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Ready sends trained medical professionals to your current location. Just call (917)-274-7734 to set up an in-home visit today. Ready also offers at-home COVID-19 testing in NYC, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Las Vegas, DC, and more!


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    Ready Company Overview 

    This telehealth company is one of the latest healthcare disruptors, using tech to reach patients who might not make it to a clinic or doctor’s office for treatment. 

    Just call (917) 274-7734 or click here, and Ready Responders will dispatch medical ‘responders’ or medical professionals to patients’ homes to test for a long list of conditions and offer urgent care treatment — as well as COVID-19 testing, treatment, and antibody testing. Responders share data and vitals with patients’ doctors, creating a seamless transition between urgent and general care in 10 cities and major metro areas. Get for everyone, specifically for sick, elderly, or people with mobility difficulties, or anyone who needs urgent care and COVID-19 support, including testing, diagnosis, and treatment. 

    While this company has been in business since 2016, it has been booming since the coronavirus breakout in 2020. We’re not surprised, either. Patients need a more reliable way to get treatment that doesn’t involve hanging out in waiting rooms with sicker patients. 

    Ready Responders offers all the benefits of telemedicine without sacrificing customer service. It’s kind of like an updated house call from days of doctors' past. Patients simply make an appointment, and a responder is dispatched as soon as possible (depending on the severity of the condition). 

    The ability to get testing right from home for the coronavirus is also obviously a major selling point. While patients have waited in their cars for hours to get tested in some cities, getting tested from the comfort of your own home is an obvious benefit. 

    Is Ready Right For You? 

    Ready Responders is an online doctor platform that takes home at-home healthcare to the next level. Its responders specialize in at-home urgent care as well as COVID-19 testing.

    Ready is right for you if you need:

    • At-home urgent care
    • Great service without the waiting rooms
    • Medical professionals to travel to your home because of mobility issues
    • Feel concerned about waiting in a doctor’s office or urgent care clinic with sicker patients
    • A COVID-19 test because you’re worried you’ve contracted the virus
    • Peace of mind through COVID-19 antibody testing for you or your family 
    • To talk to a doctor to determine if your symptoms are serious or can be treated via virtual appointment
    • Medical professionals to visit your home to treat allergies, the flu, bug bites, rashes, joint pain, a sore throat, and more
    • Professional responders with fantastic bedside manner to help diagnose your symptoms and ease your worries
    • Help to make follow-up appointments with your primary care provider or specialist

    Where is Ready Available? 

    • Baton Rouge, LA
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Houma, LA
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • D.C. Metro
    • New Orleans, LA
    • New York, NY
    • Reno, NV
    • Shreveport, LA

    Is Ready Credible?

    Inviting someone into your home when you’re at your most vulnerable can feel kind of scary — especially during a pandemic! Luckily, the pros that work for Ready are just that: super professional and reliable.

    Each health professional is called a responder. These responders aren’t necessarily doctors; they’re EMTs that facilitate visits and act as a proxy for a doctor. 

    Via a telehealth visit, the doctor can ask the responder to take certain vitals or check on a patient’s physical symptoms — all tasks that the doctor can’t do without being in the room.

    Sending a responder to a patient’s home instead of a doctor or licensed clinician can help reduce costs. 

    Responders are tasked with responding to all calls quickly and professionally. They’re natural-born problem solvers and communicate efficiently with medical providers.

    All medical providers are board-certified.

    All of Ready’s Responders have a:

    • EMS certification in their state (EMT, AEMT, or paramedic)
    • BLS certification
    • Training from an American Heart Association or American Red Cross-approved provider
    • Emergency medical experience
    • State driver’s license and insurance

    Many responders also have ACLS certification and continuing education as needed. Responders are also required to pass a drug screening test. They are empathetic, have great interpersonal skills, and have a passion for working with the public. Of course, they’re always professional and respectful of patients’ spaces. 

    Responders arrive with all the tools they need to get the job done, including a basic life support kit, encrypted wireless tablet, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software, and electronic medical record software.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Ready  

    Ready treats most urgent care and COVID-related conditions. Responders are also trained to handle more garden-variety issues, including allergies, insect bites, and joint pain. 

    Essentially, anyone who is not suffering from an emergency or doesn’t need on-the-spot medical help can benefit from Ready’s team of responders and medical professionals.

    The most common types of conditions Ready treats include:

    COVID-19 Treatments

    One of Ready’s most appealing services is its list of COVID-19 treatments, including testing, treatment advice, and antibody testing.

    After calling Ready, a skilled responder will be dispatched to your home. Donning a face mask and other protective gear, your responder will facilitate a video chat with an online doctor or nurse practitioner to determine treatment. 

    If you need emergency care, your responder will help you schedule safe transport to a hospital. In most cases, you’ll be instructed to stay at home and complete your treatment in quarantine. 

    For testing, your responder will administer a rapid test. You’ll get your COVID test results in 15 minutes.

    How Ready Works

    It’s super easy to get treatment through Ready and its responders. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    1. Call Ready

    Call Ready and explain your symptoms, medical history, and current conditions. Customer service will dispatch a responder directly to your home. Responders work 365 days a year, including weekends, holidays, and non-traditional hours. 

    2. Get Treated

    Once your responder arrives at your home, you’ll complete an oral questionnaire, and your responder will take your vitals to send to a doctor or nurse practitioner.

    3. Get Care

    Chat with your provider via video chat. Your responder and a medical professional will work with you to offer the best care possible and get all the important information. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will create a treatment plan (if necessary) and prescribe any medication you might need.

    You can fill your prescription at your local pharmacy or online pharmacy.

    4. Start Feeling Better

    If your Ready medical professional can’t treat you, your responder may help you make an appointment with a specialist or a social service agency. He or she can even help you set up transportation. 

    If you need help filling your prescription or dealing with social services, such as housing or food insecurity, your responder can assist with that as well.

    Ready NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Pairing in-person urgent care with telehealthcare means that you can get more out of your treatments. It also means that you won’t need to head to a doctor’s office for small issues — all while getting the best possible care from home.

    This company also clearly cares about patients. Its focus on getting people help — from basic medical care to social services, such as housing and food assistance — really goes above and beyond.

    That being said, Ready Responders can’t do it all. In some cases, the company will refer you to a specialist or recommend you head to the nearest ER for emergency care.

    Just some of the conditions Ready’s responders can’t treat include:

    • Emergency issues
    • Some preventative care
    • General practitioner issues
    • Routine gynecological care
    • Some skincare and nutritional issues

    If you’re concerned that Ready Responders won’t be able to address your needs, just give them a call. One of the customer service reps will help determine if you’re a good fit for the platform.

    Suffering from an emergency? Call 911 immediately.

    Pricing: How Much Does Ready Cost? 

    Ready Responders has one of the most ethical pricing structures in the healthcare industry. It simply bills insurance companies for most services, including COVID-19 testing and urgent care issues.

    COVID Test Price

    Los Angeles: $200

    All other cities: Copay depends on your insurance provider

    It partners with Medicare and Medicaid in some states, too.

    The platform handles all billing directly through your insurance provider, so you won’t need to worry about filing a claim. 

    Ready usually charges fees in accordance with most medical billing providers. Fees charged by this platform are similar to what you would see at most urgent healthcare centers and doctors’ offices.

    Yet, Ready is going above and beyond to help patients during the pandemic.

    According to NBC News 4, Ready won’t turn away any patients during the pandemic — regardless of whether or not they have health insurance. 

    What Do We Think About Ready?

    We’ve gotta say: we love Ready Responders. We think that pairing in-person assistance with telehealthcare is a service the world needs right now. 

    This hybrid model helps patients that could normally never take advantage of virtual healthcare because they lack resources, such as internet access or a cell phone data plan.

    We’re also impressed at the level of attention paid to patients that may suffer from social situations, such as hunger or housing instability. 

    If you suffer from urgent care health issues or need assistance making specialist appointments or picking up prescriptions during the pandemic (especially if you need healthcare-related to COVID-19), call Ready Responders.