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Need help fighting insomnia and anxiety? Kick hires online doctors that specialize in both conditions and can help you — well, kick insomnia and anxiety to the curb. Chat with a doctor online, get your prescription mailed right to your door, and get ongoing advice and support.


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    Kick Company Overview

    Kick is an online doctor platform that provides advice and prescriptions to patients suffering from anxiety and insomnia. This telehealthcare provider only prescribes non-habit-forming beta-blockers and sleep aids. 

    Doctors on the platform also offer sleep and anxiety advice and recommend lifestyle changes that may aid in better sleep and less performance anxiety.

    The company hires experts in sleep, psychology, and emotional health. Kick reviews mention how easy it is to sign up for medication deliveries. They also mentioned the convenience of online doctor’s visits and automatic refills.

    Is Kick Right For You? 

    Kick specializes in insomnia and anxiety medication and coaching. Not only do online doctors offer prescriptions for medications to help beat these two conditions, but the platform also offers personalized coaching and lifestyle advice, too.


    Kick can help with your insomnia if you want to:

    • Chat with an online doctor
    • Get personalized sleep medication
    • Try different prescriptions before committing
    • Use gabapentin, trazodone, or hydroxyzine for uninterrupted, deeper sleep
    • Get personalized sleep coaching
    • Develop long-term habits for better sleep
    • Get medication delivered to your door


    Kick can help you treat your performance anxiety if you want to:

    • Consult with an online doctor instead of an in-person doctor
    • Get medication delivered to your door
    • Use beta-blockers to beat anxiety instead of harsher medications
    • Have a tool to reduce anxiety when you need it

    Even if you’re positive you suffer from insomnia and anxiety, you’ll still need to make an online appointment with one of Kick’s doctors. Not all patients are approved for medications online.

    Is Kick Credible?

    Kick only hires board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners. Each medical professional specializes in insomnia and anxiety and is thoroughly vetted. 

    The company also takes personal privacy extremely seriously. The website is encrypted with strict controls. Doctors can only see certain personal information, and your information is never shared with third-parties.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Kick  

    Kick specializes in treating two conditions (and two conditions only!): insomnia and anxiety.

    Of course, patients that suffer from these two conditions may also develop symptoms of other related conditions and chronic illnesses including:

    During an anxiety attack, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline; this can wreak havoc on your body’s other systems. Insomnia can also exacerbate other conditions and lead to chronic illnesses and diseases. 

    Treating insomnia and anxiety can greatly reduce the risk of developing these illnesses. It can also reduce symptoms of the above conditions. 

    How Kick Works

    Kick makes it extremely easy to get treated for insomnia and anxiety. In fact, it only takes a few easy steps to get treatment for each condition.

    To get treated for insomnia:

    Step 1: Online Consultation

    Make an appointment for an online consultation with a sleep and performance doctor. Explain your symptoms, fill out a few online forms with your medical history, and your doctor will determine which prescription is right for you. Consultations last about 15 minutes.

    Step 2: Get Medications Delivered

    Your medications will be delivered directly to your door. You don’t need to lift a finger (or drive to your local pharmacy!). Kick offers prescriptions for:

    • Trazodone
    • Gabapentin
    • Hydroxyzine

    Step 3: Attend Ongoing Online Coaching Sessions

    Kick offers specialized coaching and support sessions for every patient. You can get personalized help and ask questions. Check in with your doctor to ensure your medication is working.

    Try out different medications to ensure you get the best possible results. Cancel anytime.

    To get treated for anxiety:

    Step 1: Schedule an Online Consultation

    Schedule an online consultation with an anxiety specialist. Chat with your doctor about your symptoms and explain your medical history.

    Step 2: Get Your Prescriptions

    Beta-blockers will be delivered right to your home or office. Don’t worry about medications with harsh side effects or controlled substances.

    Step 3: Feel Free From Anxiety

    Use your beta-blockers before big presentations or stress-inducing events. These drugs block your body’s response to adrenaline, so you can go about your day without the physical symptoms of anxiety.

    Kick Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Kick only treats insomnia and anxiety — and doesn’t dabble in any other conditions. That means that you’ll chat with doctors that specialize in these two health issues. Doctors on the platform cannot prescribe controlled substances.

    Pricing: How Much Does Kick Cost? 

    Kick not only makes insomnia and anxiety treatments accessible — it makes them affordable, too.

    Sleep treatments monthly subscription: $129

    Sleep treatments monthly subscription package includes: 

    • Online visits and check-ins with doctors
    • Prescription sleep aids
    • CBT-i sleep coaching

    Anxiety plans start at only $49 for the doctor’s visit. Kick also offers plans that include beta-blockers. If you want to buy your own beta-blockers at an online pharmacy or local pharmacy, the price for a doctor’s visit is a bit higher.

    Online doctor visit and follow-ups only: $49

    Online doctor visit and follow-ups + 1-pack (24 tablets) beta blockers: $69

    Online doctor visit and follow-ups +  2-pack (48 tablets) beta blockers: $89

    Refills for 1-pack shipment: $45

    Refills for 2-pack shipment: $65

    Shipping is free with Kick!

    Kick doesn’t accept health insurance at this time (though a doctor’s visit with the platform is cheaper than some copays).

    What Do We Think About Kick?

    We love digital clinics that hire doctors specializing in just one or two conditions. We feel that patients that visit specialty doctors get the highest quality care. 

    Kick reviewers love that they can chat with a doctor online and get their meds delivered right to their home or office. 

    If you suffer from insomnia or anxiety, we recommend contacting Kick to schedule a consultation.