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Even if you think you are the most loyal partner a person could have, you are involved in multiple relationships. And so is your partner. Heck, even your parents have a bunch of relationships going on. You might balk at the idea, but it is true. In fact, every human being on Earth is involved with countless relationships – with our partner, our family, friends, neighbor – the list goes on and on. And since relationships play such a huge role in our lives, it’s obvious that we may need help with them from time-to-time. And that is where Relationship Hero comes in …


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    Relationship Hero Company Overview

    Relationship Hero, based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, is an online platform that has been providing us with the advice we need to navigate our various relationships in a positive and constructive manner since 2016. 

    To date, Relationship Hero has helped thousands of clients thanks to their team of highly qualified online relationship coaches. These coaches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for an appointment, and quickly established Relationship Hero as the number one online relationship coaching platform.

    Whether you’re going through a rough breakup, are struggling to communicate efficiently with a particular colleague, or need to work through a few issues with your sibling, Relationship Hero is here to offer instant, affordable, and effective online coaching for relationships.

    Often people in need of such advice would turn to their friends or family but there are times where an independent view from someone not involved in the situation is what is required. With Relationship Hero, you are will always get on an independent and objective point of view from their online relationship coaches.

    Relationship Hero provides instant access to independent and knowledgeable online relationship coaches in a safe and secure online environment that guarantees privacy and gives effective online relationship counseling. Relationship Hero strives to provide the help that people need when they need it most.


    What Exactly Does Relationship Hero Do?

    As we’ve already mentioned, there is more than one type of relationship, and Relationship Hero can help with almost all of them, including:

    • Romantic relationships
    • Family relationships
    • Colleague or work-based relations
    • Relationships with friends and more

    In fact, if the type of relationship you need help with is not listed above, the team over at Relationship Hero suggests you contact them so that they can check their database to see if any of their online relationship coaches will be able to assist. 

    So far, over 25,000 clients have used Relationship Hero and their online relationship coaching platform to successfully overcome whatever relationship hurdles came their way. Every client is quickly matched to an online coach who specializes in the fields they need and can provide practical, personalized, and effective advice.

    Relationship Hero’s goal is to help people create and main healthy, functioning relationships and believe that the success they have already enjoyed is based on respect for the client and empathetic online coaches able to deliver actionable advice and provide solid support.

    How Does Relationship Hero Counseling Work?

    Getting started with Relationship Hero is a breeze and takes just a few minutes, thanks to their excellent, effective, and easy to use platform. In fact, it’s so simple that we’re about to break it down for you, step-by-step: 

    1. Visit where you will be asked what type of relationship advice do you need. You will be asked to select one of the following options – dating, breakups, cheating, family, or other.
    2. Next, you will be asked to choose how you would like to receive the advice – as a phone conversation or via a live chat.
    3. After choosing, your free online consultation will begin. Every new client to Relationship Hero qualifies for a free 10-minute consultation. During this online consultation, you will work together with one of Relationship Hero’s online relationship coaches to see how they can help you with your particular case.
    4. During this consultation, the online coach will ask you a number of questions. This information will then be used by the online relationship expert to ensure that you will be paired with a perfectly matched relationship coach.
    5. After your initial consultation has concluded, you can choose to either continue receiving advice or end the conversation. The online relationship coach will also discuss what other options are available for your particular situation that would provide instant and affordable relationship care.
    6. Relationship Hero does offer a refund on up to 30 minutes of counseling if you are unhappy with the quality of the advice you have received.

    Since Relationship Hero focuses on the counseling of relationships and dating, rather than telepsychiatry, it does not require you to spend ages giving them detailed information and there is no risk of the security of your medical history being exposed on the internet.


    Price: What Does Relationship Hero Cost?

    Relationship Hero has a very different system of billing compared to most other forms of online counseling, which charges by the minute, ensuring you only pay for what you use. Relationship Hero also offers a number of pricing/payment plans, which is suggested for those who think that they will become regular users of the service.

    Relationship Hero offers the following pricing plans:

    • Guide Plan – the entry-level plan and consists of 15 minutes that can be used at any time and over as many sessions as you like. The cost of this plan is $29.
    • Sage Plan – this has become the most commonly used and popular plan available on Relationship Hero, thanks to the 16% saving it provides over the basic Guide Plan. With the Sage Plan, you get 60 minutes that can be used at any time and over as many sessions as you like. The cost of this plan is $97.
    • Hero Plan – provides 240 anytime minutes that can be used over as many sessions as you like and offers a 38% saving over the basic Guide Plan. The cost of this plan is $289.

    For those who want a subscription plan that is billed monthly, Relationship Hero offers a package with the largest discounts on offer and consists of:

    • 90 minutes of live coaching per week
    • 20% discount on all additional coaching
    • An unlimited email chat service
    • The cost of this package is $79 per week



    Relationship Hero provides an excellent service for those who need quick assistance with their relationships that are available at any time. It should be noted that Relationship Hero is regarded more as counseling or advice-giving, rather than full-on therapy. If you are in need of something more in-depth and exhaustive, you may be better off with a platform like BetterHelp, but for those in everyday situations, Relationship Hero is the hero we all deserve.