Get Therapy + Medication (Counseling & Prescription Delivery)

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Therapy and medication platforms are relatively new to the telemental health scene. These platforms are a one-stop-shop for both biological and psychological health needs. 

Psychiatry Vs. Counseling

Psychiatry and psychology (talk therapy or counseling) both treat mental disorders. Psychiatry simply treats the biological and chemical side of mental illness (such as chemical imbalances), while online counseling treats the behavioral side (such as lifestyle choices and behavioral thought processes).

Both types of treatment are considered equally important by providers.

Many talk therapists will say that getting to the root of psychological problems is important — but gathering the will to get out of bed some days (let alone see a therapist) can be challenging for those suffering from mental health conditions. 

Medication can be the catalyst that gets a patient chatting with a therapist and making important lifestyle changes. 

Benefits of Psychiatry + Therapy

The main benefits of psychiatry and therapy platforms include:

  • Get prescription medications mailed directly to you in one appointment
  • Chat with a therapist and/or psychiatrist on one platform
  • All costs are covered under one monthly fee
  • Lower costs than traditional psychiatry and/or talk therapy

What Is a Psychiatry Membership?

Psychiatry memberships are a new type of telemental health. Patients can get diagnosed and prescribed medications on the same platform that fills said prescriptions. 

All costs are included in a monthly membership fee (talk therapy, psychiatry appointments, and medications). 

Can I Use My Own Local Pharmacy?

While some states require online psychiatrists to allow patients to the choice between using the platform’s pharmacy and their local pharmacies, one of the biggest benefits to these providers is getting all your mental health needs in one fell swoop. 

Therapy + Medication Providers

The main providers of therapy and medication services include: