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Mindstrong is a mental health app backed by science and evidence-based therapy approaches that was designed specifically with its users in mind. They use technology to help make it easier for people to access high-quality mental health services all from their smartphones. 


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    Mindstrong App Review

    Even in a third-world country like South Africa, the vast majority of the population either has or has access to a smartphone. This makes the smartphone the ideal tool when trying to provide mental healthcare to the masses. This is why the brains behind Mindstrong opted to develop an app that offers neuropsychiatric healthcare software capable of providing precision therapy. Essentially, Mindstrong is a mental healthcare platform where their clinical team uses evidence-based therapy to treat their patients.

    Mindstrong Company Overview

    Mindstrong’s goal is to revolutionize the existing system of mental healthcare via virtual care, data measurement, and data science. Their in-house clinicians use goal-orientated messaging to provide psychiatry and evidence-based therapy to reduce the rates of ER admissions and readmission of inpatients while also lowering the cost of mental healthcare.

    So, how exactly is Mindstrong able to deliver all of this via a smartphone app? According to their website, the Mindstrong app collects data on the way their patients use their smartphones. For example, the way the user scrolls, swipes, and types are used to measure their stress levels and mental health symptoms. Something as seemingly insignificant as the user typing slower than they usually do could indicate a shift in their mental health.

    This information is then shared with the user’s clinical care team, who use it as the basis of the personalized treatment they provide their patient. The Mindstrong clinical team consists of fully licensed and board-certified psychiatrists and therapists that help each patient develop supportive mental health routines. 


    How Does Mindstrong Work?

    Step 1 - Say Hi

    Mindstrong wants mental healthcare to be accessible and free for everyone --they partner with many health insurance providers to make this a possibility and best yet, they will do all the heavy lifting for you by reaching out to your provider to make sure you qualify. It is important to note before you read any further that Mindstrong currently only offers their services for free to people that carry health insurance through one of their qualified partners. They are looking to change this in the near future. 


    Next, you’ll download the app in either the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to complete an intake form that covers your medical history, current prescriptions, and doctors that you’re currently consulting.

    Schedule Your Session

    You will then be connected to one of Mindstrong’s fully licensed and board-certified therapists with whom you will conduct your therapy sessions. Each session lasts 20 minutes and is scheduled in-app.

    How Do the Mindstrong Therapy Sessions Work?

    These sessions are conducted via the app using voice calls, video calls, or messaging. The therapists may use any one or a combination of the following evidence-based approaches during the session – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Coping and Emotion Regulation, Crisis Management, Empathy, Psychoeducation, or Reflective Listening.

    Psychiatric Services 

    You may also choose to consult a Mindstrong psychiatrist via a video call. Psychiatrists are on hand to assist with medication management, including the addition of new prescriptions and refills. They will also work with your existing psychiatrist or doctor to ensure that you’re receiving the proper medication. 

    Smartphone Science Used By Mindstrong

    The app will passively record data related to the way you tap, scroll, and type on your phone. However, there’s no need to worry about your privacy! Mindstrong will never know what you’re doing while on your phone; they’re merely looking for passive use patterns. 

    Mindstrong uses this information as a way to measure stress, well-being, and symptoms of mental health. If there is a marked change. For example, if you are typing slower than normal, it could signify a change in your mental health. These measurements can be tracked in-app and are shared with your mental health team so that they can provide you with personalized care.

    Mindstrong is There for You

    If there are any unforeseen circumstances in between your appointment, Mindstrong will be there for you. Whether you’re dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, or you just broke up with your partner and need someone to talk to, someone at Mindstrong is always on hand--24/7 for those unexpected moments of crisis.

    Is Mindstrong Right for You?

    Mindstrong is ideal for users seeking:

    • A dedicated therapist who is on hand to provide continuous care via scheduled sessions or during crises moments

    • A dedicated psychiatrist to review prescriptions, dosages, manage refills and co-ordinate with other mental healthcare specialists when needed

    • Virtual clinical care, allowing the user to interact with their therapist and/or psychiatrist via the app, video conferencing, or voice calls


    Is Mindstrong Credible?

    Mindstrong was developed by leading tech experts that are dedicated to transforming mental health through innovations in virtual care, data measurement, and data science. The Mindstrong Executive team all carry qualifications related to medicine, mental health, or technology, and the founder, Jim Tanabaum is a board-certified MD that has dedicated his career to finding solutions in the areas of unmet clinical necessity. 

    The members of Mindstrong’s Scientific Advisory Board all have degrees related to Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Science, or technology. Every therapist or psychiatrist employed by Mindstrong has either an MD, Ph.D., or Master’s degree and is skilled in crisis management and empathetic listening.

    Mindstrong takes your privacy seriously by protecting your personal information and medical records just as any other doctor’s office or hospital would. They follow strict HIPAA regulations and will always ask for your consent before connecting with and sharing any information with any other doctor you’re seeing. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Mindstrong

    Mindstrong’s therapists and psychiatrists tailor each session with the user to meet their needs and teach them alternative coping mechanisms. The mental healthcare specialists are trained to provide expert mental healthcare for the following conditions:

    Mindstrong Does NOT treat Some Conditions

    While the platform does try to cover what usually falls under the definition of mental healthcare services, there are certain conditions where they are not able to offer treatment. These include:

    • Emergency care

    • In-depth psychiatric care

    • Anything that causes a user to pose a danger to themselves or others

    How Much Does Mindstrong Cost?

    Mindstrong partners with many health insurance companies, making their service free to all members. To find out if you qualify to receive the services of Mindstrong at no cost, please contact their support team on (888) 995 2230. Unfortunately, Mindstrong doesn’t provide services to those that don’t carry health insurance from their list of approved providers. 

    To find an online therapist that will work with you even if you don’t have health insurance, be sure to check out our extensive list

    What Do We Think About Mindstrong?

    Mindstrong is certainly changing the face of modern mental healthcare. There are three main things we love about Mindstrong. The first thing is that they do not charge for their comprehensive list of services (if you qualify). Secondly, all that you need to take advantage of these services is a smartphone. Thirdly, the innovative manner in which it records the way you make use of your phone via typing, scrolling, and swiping is used to measure changes in the user’s mental health.

    However, it is important to consider that Mindstrong may not be great for you. If you’re not smartphone-savvy, you may want to look elsewhere, as there are many Mindstrong reviews that complain about using their proprietary keyboard while in the app. That it can be clunky and very frustrating. The good news is if you do consider yourself tech-savvy and qualify for their services, Mindstrong could be a good fit for you.