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$10/mo special intro offer for custom anti-aging skin-care! Hers is a one-stop-shop for all things skin and hair care, sexual health, Primary Care, and Mental Health for women. Get fast & easy consultations & prescription delivery from Hers.


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    Hers Company Overview

    In 2018 Hims, the online health care platform for men launched its sister company, creatively named, Hers. Focusing specifically on women, Hers provides women an opportunity to take care of their primary health issues like combating the signs of aging, hair loss, birth control, and general wellness in the comfort and privacy of their homes. They strive to provide convenience, accessibility, and freedom to women. Hers, as a company, is heavily invested in the success and wellbeing of all women with most of the doctors on the Hers advisory board being women. 

    All the medical professionals at Hers are licensed to practice medicine in the United States and are board-certified in family medicine, gynecology, dermatology, and more. If you wish to order their products that require a prescription, one of the medical professionals at Hers will happily assess your specific needs after a brief digital assessment is taken via their website. If they determine medication is necessary, the appropriate prescription will be delivered directly to your doorstep within a matter of days. With Hers, you are able to consult with one of their expert medical professionals via video, phone, or chat. In some cases, Hers might ask you to upload photos of yourself or your state-issued identification (ID card or driver’s license). This is either for extra information during a consult or to verify that you are actually who you say you are. Don’t fret, Hers takes your privacy very seriously--All your data is 256 bit SSL/TLS encrypted, and they take significant steps to keep your data secure. You can read all about it in the privacy and security section on their website. 

    Hers has medical professionals licensed to practice various types of medicine in all 50 states, so regardless of where you are in the U.S. (sans Puerto Rico), you will be able to reap the benefits of prescription-grade skin products, hair care solutions, birth control options, and primary care services. All without leaving where you feel most comfortable.

    The Psychiatry arm of Hers is available in select states. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an explicit list, however, it is one of the first questions they ask once you’ve inquired to ensure no one’s time is wasted. 

    If you have been looking for access to high-quality medical care and products for acne, hair loss, birth control, performance anxiety, and more, read on to learn more about Hers--the one-stop-shop for sexual wellness, hair loss, and skincare for women. 

    How Hers Works?

    Hers strives to make women’s healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable for all women, and getting started with all the services at Hers is easy as 1-2-3! If you’re new to the telemedicine experience, don’t worry, it’s quick and painless. If you live and breathe the telemedicine life as we do, you can probably skip over this section, as you know most of these processes are pretty similar. 

    Here’s how the Hers process works:

    Step 1 - Create your Profile

    Regardless of the service or product, you’re interested in, you will first enter your medical history, then answer a few questions about your overall health, lifestyle, and symptoms you’re experiencing so that Hers can connect you with the appropriate medical provider. You will need a government-issued ID and credit card so the Hers medical provider knows who they are treating.  

    Step 2 - Speak with a Licensed Medical Professional

    You’ll then be connected with a licensed medical professional in your state of residence to go over your symptoms, diagnosis, and chat about potential treatment options. Hers employs only licensed medical professionals that are dedicated to helping you navigate and address any and all of your health-related concerns. With Hers, you will always be connected with a real-life medical provider--on your terms, from the comfort of your home.     

    Step 3 - Have your Condition Treated & Prescription Delivered to your Door for FREE 

    After your IRL (in real life) consultation and once you are diagnosed, if your medical provider decides a prescription is an appropriate treatment plan, you will get your meds delivered directly to your doorstep. All prescriptions come in discreet packaging because your health is no one’s business but your own. 

    Are Hers Prescriptions Covered by Insurance? 

    Hers does not accept insurance for its services, but their products are available at 50-80% off retail cost, making it affordable for everyone. However, if you’re wanting to use your HSA or insurance, Hers will happily send your prescription to a local pharmacy. 


    Health Services and Products Hers Provides

    Hers knows and completely understands that women are constantly juggling a million things and no one really wants to book an appointment, sit in a waiting room, or stand in a pharmacy line. Hers offers women affordable access to high-quality medical care, advice, and healthcare products. Hers currently provides five types of healthcare services and has a huge arsenal of products that benefit a woman’s overall health and wellness. 


    Healthy skin is a sign of good health. Having the right daily regime for skin care can help with healthy and vibrant skin. Hers provides products to help you with the two most common skin-related issues: premature aging and acne. Have you ever wanted to go to a dermatologist, but automatically started stressing about the process of figuring it all out? Here is where Hers comes in to save the day! Hers will provide you access to customizable prescription skincare, powered by doctors, and without the hassle. 

    Best yet--Hers offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to all its users so you can try the product worry-free. If you don’t love it, return it for any reason.   

    Because no two women’s skin is the exact same, Hers offers two prescription products that are specifically personalized for your skin and two OTC products that can easily be incorporated into your daily skincare regimen to combat signs of aging, stave off acne, and boost collagen production.  

    Customizable Anti-aging Cream

    Hers anti-aging cream consists of two active ingredients, tretinoin, and niacinamide. It is medical-grade tretinoin, which is a derivative of vitamin A. It is scientifically proven to smooth fine lines and improve the texture and quality of your skin. With Hers anti-aging face cream your uneven skin texture, dark spots, and wrinkles could potentially become something of the past, all without the stress of setting foot in a doctor’s office. 

    Customizable Acne Cream

    Hers acne cream is one of their stand-out products. It is a prescription cream that helps to stop active acne breakouts and future breakouts. It can decrease inflammation and renew the look and feel of the skin’s surface. Hers tailors its acne cream to treat your specific needs with a blend of five vital acne-fighting ingredients: tretinoin, clindamycin, azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, and niacinamide. This cream helps to control acne breakouts, unclog pores, reduce dark spots from acne scars, and boost firmness, leaving your skin more even looking and bright. 

    Deep Sea Cleanser

    We wash our face twice a day and it’s important to use a cleanser that’s not going to strip your face of all its natural goodies. Hers Deep Sea cleanser provides a gentle wash that won’t strip your skin of oils or block your pores (for those with acne-prone skin). This product is made with seaweed extract and rosehip seed that can help your face appear smooth and glowy.

    Tidal Wave Moisturizer

    Your daily skincare routine isn’t complete without a great moisturizer. Moisturizer protects your skin from the day's free radicals (UV Rays, smog, etc.) by locking in the existing moisture. This light-weight cream is best for acne-prone skin, as it is packed with hyaluronic acid (helps to retain moisture) and squalane (helps skin appear smooth and moisturized) that will hydrate your skin without clogging it up.   

    Sexual Health

    Take full control of your sexual health without embarrassing conversations and long wait times at your doctor’s office. Most women are too familiar with the hassle of getting their birth control each month and even though it’s rarely talked about, women too, face issues surrounding low sex drive. Hers is here to change that by offering a convenient and simple way to have your products delivered to your home without the hassle or embarrassment.

    Birth Control

    Hers believes that birth control is a basic need, and getting those little pills into your hot little hands can sometimes be quite difficult. Hers is here to make that a thing of the past by offering a range of options for birth control pills. Since Hers is on a mission to offer women an affordable solution to prevent pregnancy and does not accept insurance, they have set a standard price of $30 per month for any birth control product of your choice. 

    You will consult with a licensed medical provider who can help you find the right plan for you. Hers worked with an expert team of OB/GYNs and women’s health advisors to develop an intake process that offers the same level of care as any in-person visit. You will answer questions regarding your medical history, any previous or present birth control you’ve been on, and any goals you might have to help the provider determine the best solution for you. Birth control not only prevents pregnancy, but can also help with treating acne, period pain, heavy periods, and mood stability, so your goals might be to decrease your PMS headaches or skip your periods altogether. 

    Birth Control Options
    • Levonorgestrel 0.1mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg (Lutera/ Vienva/ Aubra) - Best if you're new to the pill or want help controlling PMS

    • Norethindrone acetate 1.5mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg (Junel/ Microgestin/ Aurovela) - Best for controlling PMS

    • Norethindrone acetate 1.5mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg/ Ferrous fumarate 75mg (Larin Fe/ Junel/ Loestrin Fe) - Best for controlling PMS and those with heavy periods

    • Norethindrone acetate 1mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg (Loestrin, Larin, Gildess) - Best if you're new to the pill or want help controlling PMS

    • Norethindrone acetate 1mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg/ Ferrous fumarate 75mg (Junel Fe/ Tarina Fe/ Larin Fe) - Best for heavy periods

    • Drospirenone 3mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg (Yasmin/ Syeda/ Ocella) - Best for controlling PMS

    • Drospirenone 3mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg (Yaz/ Nikki/ Loryna) - Best for treating acne, breakout, and PMDD, helps to control PMS, and for those new to the pill)

    • Norgestimate 0.25 mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.035mg (Sprintec, estarylla) - Best to reduce breakouts and helps with PMS

    • Desogestrel 0.15mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg, 0.01mg (Mircette/ Kariva) - Best for controlling PMS and menstrual headaches

    • Norgestimate 0.18 mg, 0.215mg, 0.25mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.025mg (Tri-lo-Sprintec) - Best to reduce breakouts

    • Norgestimate 0.18 mg, 0.215mg, 0.25mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.035mg (Tri-Sprintec/ Tri-Previfem) Best for treating acne and reducing breakouts

    • Norethindrone 0.35mg - progestin-only (Camila, “Mini-pill”)

    • Levonorgestrel 0.15mg/ Ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg (Amethia) - Best for heavy periods, helping PMS, or those wanting to skip their period

    Miconazole for Yeast Infections

    If you are noticing a burning or an itching sensation down there, then Hers Miconazole can be the first stop for help. Miconazole treats those horrendous vaginal infections by controlling the growth of the fungus that causes the infection in the first place. 

    Valacyclovir for Genital Herpes 

    Herpes is a simple virus that is easily treatable, also one of the most ignored health issues. Herpes breakouts if ignored can be very painful sometimes. Valacyclovir is a suppressive therapy to treat genital herpes. Taking Valacyclovir every day you can reduce asymptomatic viral shedding by 70-80%.

    Cold Sore Kit – The Suppressor

    Hers Cold Sore Kit is specialized to make sores go away faster. Unlike other treatments that you may find over the counter, valacyclovir provides relief in just two to three days. Yes, that's how fast it is! And the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can get the treatment virtually from the privacy and comfort of your home.

    Urinary Tract Health - D-Mannose Powder

    Having a healthy urinary tract is vital to your sexual health. This powder supports a healthy urinary system with D-Mannose (the sugar found in cranberry juice), antioxidants, and electrolytes. It is a dietary supplement that can be easily mixed in with your water and comes in single-serve packets that can be taken on the go to prevent UTIs.

    Luxe Condoms and Glide Aloe Vera Lubricant

    Protecting yourself from STD/STI and pregnancy has never been easier, than with Hers natural latex condoms and aloe-based lube. Each condom is made as thinly as possible, yet has a strong hexagon design to be as strong as possible. You can order these products as an all-in-one kit or a la carte.  

    Hair Care

    Shiny and bouncy hair are the things of dreams, however, there’s more to healthy hair than volume and shine. There are many women that experience some hair shedding or loss in their lives. Hers is here to help by offering its patients formulated products that are backed by doctors and have prescription-strength ingredients that you can’t find at your local drug or specialty store. Not only does Hers have products to help grow your hair, but they also offer Latisse for women looking for longer flutters (eyelashes). 

    Hers hair product offerings can help grow, repair, and strengthen your locks. 

    Hers Shampoo 

    Hers shampoo helps to deep clean your scalp, keeping your hair follicles happy and healthy. Hers shampoo works on the excess shedding of hair, strengthening, and moisturizing them. The shampoo is formulated to wash away excess sebum in hair as too much of this oil on your scalp can shrink hair follicles. This is a common problem that leads to hair loss and excess shedding. Hers shampoo can help cleanse your scalp so as to help your hair appear thicker, fuller, and healthier. 

    Hers Conditioner

    The conditioner, on the other hand, is formulated with amino acids and a blend of three oils which help strengthen and moisturize your full head, post-cleaning. The amino acids in the conditioner (argan oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil) work wonders on overly processed and damaged hair by reconstructing hair fiber and locking in the required moisture for healthy hair. 

    Biotin Gummies

    These biotin gummies by Hers are your baseline necessity to help strengthen your hair. You may ask what is the need of taking a supplement for hair. The answer is that biotin supports the production of the amino acid keratin which is the building block of your hair.  However, it is not produced by your body naturally, it keeps your hair strong, healthy, and shiny and is also beneficial for nail breakage. 


    These regrowth drops are great for those beginning to notice their thinning hair. It actively promotes hair growth by shredding old hair and replacing them with new and healthier ones. If you’ve been noticing your part or ponytail feeling thinner than usual, Minoxidil could be the product for you to strengthen your gorgeous locks.  


    Latisse is a dermatologist recommended and FDA-approved treatment that can help grow thicker, longer, and darker lashes that last long term with its continued usages. Latisse is applied to the skin of the upper eyelid daily, preferably in the evening after washing your face and removing makeup. It is expected to start seeing results in as little as four weeks' time and the full effect might appear in continuous application of the product for up to 16 weeks.

    Detox Scalp Scrub

    Backed by doctors and the one and only, J.Lo, this scalp scrub exfoliates your scalp by clearing unwanted buildup and moisturizing at the same time. It is a clean product that can refresh your scalp without having to sit in the salon for a lengthy period of time. 

    Rapid Repair Hair Mask

    If you’ve ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez keeps her hair shining bright like a diamond, wonder no longer. With Hers hair mask, you too can have hydrated and healthy hair in just five minutes. This luxurious hair mark is designed to fight frizz and make you feel as though you just spent hours in the salon.   

    Mental Health

    When we said that Hers had something for everyone, we were not joking. Hers now offers its patients access to top-quality mental health services. They understand that at times people can feel isolated and want all women to know that they are not alone. Whether you’re looking for Psychiatric help, medication management, or an online support group, Hers has your back. 

    Just as Hers takes your privacy seriously, they also do not take mental health with a grain of salt. Each therapist, psychiatrist,  and other mental health providers on their platform are vetted and every medication is well known and backed by scientific evidence. 

    Hers currently offers Psychiatry evaluations and medication, anonymous support groups, and a wealth of resources and content for you to feel your best and navigate your way through any mental health issues you might be dealing with. 

    Telepsychiatry Evaluations and Medication

    Hers offers virtual visits with online psychiatrists who will evaluate you and assess whether medication is an appropriate treatment plan. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, Hers can help you on your journey to feeling more like yourself and if medication is deemed necessary, Hers medical professionals can have a prescription delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days. 

    Medications offered by Hers:

    Hers doesn’t just write you a prescription then leave you high and dry after your consult. They will be with you every step of the way. Hers medication management comes with ongoing provider check-ins to ensure each person is getting the correct dosage and treatment for them. 

    Hers Psychiatry is only available in select states. Their website isn’t explicit about where they are able to provide service, however, once you submit interest, you will be asked in which state you reside as one of the first questions to ensure no one’s time is wasted. 

    Anonymous Support Groups

    Individual therapy isn’t for everyone and with Hers support groups, you can still get the help you desire in a group setting where you will learn effective tools and strategies for common concerns from licensed therapists and mental health professionals. During these one-hour groups, you’ll be virtually surrounded by other people who have similar concerns and experiences to yours. Hers doesn’t offer traditional support group ‘classes,’ but they offer sessions that cover common topics, such as trouble sleeping, relationship issues, how to manage anxiety, and many others. Hers adds a new session topic each week at different times based on what is convenient for you. 

    Each session is capped at 15 people to keep the group setting as intimate as possible. You will be able to listen to the moderator speak on the specific topic and submit your questions throughout. This is a great way to dip your toe into the world of therapy. The best part--support group sessions are free to anyone wanting to give them a try. 

    Individual Therapy

    Because we love our readers and want you to be informed as possible, we want you to know that Hers is set to begin offering individual therapy in the near future. Get personalized treatment and talk to a therapist via chat or video. 

    Resources and Content

    Hers is so avid about providing quality mental health care to all, that they also offer free online tools for you to use at any time. With Hers resources you will be able to learn strategies for common concerns with short and on-demand videos to watch on your schedule. Video topics range from mindfulness for depression and anxiety to self-compassion to how to get a better night’s rest. Each video ranges from four to 10 minutes and is hosted by one of Hers expert mental health professionals.  

    Primary Care

    Because it’s never been more important to stay home and keep yourself healthy, Hers is offering its users access to 100% digital primary care for only $39 per visit. So that you can avoid potentially being exposed to illnesses, such as COVID-19, a Hers medical professional is available for you and if a prescription is part of the necessary treatment, Hers will send your medication to a pharmacy near you. 

    The Hers platform can provide treatment for over 30 common primary care conditions, including:

    Cold & Flu


    • Seasonal allergies

    • Hay fever

    • Itchy eyes

    • Sinus congestion



    Fungal Infections

    • Ringworm

    • Jock itch

    • Athlete’s foot

    • Yeast infections

    Tension Headaches

    • Dull head pain

    • Forehead pressure

    • Shoulder tenderness

    • Neck tenderness

    Medication Refills

    Acid Reflux

    • This is Coming soon

    • Heartburn

    • Bitter taste

    • Indigestion


    • This is Coming Soon

    • Stomach ache

    • Constipation

    • Diarrhea

    • Bloating

    • Cramps

    COVID-19 Testing

    The at-home-test-kit tests for current infection of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus ONLY and not for antibodies, a past infection, or any other viruses or pathogens other than SARS-CoV-2. The test can be done from anywhere and without someone shoving a giant cotton swab up your nose. With Hers test, you will be able to spit into a tube, send it in for analysis, and have your results within 3-5 days.  


    Stress and anxiety are very common in a women’s day-to-day busy life. Don’t let your inner stress take away the stage all set for you to shine. General well-being products are also available under Hers supplement section, which is good for your overall mental and physical health. 

    Collagen Peptide Powder

    This collagen protein powder is formulated with 18 different amino acids which help boost healthier and well-hydrated skin and support muscle recovery that gives your skin a boost. 


    If you are having trouble sleeping then Hers’ Sleepy Tea can be a good option to relax and calm yourself to sleep. Hers Sleepy Tea consists of chamomile, and other popular herbs like lemon balm, linden flowers, etc. to help promote relaxation and sleep. Chamomile present in tea is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known for its calming effects in our brain which helps with sleep.

    How Much Do Hers Services and Products Cost?

    Hers aims to keep all its products affordable and within reach of every woman. 

    Skin Care Product Pricing

    • Customizable Acne Cream - $5/month (first two months), then $45/month thereafter 

    • Customizable Anti-aging Cream - $10/month (first two months), then $34/month thereafter

    • Custom Acne Treatment Kit - $10/month (first two months)

    Editor’s Note: The pricing on all the skin care products is not transparent after the first two months. We did some search engine research and found a bunch of different prices listed on a variety of reviews.  

    Hair Care Product Pricing

    • The Complete Hair Kit - $44 (40% savings off of retail)

    • 2oz Minoxidil bottle

    • The Shampoo + Conditioner, 6.4oz bottles

    • Biotin gummies (one-month supply)

    • Minoxidil 2% - $45 (3-month supply)

    • The Weekender Kit - $40

    • 8oz Detox scalp scrub

    • 8oz Rapid repair hair mask

    • Salon Strength System - $94/month (Subscribe and save up to 15% each month)

    • 2oz Minoxidil bottle

    • The Shampoo + Conditioner, 6.4oz bottles

    • Biotin gummies (one-month supply)

    • 8oz Detox scalp scrub

    • 8oz Rapid repair hair mask

    • BONUS - 10.5oz Collagen powder 

    • The Shampoo + Conditioner Kit - $33

    • 6.4oz bottles

    • Rapid Repair Mask - $44

    • 2 - 8oz jars

    • Biotin Gummies - $32

    • 2 - 30-day supply bottles

    • Scalp Scrub - $44

    • 2 - 8oz jars

    • Hers Shampoo - $38

    • 2 - 6.4oz bottles

    • Hers Conditioner - $47

    • 2 - 6.4oz bottles

    • Latisse Rx (2-month supply) - $159 

    Sex Product Pricing

    • Birth Control - $30/month

    • Genital Herpes Treatment - $112/ pack

    • Cold Sore Kit - $55/ pack

    • Miconazole Antifungal Yeast Infection Treatment - $19/kit

    • UTI Powder Packets - $22/10 packets

    Mental Health Pricing

    • Psychiatry Evaluation and Medication  - $85/month (cost of medication included)

    • Online evaluation 

    • Medication prescribed and delivered to your door

    • FREE shipping

    • Mental health treatment on your smartphone

    • Anonymous Support Groups - FREE

    • Resources and Content - FREE

    Primary Care Pricing

    • Consult with a licensed medical professional - $39/visit

    • Treat over 30 conditions

    • Get medicine prescribed (cost not included)

    COVID-19 Test Pricing

    • At-Home-Saliva Test - $150

    Supplement Pricing

    • Collagen Peptide Powder - $27

    • Biotin Gummies - $16/bottle (1-month supply)

    • Sleepy Tea - $13

    • Relaxing Tea - $13


    Is Hers Credible?

    If you know anything about Hers brother company, Hims, then you will know that Hers is nothing but legit. Hers was founded on a mission to provide affordable, convenient, and accessible health and wellness care for all women. With a female-heavy medical advisory board, Hers has more than invested in the assurance that women are behind the wheel of this ship when it comes to the products and user experience. 

    Hers offers a little bit of everything to make sure women are taken care of in the well-woman department. All Hers medical professionals are licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. and are board-certified in family medicine, gynecology, dermatology, and more. 

    Your personal medical data is protected under strict HIPAA laws--it is encrypted and never shared.   

    What Do We Think About Hers?

    Hers is an excellent option for women who are looking to save time, awkwardness, and pain of visiting a traditional doctor. Hers allows you to treat a lot of common women’s health issues in a quick and simple manner. All their products are high-quality and are a substantial improvement to the status quo. 

    Since Hers is an online platform, it might not be an ideal option for women who prefer face-to-face or in-person doctor visits. However, for women who are looking for a reliable and top-quality solution to dealing with their skin, hair, sexual health, mental wellness, or primary care concerns, Hers is where it’s at. We highly recommend Hers as an all-in-one healthcare solution for any woman looking to take control of her health and well-being.