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Psychiatry is a form of mental healthcare. Psychiatrists prescribe medications to patients that have a chemical imbalance that causes irrational negative emotions. This type of mental therapy is often used in tandem with psychological counseling. 

Psychiatrist Vs. Therapist

Psychiatrists and therapists are often confused — and it’s easy to understand why! Both psychiatrists and psychologists treat mental diseases and disorders, but each goes about treatment using very different methods.

Psychologists take a mental approach to healing behavioral, emotional, and situational problems. They ask clients pointed questions to learn why patients behave and think in the ways they do.

Psychiatrists, on the other hand, take a biological approach to mental health. They treat chemical imbalances in the brain with prescription drugs and medications. 

Psychologists have a degree in clinical psychology, while psychiatrists have a medical degree. 

Both are equally helpful, and psychology and psychiatry are often used in tandem with each other.

What Can I Expect at a Psychiatrist’s Session?

Your first psychiatry session will be very different from future sessions. Unlike a talk therapy session, your first session with a psychiatrist will probably be your longest session.

The first session is when your psychiatrist will determine your first course of treatment. He or she will ask questions to find out what types of biological imbalances may be preventing you from experiencing happiness or joy or might be causing anxiety, panic, and depression.

If your doctor decides medication is the way to go, you’ll leave with a prescription. In future sessions, your doctor will ask questions regarding how your medicine makes you feel and if the dosage works as well as it did in the beginning. Each session’s questions and topics heavily depend on the type of medication you’re prescribed. 

When to See a Psychiatrist

Many patients wait until circumstances feel out of control before seeking professional help. 

You should make an appointment with a psychiatrist if you feel anxious, depressed, sad, irrationally angry, or irritable. You might want to try talk therapy, too, if you feel that hashing out your feelings with a therapist would help the prescription medications work better. 

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