Need A Primary Care Physician

Need A Primary Care Physician

Need A Primary Care Physician Overview
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    How Does Primary Care Medicine Work Online?

    Most of us are familiar with our in-person primary care doctors. Online primary care hybrids are similar to face-to-face doctors in that they see patients for regular check-ups and urgent care matters. The biggest difference is that online doctors offer most services via video chat or over the phone. 

    Doctors can diagnose most symptoms by chatting with patients. In some cases, patients may need to video chat with a doctor or send photos to the clinic to get diagnosed. In rarer cases, a doctor may need to be present to diagnose symptoms. 

    Online primary care doctors usually offer hybrid online and brick-and-mortar services. These doctors will schedule up to a few in-person visits per year. Patients then use online services for diagnosis that doesn’t require a visit. This cuts down on time spent in waiting rooms, the emergency room, or urgent care centers. It can also keep patients healthier as they spend less time in waiting rooms with sicker patients.