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Octave offers a modern therapy practice that combines a primary care approach with Cognitive Behavior Therapy to specifically help young, urban professionals navigate their mental health issues.


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    Octave Overview 

    After a year like 2020, it seems as though most, if not all of us, are in need of some form of therapy. However, we might not be getting the treatment we need for one reason or another. For some, the costs associated with therapy may be prohibitive. Others may not have access to a therapist because of their location. At the same time, some may still feel the stigma that others attach to therapy and therapists. 

    Octave claims to understand just how easy it is to feel depressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed, especially considering modern-day living and the issues it brings. One common issue that many young, working professionals face today is navigating and maintaining a work/life balance. Octave believes that their team of experts, which consists of psychologists, therapists, instructors, and coaches, will be able to set you on the path to discovering a better you after a single virtual session or class. 

    Their platform is based on the idea that every individual should have emotional support tailored to their particular needs, be measurably effective, and create a connection and bond of trust with their mental health professional.

    Some of you may be wondering about the name Octave and why an online therapy platform would choose to adopt it as its name. An octave is a musical term and is used when referring to a complete collection of musical notes. Octave online therapy services aim to offer their patients an entire collection of holistic services to help them manage the challenges that they face in their daily lives. 

    Octave is HQ’d in both San Francisco and New York City, where they have brick-and-mortar clinics, but due to COVID-19, they are currently only offering their therapy and coaching services virtually until it’s safe to resume in-person sessions. 

    Octave mental health professionals are licensed to practice in California and New York only--Therapy services are available to clients living in CA and NY at this time. 

    Coaching services are available to clients in all 50 states. 

    It is important to note that when this review was written (March 2021), Octave currently has a waitlist for their therapy services. However, they are accepting new coaching clients in all 50 states. 


    Mental Health Conditions that Octave Treats

    Octave offers Therapy Services to Treat

    Octave Offers Coaching Services to Treat

    The Coaches at Octave are not licensed therapists, so they technically cannot treat mental health conditions. However, they are highly trained individuals and can help you with many of life’s common challenges, including:

    • Work/life Balance

    • Time Management

    • Sleep Concerns

    • Managing Stress

    • Significant Life Transitions

    • Parenting Supports

    • Goal Navigation

    • Building Healthy Lifestyle and Self-care Routines

    They can also help support you with ways to manage mental-health-related conditions, including:

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Insomnia

    • Body Acceptance

    • Mindfulness Training

    How Does Octave Work?

    Octave’s goal is to impact society systemically to create, develop, and maintain deeper and more personal relationships with their clients while also tailoring their systems to what is needed most. Octave currently offers individual and couples therapy sessions, individual coaching sessions, group therapy sessions, and workshops. 

    Virtual Consultations at Octave

    1.  Book your complimentary 15-minute consultation with one of Octave’s Care Navigators. During this session, you can provide them with more information regarding your particular situation, therapeutic needs, values, and goals.

    2.  An Octave’s Care Navigator will ask you several questions based on the information you have already provided.

    3.  Between the two of you, you will decide which service and provider best suits your needs.

    Consultations are available via a phone call and always free of charge!

    Therapy at Octave

    Octave offers a variety of different types of evidence-based therapy approaches, including behavioral, mindfulness-based, and relational modalities. One thing Octave prides itself on is tailoring its therapy services to each individual’s unique values, needs, and goals to match you with the right therapist the first time. 

    Octave aims to provide each client with a safe, solution-focused, and collaborative therapeutic relationship that will hopefully empower them with the proper tools to positively navigate more satisfying ways of relating to themselves and the world. Each session will be with a licensed clinical therapist or Psychologist that will help you identify old patterns and find solutions for moving out of those patterns into new growth and last about 50 minutes.   

    One thing that we really appreciate about Octave is that they have assembled a team of therapists that are specifically committed to providing care to the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ community is one of the most underserved communities in the mental health realm because the people of this community often avoid therapy for fear of facing ignorance or undeserved discrimination. Octave’s LGBTQ+ team of therapists has demonstrated experience working with queer communities and dedicates their time exclusively to learning and developing expertise on common issues that arise within the LGBTQ+ community. 

    Their areas of focus include:

    • Dating and romantic relationships

    • Navigating systemic oppression

    • Family 

    • Coming out

    • Gender Identity exploration

    • Queer family building

    • Isolation, Depression, Anxiety

    • Living with HIV/AIDS

    • Bi erasure phobia

    • Addiction

    Coaching at Octave

    An Octave Coach will work with you to focus on your present challenges to help you create a positive future and an improvement from the past. They will help you build new skills and habits to create positive, lasting change. Each coaching session is rooted in the four domains of emotional well-being, and throughout the 30 minutes you and your coach are together, you will work to create a plan that supports these domains so you can achieve your goals by setting weekly action steps.

    Group Therapy and Workshops

    Group Therapy is currently available in SF and NYC and aims to provide a safe space for skill-building and honest conversations between group members and an expert clinician. Each workshop or group is designed by a panel of experts in psychology, mindfulness, and wellness to help each participant develop skills and habits proven to support emotional resilience.   

    Group Therapy is best for those wanting to be surrounded by people that are going through similar situations. It is also a great way to dip your toe into the world of therapy. 

    Editor’s Note: When this review was written, there were no available groups or workshops available in San Francisco. There was one group session available in NY that was called ‘Navigating Loss During COVID-19.’ This group is meant for those grieving the loss of someone during the time of COVID or to COVID-19. 

    We will be sure to update our readers when groups become available.  


    Octave Does Not Treat ALL Conditions

    Octave provides high-quality therapy services from licensed Therapists and Psychologists, as well as coaching services from highly trained coaches. They do not employ or offer Psychiatry services at this time and do not have the capability to diagnose or prescribe medications for mental health concerns. However, they are more than happy to provide a referral to a qualified psychiatrist's network if you need a diagnosis or prescription. 

    They also do not provide the following:

    • Primary Care Services

    • Urgent Care Services

    • In-patient hospitalization

    • Emergency Services

    • Therapy or coaching to those under the age of 18

    • Therapy services to people living outside of CA or NY

    If you or someone you know requires emergency medical attention or is experiencing thoughts of self-harm, harming others, or thoughts of death and suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately at 1-800-273-8255.

    How Much Do Octave’s Services Cost?

    • Individual and Relationship Therapy in California - $205/session*

    • Individual and Relationship Therapy in New York - $180/session*

    • Coaching - $110/session

    • Group Therapy - $75/session

    • Workshops - FREE  

    *Denotes that this is the starting cost - Actual cost varies based on your location, insurance provider, benefits, and your care plan. Octave will happily do the leg work for you by contacting your insurance provider before scheduling any sessions to provide you with the cost you can expect to pay. 

    Does Octave Accept Insurance?

    Octave’s therapy services can be covered by insurance if you have in-network with Anthem Blue Cross (CA only) or United Healthcare UMR plan for Mount Sinai employees (NY). They also accept out-of-network benefits with other providers. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider for more information. 

    The team at Octave will submit out-of-network claims on behalf of all clients if you reside in California. Those residing in New York will receive a superbill (information your insurance provider requires) each month that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. In both cases (CA or NY), reimbursement will be provided by your insurance company, not Octave.

    Octave also accepts some HSA/FSA cards but recommends that you do some research on your specific plan to better understand the benefits and if this account can be used for Octave services.  

    Is Octave Credible?

    Octave was founded by Sandeep Acharya, who is no stranger to the world of med-tech. Before creating Octave, Sandeep was Head of Strategy for One Medical (a role he occupied for five years). During this time, Sandeep was responsible for launching and scaling numerous new services while also managing the growth and development of One Medical’s employer's business. As part of the One Medical senior leadership team, he saw the company grow to 60 clinics across eight cities. Before his time at One Medical, Sandeep earned his stripes at Bain & Co and Bain Capital & Insight Venture Partners, where he served as consultant, operator, and investor. Sandeep has a degree in Science & Business from Wharton and Harvard Business, where he was also a Baker Scholar. 

    Octave strives to provide only high-quality mental health care for young urban professionals trying their best to navigate the ins and outs of daily life. 

    Octave only hires licensed Therapists and Psychologists for their therapy services and expert coaches that are highly trained in CBT and focused on measurable change.  

    What Do We Think of Octave?

    Octave’s mission is to support each patient’s emotional well-being through specialized therapy, goals-based coaching, and skills-based workshops that will have them living their best lives. The only thing that they ask of you when you become a patient is to come as you are--regardless of who that is. 

    We appreciate that Octave strives to offer only personalized therapy guidance to meet your needs as an individual. That they aren’t lumping each person into one category. They understand no one person’s needs or goals are the same when it comes to therapy. 

    Octave's therapy sessions are a bit pricey compared to those of other online therapy platforms; however, they are one of the only platforms that accept insurance. They also claim to work with those that may not be able to afford the cost of their services.   

    We love that Octave offers services specifically geared to the LGBTQ+ community and the struggles they face. We wish more mental health providers did the same. 

    If you are looking to begin a journey to positive thinking and feeling better, add your name to the Octave Therapy waitlist or schedule a consultation for a coaching session today! We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!