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Brightside review
Online Therapy, Digital Clinic
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$50 Off Your 1st Month
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Effective anxiety and depression treatment - Get 50% OFF your first month - Consult doctors, get your prescriptions delivered, and talk to a therapist all-in-one place.
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Prairie Health
Prairie Health review
Online Doctors, Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Prairie Health offers a premium psychiatry service, helping people with depression and anxiety get medication that works. (California only)
Hims review
Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy, Skin Care, Supplements, Primary Care
Special Offer
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Get virtual Primary Care & Prescription delivery for dozens of conditions; Hair Loss Treatment, Erectile Dysfunction Pills, Anxiety & Depression Medication, Cough, Cold, Allergies, Rash, COVID-19 Test, Personalized Skin Care, Anti-Aging Skincare, Supplements, and more!
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Hers review
Online Therapy, Digital Clinic, Skin Care, Supplements
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$10/Month INTRO OFFER!
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$10/mo special intro offer for custom anti-aging skin-care! Hers is a one-stop-shop for all things skin and hair care, sexual health, Primary Care, and Mental Health for women. Get fast & easy consultations & prescription delivery from Hers.
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Ahead review
Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Ahead is a digital clinic that specializes in diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD and other mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Get all-in-one counseling & prescription delivery for just $75/month after your initial $150 consultation.
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Lemonaid Health
Lemonaid Health review
Online Doctors, Online Therapy, Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Lemonaid Health is one of the premier online doctor’s office services and mail-order pharmacies that promises convenient care at an affordable price. Up until now, going to the doctor was a long and time-consuming process. Now, thanks to Lemonaid Health, all you have to do is pick up your smartphone, and within minutes you can be connected to a doctor.
K Health
K Health review
Online Doctors, Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy, Primary Care
Why We Like Them
Chat with a doctor right now for just $19! K Health was founded by doctors and artificial intelligence (AI) experts and is quickly moving the healthcare industry into the 21st century. Since launching in 2016, K Health was listed as one of Forbes’ America’s 50 most promising artificial intelligence companies and has transformed the way millions of Americans communicate with medical professionals....
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Mindstrong review
Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Mindstrong is a mental health app backed by science and evidence-based therapy approaches that was designed specifically with its users in mind. They use technology to help make it easier for people to access high-quality mental health services all from their smartphones. 
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Rappore review
Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Rappore offers online therapy, support groups, and prescription delivery for one simple, low, weekly price. Rappore's psychologists and psychiatrists hail from ivy league institutions getting you excellent treatment & successful results.
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Hello Alpha
Hello Alpha review
Online Doctors, Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Hello Alpha is an online healthcare platform that focuses exclusively on women’s healthcare. With services ranging from skin and hair care to Primary and Urgent Care, Alpha has something for every woman. 
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Mood Health
Mood Health review
Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
Mood Health is an online mental health care platform whose goal is aimed at helping people experiencing or suffering from anxiety and depression. They offer virtual care with psychiatric clinicians and therapists through talk therapy and medication management.
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Table of content

    Therapy and medication platforms are relatively new to the telemental health scene. These platforms are a one-stop-shop for both biological and psychological health needs. 

    Psychiatry Vs. Counseling

    Psychiatry and psychology (talk therapy or counseling) both treat mental disorders. Psychiatry simply treats the biological and chemical side of mental illness (such as chemical imbalances), while online counseling treats the behavioral side (such as lifestyle choices and behavioral thought processes).

    Both types of treatment are considered equally important by providers.

    Many talk therapists will say that getting to the root of psychological problems is important — but gathering the will to get out of bed some days (let alone see a therapist) can be challenging for those suffering from mental health conditions. 

    Medication can be the catalyst that gets a patient chatting with a therapist and making important lifestyle changes. 

    Benefits of Psychiatry + Therapy

    The main benefits of psychiatry and therapy platforms include:

    • Get prescription medications mailed directly to you in one appointment
    • Chat with a therapist and/or psychiatrist on one platform
    • All costs are covered under one monthly fee
    • Lower costs than traditional psychiatry and/or talk therapy

    What Is a Psychiatry Membership?

    Psychiatry memberships are a new type of telemental health. Patients can get diagnosed and prescribed medications on the same platform that fills said prescriptions. 

    Most costs are included in a monthly membership fee (talk therapy, psychiatry appointments, and medications). However, there are some providers that do not cover the cost of medication. Luckily, these providers generally allow you to use your employer's HSA/FSA or will work with your insurance company to get all or most of the cost covered. If you do not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance, most companies work directly with drug companies to source their medication. This generally decreases the cost of medications. You can also use coupons from GoodRx at retail pharmacies to get discounts. 

    Can I Use My Own Local Pharmacy?

    While some states require online psychiatrists to allow patients the choice between using the platform’s pharmacy and their local pharmacies, one of the biggest benefits to these providers is getting all your mental health needs in one fell swoop. 

    Therapy + Medication Providers

    The main providers of therapy and medication services include: