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LetsGetChecked offers fast & easy-to-use at-home testing kits. STD tests, Thyroid tests, Vitamin Deficiency, COVID-19 on more. Get a high-quality test kit sent to your house today!

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About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked Company Overview

LetsGetChecked is one of the most prevalent STD kit providers in the U.S. that allows customers to test themselves at the privacy of their homes. LetsGetChecked manufactures STD kits that are known for their accuracy and make it accessible to the customers online. The kits are provided into discreet packaging and simple instructions to take the stress out of collecting samples and receiving results. Results are made available to the customers online, which are confidential. 

LetsGetChecked keeps complete care of customer’s confidentiality by delivering the kits in discreet packaging and maintaining confidential results to the one taking the test. It's effortless to order a kit from LetsGetChecked, and it will deliver to you the next day. LetsGetChecked also pays for the return shipping to ship back the samples, and the results are provided in 2-5 days, once the sample reaches the laboratory. 

But what if the test comes positive? Do you need to make an appointment with your doctor? LetsGetChecked has a qualified team of medical professionals who can help you to deal with the news and guide you with the necessary steps. So if you get a positive result, you can get online help in the same confidential manner through LetsGetChecked.

Is LetsGetChecked Right for You? 

STD is the growing problem today, and 50% of the people infected with the disease are not even aware of the problem. Also, health issues like STD are still considered to be a social stigma in some of the societies. LetsGetChecked is an online platform that offers fast and straightforward STD testing at the privacy of your home. Test kits are delivered to you within 24 hours of you contacting LetsGetChecked. Kits are provided with detailed instructions on how to take blood and urine samples for your test, and results are shared online with you within 2-5 days. 

We are used to believing in what we see, and online platforms can seem a little doubtful sometimes when dealing with any medical issues. At LetsGetChecked, all the physicians and labs are licensed by the U.S authorities, so you can be sure that the results published are accurate. Also, they manufacture their own STD kits that are known for their accuracy. However, the process does not end here, LetsGetChecked has a 24/7 dedicated team of nurses who will give you a follow-up consultation call to explain the results and to provide you with the treatment options.  

LetsGetChecked delivers highly accredited lab test results to you online. Therefore there is no need to take time off from work to see your physician. Such online platforms also help those who cannot go out of their homes or do not have access to good labs or doctors within their city limits. LetsGetChecked keeps complete care of your privacy, and the results are entirely confidential. Also, after your association with LetsGetChecked, your health is being monitored and improved by their medical team on an on-going basis. 

LetsGetChecked not only tests STDs but also offers assistance to women or men’s health-related issues and simple tests related to one’s wellness like vitamin tests, female fertility tests, Men Hormone tests, thyroid, iron, Lyme disease tests and many more. 

How LetsGetChecked Works?

LetsGetChecked offers a discreet, fast, and easy way to test STD. The test packages are shipped to you with the next day delivery. Once the test is sent to you, you will be notified immediately via a text message or email so that you can track your package. Once you receive the test, the test can be started by taking a quick activation step by answering several health-related questions on your personalized dashboard. 

Sample collection is a relatively straightforward process. To collect a urine sample, you have to pee in the small box with plastic lining that has come with the kit. Once it is collected, simply pour your urine sample into the urine tube until it reaches the marked line. Most of these tests require samples during an empty stomach; please read the instructions carefully. To collect blood samples, which can be comparatively tricky. You will have to prick your finger using the prick blood lancet and slightly press your finger to collect blood in a blood collector tube. Don’t forget to clean your finger before pricking and after the blood is collected and apply band-aid provided in the kit to stop the blood. After the test is taken at the place of your choice, the test can be shipped back to the lab by using a pre-paid shipping label.

LetsGetChecked tests are easy, quick, and reliable, and if you need any support from physicians during the process, additional support service is provided to you as you need. Once the test is completed, a physician at physician assigned to you will then review the results and provide assistance related to perhaps a lifestyle change, health improvement, or a prescription if needed.  

What's Inside your test kit?

  • Unique Bar code or patient ID
  • Detailed instructions
  • Lancets (3)
  • Urine collection tube
  • Urine collection box
  • Blood collection tube
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Wipes
  • Band-Aid
  • Biohazard bag
  • Addressed envelope with a prepaid same-day shipping label

Is LetsGetChecked Credible?

LetsGetChecked manufactures their own STD test kits that are known to be one of the best in The U.S. market. All the nurses and physicians are licensed by the U.S. authorities. Dr. Robert Mordkin is the Chief Medical Officer in LetsGetChecked. He is a clinical physician and certified by the American Board of Urology. LetsGetChecked has performed more than 400,000 tests so far and is helping its customers to have easier access to better health solutions. 

Medical health records are sensitive and should be kept confidential to the patients. LetsGetChecked keep the results of your test confidential and are shared with you via a secured online account. To maintain the anonymity of their customers, each test kit that is being shipped has a unique bar code assigned to each customer so that confidentiality can be kept on each step. For full transparency, you will be notified with a message, from the moment your test leaves the lab and can also track it all the way to your doorstep and back to the lab.

Services LetsGetChecked Provide

LetsGetChecked allows you to access a variety of tests at the place of your comfort, and soon they are hoping to launch coronavirus home tests for the general public as well. Tests available at LetsGetChecked are divided mainly into four categories on their website. 

  • Sexual Health: that includes tests related to sexual health diseases. These are further divided into four categories: simple 2, Basic 3, Standard 5, and Complete 10. Tests in these categories are bundled differently—however, tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are available in all categories.
  •  Women’s Health: This category involves a test that is recommended for women like Female fertility tests, Progesterone Test, Ovarian Tests, and other vitamin, iron tests, and others.  
  • Men’s Health: This category has tests recommended for Men like Male hormone Tests, Testosterone, PSA test, and Vitamin, cortisol, and other tests. 
  • Wellness: It is a general category with the test for vitamin, kidney, Cholesterol, Lyme disease, Folate, and many others

How Much Does LetsGetChecked Cost? 

Pricing is relatively simple here, ranging from $99 - $269. Instead of pricing all tests separately, you can see four major categories where tests are bundled and priced differently. As per the need, you may choose the appropriate test kit for yourself. Prices for these test kits listed below include the shipping charges from lab to at your door set and back along with consultation fee with their nursing staff, adding no extra cost. Only if you want express shipping to get the results in 2 days, then the extra shipping is charged depending on your location.


Simple 2

Basic 3

Standard 5

Complete 10











HIV (I, II, P24 antigen)










Hepatitis B


Herpes Simplex Virus I & II (HSV I & II)


What Do We Think About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked is an online provider that mainly provides test kits for STD at home. The test kits provided by them are credible, and one of the best in the market, which make them even more reliable. They give a very straightforward and transparent journey to their customer towards the whole process. We believe that LetsGetChecked has done a great job in streamlining the entire process and make it readily available to their customers. Turnaround time from ordering the kit to getting the results is only 2-5 days along with the consultation of the nurse irrespective of your results. The only setback here is, the tests are available in sets, and if you want to get a single test done, which is not one of the two tests in the “simple 2” package, then it might get expensive for you. 

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