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Pfizer, the manufacturer of Minoxidil, states the following in terms of the uses, treatments, and symptoms for this medication:

Minoxidil, available as a solution and foam, is used to stimulate the growth of hair in those suffering from male pattern baldness and can also be used by women with thinning hair.

Originally created as a treatment to be used by those suffering from high blood pressure, it was soon discovered that one of its side-effects was significant hair growth. It was then quickly converted into a topical solution that both male and female users suffering from balding could apply directly to their scalp. With minoxidil, the results will only start to give noticeable results after the product has been consistently used for a few months. Minoxidil has the ability to not only slow hair loss but often bring an end to the hair loss thanks to its ability reinvigorate dead hair follicles. However, much like Finasteride, if the user ceases using minoxidil the hair loss will return

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