $15 or less

    • Care Monitoring

    • Treatment adjustments

    • Ongoing check-ins

    Mood in an out-of-network provider and works outside of insurance to keep their services accessible and affordable. However, if you have an FSA or HSA card through your employer, you are more than welcome to use it to cover the cost of any of Mood’s services. It is recommended that you reach out to your provider with any questions. 

    What Do We Think of Mood Health?

    Mood Health seems to truly have a desire to help those struggling with anxiety and depression. Their platform is simple and easy to use. We appreciate that they take the time to give you a little quiz to better assess what kind of treatment you’re looking for and that they’re not shoving medication down your throat like some mental health platforms tend to do as a quick fix. The licensed therapists and psychiatrists seem to have diverse backgrounds which we think promotes mental health in communities that normally wouldn’t seek help. Bottom line: If you’re dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, Mood Health could be the place for you.