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Advekit is an online therapy company whose mission is to change the way people access mental health treatment by matching users with a therapist best suited to their needs and by providing financial assistance to help users pay for therapy. Advekit works to remove the challenges around finding the right therapist in a way that does not affect one’s health or finances. Currently, Advekit is available in seven states California, Washington, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, and Connecticut. Advekit has plans to expand to more states this year.


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    Advekit Company Overview

    With Advekit, you can get high-quality, convenient access to credible and trustworthy therapists. Advekit makes it easy by having you fill out a questionnaire to match you with the top 3 therapists that best suit your needs. They help you figure out your insurance coverage and out of pocket cost, and they help you to feel better by allowing you to focus on your health by reducing the stress of finding the right therapist for you. 

    Not only does Advekit help users and therapists book appointments, but it also helps users find therapists that are providing their services via video conferencing or telephone calls. The questionnaire provides a filter that allows you to choose your ideal therapist role during therapy - should they be an active/nonjudgmental listener, or jump in and challenge you when appropriate, should they teach problem-solving skills or simply be a coach/motivator? This filter allows the client to find what kind of therapy style they need more easily.

    Is Advekit Right For You?

    Advekit is for people of all ages; they provide individual therapy for adults, couples therapy, therapy for adolescents and children, as well as family therapy. Advekit will treat anyone looking to deal with mental health issues, ranging from major traumas to managing daily life stresses. There are a variety of different types of therapy and Advekit makes sure that they have a therapist available if you have a specific treatment approach you would like to try. Advekit has therapists that practice the following therapeutic modalities psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapy, behavioral therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification therapy, cognitive restructuring, and solution-focused therapy. Whatever you may be going through, Advekit will attempt to match the right therapist to you that aligns with your goals.

    Is Advekit Credible?

    Advekit was founded in 2017 by Alison LaSov and Arielle Garellek. Alison has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has gained a lot of experience in the mental health field, working as a certified clinical psychologist and licensed therapist prior to co-founding Advekit. Arielle has a BA and a background in business management. Together they have the goal to de-stigmatize therapy and make access to mental health treatment easier. Being founded by a therapist and having both therapists and clients of therapy on their team, Advekit builds on experience as well as feedback from their users, making it a credible source for mental health treatment.

    Advekit vets their mental health professionals for integrity, availability, and experience in their specialties. Advekit takes extra care in protecting all personal information provided by the client. While Advekit does vet the mental health professionals they onboard, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure they are comfortable seeking treatment from the therapist they choose. It is important for you to feel confident in your therapist’s ability to treat your specific issues. Advekit makes choosing a therapist easier by matching you to their top three recommendations. However, if you want to get the most out of your therapy sessions, you need to make sure you do your own vetting to make sure they hit all the specifications you are looking for.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Advekit

    Advekit focuses on treating many mental and behavioral health issues, ranging from extreme trauma to managing stress. Advekit has therapists available who treat all age groups, from adults to children, as well as couples and family therapy. They cover a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues, as listed below.

    Not only do they treat these issues, but they also give you space to fill out any other information you may want your therapist to know as part of the questionnaire. Perhaps you don’t see exactly what you are struggling with listed, they allow you the space to provide in greater detail the issues you are dealing with and perhaps more detail on what you are looking for in your therapist, so they are able to make the best match for you and your therapist.

    How Much Does Advekit Cost?

    It is currently free and anonymous to be matched with the three therapists best suited to your needs. During the process of getting you matched with your therapist, Advekit collects your insurance information and figures out your specific coverage details, and shares the information with you prior to your first appointment. Advekit charges your credit card once your session is complete. You do not get charged until you find your therapist, book an appointment, and complete your session. Therapists contract with Advekit on an individual basis, which means therapists are in charge of their own practice and set their own rates. If you are not seen by an Advekit therapist, you will not be charged.

    Most often, therapists do not work in-network with insurance, but Advekit can help by helping to leverage your out of network benefits. Their goal is to help you work on meeting your deductible by submitting claims on your behalf so that your out of network benefits can kick in, which will reduce your out of pocket costs. Advekit bills your insurance directly and only charges you for what you owe.

    Because Advekit allows therapists who contract with them to set their own rates, it is hard to say exactly what your cost will be, but typically one hour of therapy can range from $50 to $250. We understand that is a wide range, but certain factors affect how much therapy will cost such as, the therapist’s qualifications, location, reputation, and specialization. Some may ask if therapy is worth it, and Advekit would say absolutely. While the price may be high, they feel you are investing in your future by understanding and learning how to deal with life’s issues. Your happiness determines success in life, and when you invest in therapy, you are investing in your future.

    What Do We Think About Advekit?

    We like Advekit because they are trying to help make the process of finding a mental health professional easy and convenient for anyone needing help. Advekit’s website is easy to use, and their questionnaire is very user friendly. Advedkit reviews have been generally very positive. We also really like the fact that they have a blog that has a number of articles that may be able to answer any questions you have related to therapy. Advekit seems to put the client at the forefront, wanting to connect all clients to a therapist that will meet their needs. They not only help clients search for their ideal therapist, but therapists let the site know about their ideal clients, work style, and specializations, making it even easier for Advekit to make the best match for not only the client but also the therapist. Overall, we feel Advekit is a great place to start your search to find a mental health professional that can provide the support you need.