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Genetic trait and wellness tests offer a holistic view of your health and physical traits from a DNA perspective. Taking one of these tests will tell you if you’re more susceptible to certain conditions or if you have a genetic trait or disposition to a physical trait. 

While these tests don’t seal your fate (you may or may not experience symptoms of inherited conditions, based on lifestyle choices and other factors or even resemble your relatives), they offer information on your overall health.

Positives of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing offers plenty of benefits. While some conditions aren’t curable per se, they can often be managed through lifestyle choices or medications.

Knowing is half the battle, so getting tested for these conditions can greatly influence your ability to manage them.

The most common pros of genetic testing are:

  • Knowing what conditions you may suffer from
  • Reduce the risk of chronic conditions and cancers
  • Ability to gather as much information as possible about your conditions
  • Better ability to make informed decisions about your medical care
  • Higher chance of implementing lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of some conditions

Conditions and Physical Traits Tested by Genetic Trait and Wellness Tests

Genetic trait and wellness tests can check for a long list of conditions, including:

Genetic Trait and Wellness Test Providers

There are so many companies that offer genetic trait and wellness tests that some companies even specialize in certain tests! The main providers of these tests include:

  • 23andMe
  • AncestryDNA + Ancestry Health
  • TeloYears
  • DNAfit
  • Genopalate