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Quartet Health is an online mental health platform that makes it easier for people to get the best mental health care for them. The best care should fit your preferences and clinical needs, take your insurance, and connect to everything within the healthcare system.  


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    Quartet Health Overview

    Quartet is a technology and services company that’s grounded in mental healthcare. Since 2014, Quartet has set out on the mission to improves the lives of all people with mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, Addiction-related issues, and more. The founders strongly believe that one day, every person with mental health issues will be able to get the care they need but to make this a reality, many things about the healthcare system as a whole will need to make a shift that includes making mental healthcare accessible and convenient for all. 

    Quartet is an all-in-one platform that connects everyone in the supply chain. From patients to providers to insurance companies, Quartet can help everyone in the funnel succeed and get the best care possible. With Quartet, there’s no need to store your data or information in ten separate files anymore. It might be easiest if you think about the Quartet platform as a CRM for healthcare providers. With Quartet, providers are able to keep all their information in one place for streamlined access. 


    Like a house, the Quartet platform has five sides. These sides work best when they’re utilized together. The Quartet platform includes a side for each of the following:

    1. Quartet for Patients

    2. Quartet for Referring Providers

    3. Quartet for Mental Health Providers

    4. Quartet for Health Systems

    5. Quartet for Health Insurance Plans

    The Five Sides of Quartet

    The five sides below will explain what you can do with Quartet and how you can best utilize everything they have to offer. 


    The patient side is for those looking for top-notch mental health care. Quartet understands that finding the right mental health professional for you can be difficult. They want to make this process as easy as possible and will connect you with care that’s right for you. Quartet provides a free online platform for you to manage everything in one place. Quartet reviewers appreciate that their designated Care Navigator helps them throughout the entire process. From finding a mental health provider to managing your appointments and insurance options, Quartet’s Care Navigators have your back. 

    Referring Providers

    Quartet makes mental health referrals super simple by offering providers a free and comprehensive healthcare platform as a way for them to refer their patients to mental health care professionals that are based on their individual needs, preferences, and insurance plans.  

    Mental Health Providers

    Quartet offers mental health providers a place to grow their business with trusted incoming referrals from other healthcare providers. Mental health providers are able to use the platform as an information source. Think of it as a HIPAA-compliant filing cabinet for doctors. 

    Health Systems

    This side of the Quartet platform will aid in making mental health care available to the masses by connecting patients to mental health care providers as well as serve as a streamlined workflow integration system so that all healthcare staff remains on the same page. 

    Insurance Plans

    Health Insurance is complicated. Even if you work in the insurance field, it can be challenging to keep each person utilizing your services organized. Quartet provides an integrated platform that will house all member information that can directly connect them with qualified healthcare services and mental health care providers in one spot.  

    How Quartet Health Works

    Depending on which side of the Quartet platform you’re using will determine how it works. It’s easiest if we break it down by who’s using the platform and in what capacity. 


    Step one - Answer a few short questions, so the Care Navigators understand what you’re looking for. 

    Step two - Get matched with a mental health provider that will best meet your needs, preferences and takes your insurance. The Care Navigators will do all the leg work for you, including alerting you when you’ve been matched. All you have to do is sit back and wait.

    Step three - Once you’re matched, you will be able to book your first appointment directly from the online platform. 


    Whether you’re a referring provider or a mental health provider, all patient information will live on the Quartet platform. There’s no need for the mental health provider to request access to patient files. It’s already in the integrated system. 

    As a referring provider, you will connect your patients to the mental health providers also on the Quartet platform. All you have to do is submit their name and preferences, and a Care Navigator will handle everything else. 

    As a mental health provider, you will be able to use the Quartet platform as your personal referral universe. You’ll receive referrals from other healthcare providers on the platform whose patients are looking for a mental health provider like you. 

    This platform is great for providers to easily communicate with one another without being on the phone all day looking for different patient’s information. All data is exchanged on a HIPAA-compliant platform, so that patient information stays safe and secure. 


    Quartet partners are made up of health systems and insurance providers. With Quartet, hospitals and doctor’s offices can keep their staff in the loop for an easier way to manage patient information. And insurance companies can streamline the process of letting everyone on the healthcare line know exactly what each patient has access to. For example, if Dave is talking to his PCP about seeing a therapist, Dave’s PCP will be able to log on to Quartet and look up what his insurance plan provides in terms of coverage for mental health.   

    Where is Quartet Health Available?

    Quartet is currently available in Washington, California, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

    The Quartet Health Care Navigator will ensure the user’s eligibility during the sign-up and registration process.

    Mental Health Care Options Offered by Quartet Health

    • Therapy (In-person or online)

    • Psychiatry (In-person or online)

    • Digital Programs (Self-guided, online programs) 


    With therapy, a licensed and qualified therapist will listen to and guide the user’s thoughts and feelings to help the user handle particularly difficult experiences, changing their behavior for the better, problem solving, or managing stress.

    Therapy sessions usually take place weekly, with each session lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. Users have the option of the session being conducted via either voice or video call. How long the user continues, these weekly sessions are based on what they can afford, their needs, and their goals.  


    A psychiatrist is a doctor who is trained to use medication to treat a user’s mental health conditions. The psychiatrist will discuss the user’s symptoms with them, help them develop a treatment plan, discuss whatever medications options there might be, and keep track of the user’s progress.

    As with therapy, appointments with the psychiatrist can be either in-person or virtually. Those options for virtual treatment have the option of communication via either voice or video calls. The initial appointment will usually be between 45 minutes to an hour. Follow-up appointments are usually shorter and will take place less frequently. Many users see both a psychiatrist and a therapist.

    Digital Programs

    Quartet Health’s programs can be accessed by users wherever they are and whenever it best suits them. It can be used to help the user manage symptoms like anxiety, sadness, and stress using tools that are designed to help alter learned behavior and improve their outlook. These programs are usually goal-based and can be done privately or with the help of a coach. These programs can be accessed via computer, tablet, or phone. 

    How Much Does Quartet Health Cost?

    The referral services offered by Quartet Health are free. However, users seeing a mental health provider can expect the usual standard deductible or copay costs. 

    Unfortunately, there’s no explicit pricing for the other sides of Quartet. It’s safe to say that signing up for the platform is free; however, we’re not sure what the cost of a partnership or referral program is. 

    What Do We Think of Quartet Health?

    This platform is different from any other provider we’ve reviewed, but we can say that it is a fantastic idea! Mental health should be available for everyone, and it seems like the founders of Quartet truly imagine a world where this is possible. If you’re an individual looking for mental health care, this could be an easy way to find a provider without spending hours on the internet. Or, if you’re a provider or partner, Quartet could simplify how your business works. 

    We say do some due diligence and explore what Quartet has to offer.