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HUM is a beauty nutritionist brand that offers customized solutions for your Hair, Skin, Body and Mood online. To provide you a daily dose of nutrition, HUM claims to offer a diverse range of dietary supplements that are formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are clean and triple tested.
West Hollywood, United states | Founded 2012
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    HUM Overview

    HUM is a beauty nutrition brand launched in 2012 in LA with a mission to become the best nutrition business in the world.

    HUM was founded by Chris & Walter. Walter had seen personal struggle in his life with breakouts for years. He took many treatments, but nothing seems to work for him. Walter always felt that there was a link between nutrition and his skin, although he couldn’t find much research in this area. He met with one of London's most forward-thinking nutritionists that he was able to fix his skin once and for all. This gave him an idea to cure issues related to skin, hair mood and body with nutrition and HUM came to life. 

    As per their website Hum is very committed to provide a personalized and effective solution to their customers. HUM offers a free consultation with a personal nutritionist who accesses your personal profile and recommends products from a line of dietary supplements that are specifically identified to cater your health and beauty needs.

    How to Get Started with Web

    To start your journey with HUM, you have to take a quick 3 minutes quiz about yourself. In the quiz they ask about your daily habits, your diet, mood, your daily wellbeing, health and beauty concerns. This helps them create your nutrition profile.

    The next step in the process is what as per HUM sets them apart from other competitors in the industry, i.e. your personalized recommendation report from HUM’s nutritionist. The information collected about yourself in the quiz is analyzed by their nutritionists and they suggest dietary supplements that are intended to meet your body’s nutrition requirement.

    With the help of your personalized report created by HUM’s nutritionist, you can choose from the vitamins and minerals suggested to you to further customize your plan.

    The entire process happens online and the products you ordered are delivered right at your doorstep. This makes the whole process considerably easier for you.  There is an extra discount on their website if you choose to buy 3 of their products at once.  Moreover, HUM offers free shipping for all domestic orders over $50 before discounts.

    Overview About HUM’s Products

    As per their website, HUM believes in bringing well researched products that deliver what they promised. All the ingredients in their products are clinically tested and have scientific support behind them. Also, HUM products are Gluten free so that everyone can benefit from them.

    HUM products are categorized into 4 different categories so that you can prioritize the products as per your needs.

    • Skin
    • Hair
    • Body
    • Mood


    HUM offers 16 products in its skin range, for your daily needs day and night. These products are mainly tablets, capsules, gummies and powdered shakes, price ranging from $10 - $40.  Some of their popular products are:

    SKIN SQUAD PRE+PROBIOTIC - Nurtures the gut and clears skin. This product is formulated for acne prone (non – cystic) skin. It balances the gut microbiome with 60 vegan capsules for 30 days. Price: $40

    DAILY CLEANSE (Price: $25): is one of HUM’s most popular daily doses for clear skin and body. This helps in getting rid of the toxins in your body that causes breakouts. The capsules aid in digestion and support detoxification. 

    MIGHTY NIGHT (Price: $40): These capsules help in overnight cell renewal for skin and body and promote optimal sleep. 

    OMG! OMEGA THE GREAT (Price: $30): Provides omega 3 fatty acids for skin healing benefits. These are soft gel gummies containing ultra-pure fish oil and ideal ratio of EPA & DHA with no fish aftertaste. 

    WING MAN (Price: $25): This product supports liver detox and aids in digestion. The capsules are loaded with antioxidants that help in flushing out all the toxins from the liver. It's widely used to reduce dark circles. 

    There are many other skin products for different needs that you can find on their website like SWEET GLOW SWEET, COLLAGEN POP, RED CARPET, ARCTIC REPAIR, TURN BACK TIME, COLLAGEN LOVE, GUT INSTINCT, RUNWAY READY,  RAW BEAUTY, RAW BEAUTY - VANILLA & BERRY, and AIR PATROL . Some of the ingredients that are included in their products are Zinc, Vitamin C, A and E. Oral zinc has shown some benefits in curing acne, warts and other skin conditions. On the other hand, Vitamin C improves skin elasticity and removes dark spots from your skin to make it radiant and flawless.  Vitamin A and E if consumed daily for 12 weeks can reduce skin redness from UV exposure.


    Hum offers 4 hair products to help you improve the health of your hair. That are vegan gummies, capsules and soft gels with price ranging from $10 to $ 35

    HAIR SWEET HAIR (Price: $25): There are the vegan gummies for stronger and healthier hair. The gummies help maintain the health of the hair follicles and maintenance of healthy hair color as well. Price: $25

    RED CARPET: these are vegan soft gels that help with the nourished skin and healthy hair follicles. It is a good source of plant based fatty acids. 

    RUNWAY READY (Price: $35): This supplement is rich in antioxidants to keep your skin and hair healthy. Daily intake of Runway Ready also helps with strengthening nails to give you those perfect nails. 

    KILLER NAILS (Price: $10): These are vegan capsules that help in strengthening your nails and hair. The capsules consist of High- Potency Biotin that reduce brittle nail splitting and breaking. 

    Intake of HUM’s hair supplements are not only beneficial for hair, but the ingredients present in them like Vitamin E, Biotin, OMEGA 3 also helps your skin and nails.


    In this category, HUM offers 21 products. You will find some of the products common between Body and skin. For example, Daily Cleanse, Skin Squad Pre + Probiotic, Wing Man and a few others are common products listed in both skin and body categories. Some of the other popular products in Body category are:

    SKINNY BIRD (Price: $40):  The supplement helps in reducing your craving for naturally stressed eating. This also balances blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism which in turn gives you a healthier and fitter body. 

    HERE COMES THE SUN (Price $10): This dietary supplement supports the immune system, healthy skin and boots the mood. 

    PRIVATE PARTY: These supplements maintain yeast balance and promote a healthy vaginal pH and microbiome which intern supports overall vaginal and urinary tract health. Price $25

    BASE CONTROL (Price: $10): The supplement helps to meet recommended dietary allowance for most nutrients and fill up the nutrient gaps in our daily food consumption. Base Control tablets come in 2 forms, the usual Base control comes with Iron in it along with other nutrients. This is usually recommended for women pre – menopause. The other one is Base Control – Iron Free for those who do not want to add Iron in their daily dose of nutrients. 


    This category is offering 2 products that help in uplifting your mood. The price of the products in this category ranges from $20 - $25.

    MOODY BIRD (Price: $25) : It helps with symptoms associated with PMS. The vegan capsules of Moody Bird maintain healthy hormonal balance which give you a clearer skin and controls breakouts. The capsules also support cravings, cramps and irritability. 

    BIG CHILL (Price: $20) : The Big Chill Capsules are clinically proven to help your mind and body cope with stress, enhancing your ability to stay calm and focused. 

    Other than these 4 main categories Body, Skin, Hair and Mood you will also find 2 more categories on HUM’s website Immunity and Vegan. These 2 categories are nothing, but some of the above listed products are further categorized into products that can boost your immunity and the products that are vegan. So, if you are looking for an immunity booster or only looking for a vegan product specifically then, instead of going to Skin, Body or any other section, you can straight away go and explore products either of these 2 categories as per your needs.  

    Is Hum Credible?

    One of the founders of HUM, Walter himself had struggled with his skin and breakouts and when nothing else worked he found his answers with the help of a nutritionist in London.  After then Chris and Walter began their journey from London to LA and founded HUM so that everyone can be benefited from a healthy and right nutrition for their body. 

    With the help of the leaders in the field of nutrition and experts (they call them professors) Chris and Walter developed a profiling methodology that today helps dietitians at HUM to collect your data online and make personalized recommendations. All the ingredients used in their products are clinically tested and have a scientific reasoning behind them. This entire process makes HUM different from their competitors and adds credibility to their process.

    All the nutritionists at HUM are registered dietitians who are highly trained, passionate about your wellness. They are very dedicated to help you achieve your unique health and beauty goals.

    What do we think about Hum?

    We like the fact that the founder of HUM knows what they are doing, which is very important to make an effective product that gives desired results. Founder of Hum Chris himself has suffered from breakouts for years and knows how a simple issue can impact the individual in their life.  HUM is built on the fact that healthy nutrition is a key to healthy life and hence is an answer to many of our beauty related problems.

    HUM believes and even we think that HUM features to create a personal profile of you before recommending any of their solutions makes it different from others in the market. We think that it gives a better understanding to you of the issues you are dealing with and the national deficiency that is causing them. With HUM you don’t have to dig into their offering and take a best guess at what is right for you like some of the other supplement providers in the market. HUM is offering a wide range of products for skin, body, hair and your mood at an affordable price as well. If you are new to nutritional supplements and looking for some guidance before committing to any products, then we say try HUM.