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Hers is an online health provider that makes daily healthcare accessible for women virtually. Hers help women deal with issues like skincare, hair and sex concerns. Along with their high-quality products, you can also find doctors at Hers to prescribe medicines and provide consultation if needed, all the medications prescribed by their doctors are FDA approved at specific doses.

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About Hers

Hers Company Overview

In 2018 Hims, which is an online health care platform for men launched its sister company Hers which is focused specifically on women. Hers provides women an opportunity to take care of their basic health issues like hair loss, birth control, skincare, and general wellness at the comfort and privacy of their homes. They strive to provide convenience, accessibility, and freedom to women therefore, all their services are easy to avail, and the products are of high quality. Most of the doctors on their advisory board are females, as Hers has invested in ensuring that women are striving for their products and experience. 

All the doctors at Hers are licensed to practice medicine in the United States. Doctors are board-certified in family medicine, gynecology, dermatology, and more, the same as a traditional doctor in your neighborhood. If you wish to order their products that require prescription, then the doctors at Hers will assess your specific needs after you take a digital assessment on their website and provide the appropriate prescription. This is to ensure that you receive the best and the most appropriate treatment. If you are seeking treatment for any skin issues or hair loss issues that require you to share some images with your doctor then you can also upload pictures of the problem area that you would like to consult with their doctor.

To rest assured of your privacy with them, the personal data that is collected by Hers during the signup, digital assessment, or in any other form is encrypted and is never shared with anyone else.  

How Hers Works?

As with most of the online health providers, before you can consult with their doctors, first you have to create an account and share some of your information. To give the correct diagnosis to your problem, Hers will ask you to share information about your health, lifestyle, medical history, and current symptoms during the digital assessment session in the beginning.  You will also have to keep a government-issued identity card and credit card on hand so that their doctor knows who they are treating.  You can also upload pictures of the affected area if needed.

Once all the required information is shared by you, now the second step is to connect with your physician. A licensed physician in your state will now start the diagnosis at a time and terms convenient to you. 

Once after you are diagnosed, the physician at Hers thinks that the prescription they offer is right for you, then your medicines will be shipped to you at your doorstep.  Hims and Hers products do not cover under insurance plans, but their products are available at 50-80% off retail cost, making it affordable for everyone.

Services Hers Provide

Hers currently provides 4 types of healthcare services to the women:

  • Skincare
  • Sexual Health
  • Hair
  • Supplements

    1. Skincare

    Healthy skin is a sign of good health. Having the right daily regime for skin care can help with healthy and vibrant skin. Hers provides products to help you with the two most common daily skincare issues: anti-aging and acne creams available for $34.00.

    Anti-aging cream

    Hers anti-aging cream consists of two active ingredients, tretinoin, and niacinamide. It is prescription tretinoin, which is a derivative of vitamin A, scientifically proven to reduce fine lines on your face and make your skin appear firmer. Hers Anti-aging cream is proven to improve the texture and quality of your skin giving you a good locking radiant face.

    Acne Cream

    Hers acne cream is one of their stand-out products. It is a prescription cream that stops active acne breakouts and future breakouts, decrease inflammation as well as also renew the skin surface to give a clearer looking skin. Hers also provide you an opportunity to connect with their doctors online that can help you with the consultation and treatment that’s right for you. 

    2. Sexual Health

    Take full control of your sex life without embarrassing encounters and long waiting lines of your doctor’s clinic, insurance fee, or visiting the pharmacy. Hers is a convenient and simple way to have your products delivered at home without any hassle.

    Birth Control

    Hers is offering a range of options for birth control pills at the same price. Since Hers does not accept insurance it has set a standard price of $30 per month for any birth control product of your choice. If you are already aware of what product you want then you can order one for yourself, in case you are not sure of which product you want to go for, then you can consult their doctor who will recommend the right prescription for you after looking at your requirements and medical history. 

    Low Sex Drive

    We generally talk about men having low sex drive, but a low sex drive can be a serious problem for women as well.  Female sex issues are rarely discussed, hence not everyone is aware of them. Whether your sex drive has changed since having kids, becoming premenopausal, or perhaps have never craved sex as frequently as you'd like, Hers has a solution for it.  Addyi - an FDA approved drug, is here to help increase your desire for sex. To receive full benefits of it you have to consume only one pill every night and it helps women by activating the parts of the brain that responds to sexual cues. Addyi also is known as female Viagra is Flibanserin 100mg tablets are available at $ 99.00

    Miconazole for Yeast Infections

    If you are noticing a burning or an itching sensation down there, then Hers Miconazole can be the first stop for help. Miconazole treats those horrendous vaginal infections by controlling the growth of the fungus that causes the infection in the first place. At the cost of $20.00 (pack for 2), each order contains 2 boxes where each box consists of 1 course of treatment. 

    Valacyclovir for Genital Herpes: Herpes is a simple virus that is easily treatable, also one of the most ignored health issues. Herpes breakouts if ignored can be very painful sometimes. Valacyclovir is a suppressive therapy to treat genital herpes whereby taking Valacyclovir every day you can reduce viral shedding by 70-80%.

    Cold Sore Kit – The Suppressor

    Hers Cold Sore Kit is specialized to make sore go away faster. Unlike other treatments that you may find over the counter, this medication provides relief in just two to three days. Yes, that's how fast it is! And the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can get the treatment at the cost of %55.00 at the privacy and comfort of your home.

    3. Hair Loss

    Shiny and bouncy hair can look healthy by the beauty of it but there is always more to healthy hair. Many women experience hair loss in their day to day life but don’t like to talk much about it. Hair loss is not always because of bad hair products but can also be hormonal or such, which means healthy hair like healthy skins talks a lot about your health.  At Hers, you can find a suitable solution to your problem. 

    Hers Shampoo and Conditioner

    Hers shampoo helps is deep cleaning your scalp and keep your hair follicles happy and healthy. Hers shampoo works on the excess shedding of hair, strengthening, and moisturizing them. The shampoo is formulated to wash away excess sebum in hair as too much of this oil on your scalp can shrink hair follicles. This is a common problem that leads to hair loss and excess shedding. Hers shampoo can help cleanse your scalp so as to help your hair appear thicker and healthier at $19. The conditioner, on the other hand, is formulated with amino acids and a blend of 3 oils which help strengthen and moisturize your full head post-cleaning.  The amino acids in the conditioner with argan oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil work wonders on overly processed and damaged hair by reconstructing hair fiber and locking in the required moisture for healthy hair. The conditioner is available at $22.00. You can choose to subscribe a once in every month shipping or once in every 2 months or 3-month subscription as well. 

    The Gummies

    These biotin gummies by Hers are your baseline necessity to help strengthen your hair. You may ask what is the need of taking a supplement for hair. The answer is biotin supports the production of the amino acid keratin which is the building block of your hair. But is not produced by your body naturally, it keeps your hair strong, healthy, and shiny and is also beneficial for nail breaks. Gummies are available for $16.00.

    Hair loss is one issue that can be tackled by Hers Shampoo, conditioner, and Gummies. But there is one more step to revive your lost hair. Hers Minoxidil actively promotes hair growth by shredding old hair and replacing them with the new and healthier ones. This product is currently priced at $11.25

    The complete hair kit is a combination of hair shampoo, conditioner, biotin gummies, and minoxidil 2 oz bottle.

    The next revolutionary product is Hers Latisse® for thicker and fuller eyelashes.  Latisse is a dermatologist recommended and FDA-approved treatment that can help grow thicker, longer, and darker lashes that last long term with its continued usages. This product is priced slightly higher as compared to other hair products at $159. Latisse is applied to the skin of the upper eyelid daily, preferably in the evening after washing your face and removing makeup. It is expected to start seeing results in as little as 4 weeks’ time and the full effect might appear in continuous application of the product for up to 16 weeks.

    4. Supplements

    Stress and anxiety are very common in a women’s day to day busy life. Don’t let your inner stress take away the stage all set for you to shine. General well - being products are also available under Hers supplement section, which is good for your overall mental and physical health. 

    Collagen Peptide Powder

    This collagen protein powder is formulated with 18 different amino acids which help boost healthier and well-hydrated skin and support muscle recovery that gives your skin a boost. The Collagen Peptide Powder is priced at $50.00.


    If you are having trouble sleeping then Hers’s Sleepy Tea can be a good option to relax and calm yourself to sleep. Hers Sleepy Tea consists of chamomile, and other popular herbs like lemon balm, linden flowers, etc. to help promote relaxation and sleep. Chamomile present in tea is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known for its calming effects in our brain which helps with sleep.

    Relaxing Tea is another great product you can order to find and much needed zen at any time of the day. Both Sleepy and Relaxing Tea costs $13.00 on their website.

    What Do We Think About Hers?

    Hers is a good option for women who are looking to save time, awkwardness, and pain of visiting a traditional doctor. Hers allows you to treat a lot of common health issues in women in a quick and simple manner. All their products are of high - quality and are a substantial improvement to the status quo.  Since Hers is an online platform, it might not be an ideal option for women who choose more face to face service or in-person doctor visits. For women who are looking for a quick and good quality solution, then we would recommend you visit Hers.

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