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Ready sends trained medical professionals to your current location. Just call (917)-274-7734 to set up an in-home visit today. Ready also offers at-home COVID-19 testing in NYC, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Las Vegas, DC, and more!
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Urgent Care Near Me
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DispatchHealth is an in-home urgent care clinic that sends a medical team directly to patients’ homes. Medical professionals can treat anything that would be treated at a walk-in clinic.
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    Doctors and nurse practitioners at urgent care centers treat a long list of conditions. They often see patients on a walk-in basis or require patients to make appointments — though most often these appointments can be made for the same day.

    Currently, doctors offer two types of online appointments, including online doctor consultations and urgent care online same-day appointments.

    Online Doctor Consultation (Virtual Visit)

    Online doctor consultations are regular doctor’s visits that are conducted virtually (online). This is similar to the type of appointment you’d schedule if you wanted to see your general practitioner. You’d schedule this type of appointment in advance.

    Urgent Care Online (Same-day)

    Online same-day urgent care appointments are for urgent care issues. These appointments are usually scheduled for the same day and take place within a few hours of making the appointment. Sometimes patients can see a doctor almost immediately.

    What Is Urgent Care?

    Urgent Care is a catch-all phrase for medical care for patients with injuries and chronic illnesses. It is important to know when to visit an urgent care center and even more important to know what services are provided. These clinics can see patients on a walk-in basis and accept same-day appointments. 

    Just some of the conditions treated by urgent care clinics include:

    Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Care

    Urgent care clinics are often confused with emergency rooms. Both treat injuries and chronic illnesses on a walk-in basis. The biggest difference between urgent and emergency care is the severity of the illness or injury. Urgent care clinics can’t treat patients that need overnight care or treatment for severe injuries or illnesses.  

    Benefits of Urgent Care

    Most urgent care facilities see patients on a walk-in basis or can make same-day appointments.

    If you need immediate medical attention but don’t feel your wounds or conditions warrant a trip to the emergency room, you might end up at an urgent care clinic.

    Most of these clinics are open on weekends and holidays, so they might be able to treat you if your primary care physician's office is closed.

    Benefits of At-Home Urgent Care

    Many urgent care clinics now offer at-home urgent care services (similar to doctor house calls). Get treated in the comfort of your home. Medical teams can provide quality care all through a mobile app.

    These clinics send a certified EMT medical technician to your home to help facilitate a virtual visit with a doctor or registered nurse. EMTs can share vitals with medical professionals and even provide a tablet and data service for the appointment. They can also provide COVID-19 testing and antibody testing.

    EMTs are also trained to help patients get to an emergency room and can even help patients get social services if needed. Most of these providers can also bill insurance plans such as Medicaid and Medicare as well as traditional health insurance companies. 

    Best At-Home Urgent Care Providers

    Right now, most at-home urgent care providers only offer virtual appointments. If you need a medical professional dispatched to your home, we recommend contacting: