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Maven Clinic is a digital clinic whose goal is to fill the gaps in healthcare specifically targeting fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care that many women and couples face. Maven works with employers and health plans to improve maternal outcomes, lower medical costs, and attract and maintain more parents in the workplace. Maven provides access to a network of high-quality healthcare professionals immediately via video chat or private message using your computer or iOS device.


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    Maven Clinic Company Overview

    Maven is revolutionizing the way women and family healthcare should be. They provide a personalized platform to support the needs of people at every stage of their journey. Maven provides 24/7 virtual care with global access to 1700+ doctors and care providers with 20+ health and wellness specialties and is available in all 50 states. Maven providers can make prenatal care and fertility clinic referrals and you will have 24/7 Care Advocate support. They provide interactive, doctor-approved content, peer-to-peer social support, and provide tracking and weekly action plans. Since Maven launched in 2014 the have supported five million people at every stage of their journey. Sign up is free, just browse their comprehensive list of highly-vetted providers, book a video visit or send a message, and your provider will be able to send any needed prescriptions to your local pharmacy. 

     Maven not only helps individuals but employers can implement Maven as a benefit to its employees to help reduce maternity-related costs and help retain employees after maternity leave by providing a transition back to work plan. As an added benefit, Maven provides breast milk shipping through your employer if they sign up for the Maven Milk benefit plan. Maven milk allows you to ship your breastmilk domestically or internationally allowing you to send your milk home or take it with you while you travel. Maven is a fast-growing company that is benefiting individuals and employers worldwide. 

    Is Maven Clinic Right For You?

    Whether you are a working mom who is figuring out pregnancy, maternity leave, or the transition back to work, or whether you are a college student looking for affordable medical care or a prescription. Maven has a large network of doctors to cover your needs. Going to the doctor is never convenient, for many of us it means getting up early to get an appointment in before work or it means missing an hour or two during a workday causing the need to make that work up or it means heading to the doctor on a day off when you would rather be enjoying your time. Once you actually find time to make it to your doctor’s office the doctor is oftentimes running behind schedule which means added wait time. This is where telemedicine with Maven makes life easier. Maven makes scheduling appointments easier as well as providing high-quality care when you need it. Maven is great for those with busy lifestyles or those with limited access to healthcare, they have healthcare providers available 24/7 without ever having to leave your couch. 

    Is Maven Clinic Credible? 

    Maven was founded by Katherine Ryder in 2014. At that time, as her friends began starting a family, she found it shocking how difficult it was for her friends to find basic support around fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care, and she eventually experienced it herself. This led her to her mission of filling that gap in medical care and lead her to build Maven to address these gaps and to support women and new parents when they need it most. She built a leadership team and advisory board and began building a team of highly skilled healthcare providers to provide high-quality care brought to your home to support women and family health needs.

    The providers that Maven takes on are highly-vetted and licensed in your state. Once you create an account with Maven you are able to look at the providers available in your state and see their list of references, qualifications, experience, education, awards, subspecialties prior to booking an appointment. Sometimes providers will even have a bio video you can watch prior to booking an appointment, its a nice way to “meet” your provider prior to scheduling with them and to get a better idea of the way they practice. Maven makes sure your personal health information remains secure by not recording video sessions using HIPAA compliant software and by administering encryption and data security practices to make sure your online health information is safe. Maven has a detailed terms of use policy and privacy policy so you know exactly how they may need to use your information, such as the need to share details with your insurance company. Maven works hard to keep your personal information secure.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Maven Clinic

    Maven is targeted at women’s health and family medicine and provides care and treatment for a number of healthcare conditions. Maven is designed to educate women and provide top-notch healthcare for the following healthcare needs 

    • Preconception
    • Fertility
      • IVF
      • Egg freezing
      • Surrogacy
      • Adoption
    • Maternity
      • Pregnancy
      • Delivery
      • Postpartum
      • Early Pediatrics
      • Loss
      • Partners
    • Return to Work
      • Coaching
      • Manager training
      • Breast milk shipping
      • Childcare guides
    • General Health
      • UTI
      • Sexual health and contraception
      • Physical therapy
      • Menopause
      • Cold/flu
      • Nutrition and weight loss
      • Mental Health

    How Much Does Maven Clinic Cost?

    The cost of a Maven appointment varies depending on the type of provider you see as well as the length of your appointment. Maven also offers an employer-sponsored family benefit program. Check with your employer’s Human Resources department to see if your employer offers this service. 

    • Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Doulas, Lactation Consultants - $25 for a 20-minute appointment
    • Nurse Practitioners, Midwives - $20 for a 10-minute appointment
    • Physicians - $40 for a 10-minute appointment
    • Mental Health specialists - $70 for a 40-minute appointment and $20 for a 10-minute introduction appointment (during the first week only)
    • Coaches - $50 for a 30-minute appointment
    • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners - $90 for a 30-minute appointment

    Because many insurance coverages haven’t accepted telemedicine as a covered service, Maven offers appointment packages for Mental Health, Nutrition and private messaging to help you save on the cost of this type of service. These include:

    Mental Health

    • Three 40-minute appointments - $195
    • Five 40-minute appointments - $300
    • Ten 40-minute appointments - $550


    • Three 20-minute appointments - $70
    • Five 20-minute appointments - $115
    • Ten 20-minute appointments - $225

    Private Messagingthis is an unlimited feature for those with employer or health plan sponsored accounts

    • 2 messages for $10
    • 5 messages for $25
    • 10 messages for $50

    What Do We Think About Maven Clinic?

    Maven clinic is an amazing service for women with the goal to be a resource for education as well as providing instant access to virtual care for all your women’s health needs. We appreciate that Maven is upfront about their cost and that they are delivering high quality, affordable medical care. We love that Maven is helping to improve access to health care, with a specialty in women’s health, and that they are providing some of the highest quality healthcare providers that are available online. We love that they provide a free open forum full of educational information as well as space for you to ask questions and receive answers from healthcare professionals. Maven puts the patient and