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Two Chairs offers personalized high-quality psychological care to patients in the Bay Area. The platform prides itself on tailoring treatments to each client, using data-driven and collaborative therapy.
San Francisco, California | Founded 2016
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    Two Chairs Company Overview 

    This online/in-person hybrid mental healthcare platform focuses on evidence-based, collaborative care. Meaning, clinicians spend more time listening than they do diagnosing patients. 

    The company was founded on the belief that all mental healthcare methods need to be grounded in data and focus on the building of relationships between patient and clinician. 

    Two Chairs hires therapists with diverse backgrounds and matches clinicians with patients based on history, preferences, and goals. All services are tailored to clients, and no two treatment plans are the same. 

    This therapy hybrid offers clients the power to choose their location, modality, and therapist. 

    Is Two ChairsRight For You? 

    Two Chairs offers clients in the Bay Area a high level of specialized mental healthcare. This online/in-person hybrid platform connects patients with therapists that schedule appointments both online and in Two Chairs’ many clinics including locations in:

    • Oakland
    • San Francisco’s Fidi neighborhood
    • Redwood City
    • San Jose

    Two Chairs is for anyone who:

    • Wants online therapy with the possibility of seeing a therapist in-person
    • Lives in the Bay Area
    • Is interested in data-driven therapy
    • Feels the mental health care system is broken or has let you down
    • Wants highly tailored mental healthcare
    • Requires data-driven feedback that allows you to see your progress
    • Prefers to see a mental health professional with high credentials

    Two Chairs is a therapy platform for anyone that wants a doctor who specializes treatment based on your:

    • Communication style
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Current symptoms
    • Family history
    • Lifestyle
    • Mental history
    • Personality
    • Therapy goals

    Is Two Chairs Credible?

    Two Chairs hires board-certified therapists and its founders hail from Stanford, UCLA San Francisco, and Kaiser. On the business side, this platform’s creators have worked with major companies, like Lyft, Nerdwallet, and Virgin America.

    All therapists must possess an active LMFT, LCSW, or LPCC license and have proof they’ve completed at least two years of clinical work. All clinicians must also have experience with evidence-based psychotherapy. 

    Everyone that works with Two Chairs has proven they care about client relationships first and foremost — and treat clients as people, not patients. 

    Before patients even begin meeting with an online therapist, they work with a therapy consultant to determine their needs and whether the platform is a good fit. If online therapy doesn’t seem like a good fit, you won’t waste time or money.

    If the platform is a good fit, you’ll collaborate with your consultant on matching with the best possible therapist, based on your needs, goals, and wants.

    All patients are usually matched with a therapist in under two weeks. Patients can always work with customer care to tweak their therapy plans. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Two Chairs 

    Two Chairs treats a variety of mental health issues. Its clinicians use several different methods of treatment. Two Chairs is for anyone who needs treatment for:

    Therapists specialize in treating the above conditions with evidence-based psychotherapy, including these methods:

    • Acceptance and commitment therapy 
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
    • Dialectical behavior therapy 
    • Emotionally focused therapy 
    • Psychodynamic therapy

    How Two Chairs Works

    It’s super easy to get mental health treatment through this platform. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    1. Fill Out a Survey

    Before speaking with a clinician, the platform wants all prospective patients to fill out a survey to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Just some of the info on the questionnaire includes health and mental history, treatment specialties, and mental health goals.

    2. Meet Your Clinician In-Person

    Two Chairs prefers that all patients meet with their appointed clinicians for the first appointment. This allows the patient and doctor to build a rapport. Additional sessions may be scheduled online.

    4. Match With a Therapist

    Two Chairs will match you with the appropriate therapist, based on your needs. It will also send you a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan at this time.

    5. Start Feeling Better!

    Patients’ feelings aren’t stationary, so treatment shouldn’t be stationary, either. Two Chairs ensures you’re getting the right care — at all points during your treatment. It encourages clinicians to collaborate with patients to ensure the best possible care. 

    Make changes to your treatment plan as you go. 

    Teletherapy at Two Chairs

    This healthcare platform understands the benefit of teletherapy. While clinicians are available in the Bay Area to see patients in-person, Two Chairs just ‘gets’ that all patients aren’t the same. In fact, some patients respond to therapy better when they can attend a session from home.

    This is why this platform offers secure video conferencing and phone sessions with clinicians. All you need to do is provide verbal consent at the beginning of each virtual visit to get treated from home, the office — or wherever you prefer. This is especially helpful during social distancing. 

    Teletherapy can also provide a higher level of care for those who cannot leave their homes or travel long distances to meet with a therapist. 

    While Two Chairs follows all laws and HIPAA requirements for virtual therapy, it wants patients to know of a few situations that may reduce the quality of the session including:

    • Interruptions
    • Background noise
    • Technical difficulties
    • Unauthorized access may occur
    • Clinicians cannot be in the room in the case of an emergency

    Teletherapy isn’t appropriate for everyone; if this is the case for you, your clinician will provide a referral or suggestions for alternate methods of treatment. 

    Two Chairs NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Two Chairs is an online/in-person therapy hybrid, located in the Bay Area. It treats most mental health issues. This platform may not be for you if you:

    • Are a minor
    • Need emergency care
    • Require in-depth psychiatric care
    • Are at risk of hurting yourself or others
    • Want to pay for in-network services through a healthcare plan
    • Would prefer to choose your own therapist
    • Need services outside the realm of mental health

    Pricing: How Much Does Two Chairs Cost? 

    Two Chairs has extremely transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees. The cost of each appointment must be paid at the time the appointment begins. 

    The costs for appointments are:

    Consult appointment: $159

    Individual therapy: $190 per session

    Two Chairs in an out-of-network provider, meaning not all insurance companies will cover all its services — and some won’t cover even part of its service fees. Some insurance companies will not reimburse for teletherapy sessions.

    Some customers with a PPO can get up to 80% of the fee reimbursed after the deductible is met. Contact your health insurance provider for more information. Once your provider has confirmed the amount covered, Two Chairs will deal with the heavy-lifting (aka, the paperwork).

    Most FSAs and HSAs will allow you to use your funds to pay for Two Chairs therapy. If your company offers a wellness stipend, you can use this money to apply to your therapy, too. 

    Two Chairs doesn’t send claims to Anthem, Blue Cross, Care First, and Premera.

    If you have any questions, just reach out to one of Two Chairs’ care coordinators (don’t forget to have your insurance card handy!). 

    The platform also recommends working with your therapist to adjust your treatment schedule if your insurance doesn’t cover as much as you expected.

    What Do We Think About Two Chairs?

    We love Two Chairs’ ethos of offering data-driven quality care to patients both in-person and online. The clinicians offer collaborative care and spend more time listening to patients than diagnosing. 

    This platform uses data-driven treatment programs that treat the whole patient — not just the symptom of a mental condition. Therapists are highly trained and studied at prestigious schools. 

    We’re also super pumped that there’s finally an in-person/online hybrid therapy provider in the Bay Area, offering mental healthcare to both patients that need to see someone in person and those that would prefer to do sessions online.

    We’d love to see a sliding scale business model or therapists that charge lower fees since this platform isn’t considered an in-network provider for any health insurance companies; yet, we also understand that the doctors on the platform all hail from prestigious universities and medical training programs and patients that flock here can usually afford the fees — with or without health insurance. 

    We’re also happy that many patients are able to use out-of-network benefits to cover up to 80% of the platform’s fees. 

    If you live in the Bay Area and want to try an online therapist but aren’t sure if online therapy is for you, contact Two Chairs and get matched with a mental health professional.