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Get personalized daily supplements from Rootine - they make custom supplements based on your DNA, Blood test results, and lifestyle. Get Rootine & let science determine your nutrition recommendations, not the vitamin aisle.
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Persona is a leader in the online personalized vitamin game that gives customers access to nutrition programs designed specifically for them, taking the guesswork out of which supplement to take. By using researched science to deliver personalized nutrition safely and conveniently, Persona uses thousands of personalized information to recommend supplements that meet the needs and lifestyle habits...
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HUM is a beauty nutritionist brand that offers customized vitamin solutions for your Hair, Skin, Body, and Mood online. To provide you a daily dose of nutrition, HUM offers a diverse range of dietary supplements that are formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are clean and triple-tested for efficacy.
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    Get custom supplements based on your DNA, Blood test results, and lifestyle. Let science determine your nutrition recommendations, not the vitamin aisle.

    Supplements (Personalized Daily Nutrition)

    Supplements are not a new thing; however, in the last few years, handfuls of companies have started to offer their users a more customized plan to improve their overall health and wellness. It’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to take their health seriously with the rise of chronic health issues like diabetes, certain types of cancer, and obesity. 

    Personalized supplements give people a chance to take in the nutrients they need if they cannot get them through their daily food intake. For example, people who choose to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle generally don’t get enough iron in their diets through food and feel it wise to take an iron supplement to ensure their diet stays as balanced as possible. 

    Companies that offer their users a personalized approach to taking vitamins understand that no one person has the exact nutrient needs. And sometimes, we’re not able to get the nutrition we need solely through food, and having the option to take daily vitamins that are uniquely tailored to your specific data points can be a great solution. So, instead of wandering around the vitamin aisle aimlessly, you can now order your vitamins online through D2C supplement companies that will guide you through the process of choosing which supplement(s) could be right for you and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.  

    How Personalized Supplements Work

    Personalized supplements work by delivering the proper nutrients that your body is missing from your daily food intake. It is best to get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals from your food. However, sometimes this just isn’t possible. 

    Supplement companies typically determine which vitamins you should start taking one of two ways--through a detailed online questionnaire or via an at-home-DNA-test. 

    Personalized Vitamins based on DNA

    Companies like Rootine and InsideTracker use your DNA as a baseline for suggesting which supplements are necessary to keep your body in peak performance. These companies analyze your blood and genetic makeup to determine what will work best, and based on many supplement studies, this is really the only way to get truly personalized vitamins. 

    Personalized Vitamins based on a Questionnaire

    Many companies like HUM and Persona ask their users to answer questions about their age, gender, lifestyle habits, daily physical activity levels, and diet. They will also ask about your personal health goals, whether you’ve been diagnosed with nutrient deficiencies in the past, or if you’re taking certain medications (because some vitamins don’t play well with others). These questionnaires are usually developed by the companies internal science team made up of research scientists, registered dieticians, and nutrition experts. 

    These questions should be answered as honestly as possible so that your unique supplement recommendation is accurate. Many companies even offer their users access to a team of nutritionists so that they don’t feel lost during the supplement selection process, making the process more personalized than if you were going in blindly all alone.  

    Benefits of Personalized Supplements

    Vitamins and supplements can help you fill the gaps between what you need and what you are getting from your diet. In fact, even the most healthy people that eat only healthy foods can still have nutrient gaps here and there. Supplements are most beneficial when they’re being used to fill a specific nutrient hole or when you’re using them when you need that little bit of extra support. For example, if you’re a busy, working mom that gets enough sleep but relies heavily on caffeine, you may want to try supplementing Vitamin B12 for that extra boost of energy to get you through the day. Or, you’re a super healthy athlete that’s training for your next marathon, you might need some extra Vitamin D to ensure your bones, joints, and ligaments stay in tip-top shape to help you cross the finish line. 

    Regardless of the situation, supplements can be an excellent nutritional solution when used correctly, and personalized supplements only increase the chance of you getting the nutrients you need based on your genetics, lifestyle, and daily habits. 

    Are Personalized Vitamins Worth it?

    The short answer here is, yes, supplements, especially personalized supplements, are worth the money. However, it is important to do your research and talk to your doctor. Suppose you find a company with excellent transparency that employs dieticians and doctors to help you along the way. In that case, it is more likely to be safer and effective than walking up and down the vitamin aisle at your local supermarket or health food store.  

    Where to get Supplements for Personal Daily Nutrition

    As we’ve stated above, many companies are now offering a way to help you maintain a well-balanced diet and get the nutrients you need through supplements if you cannot get them through food. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed and pre-vetted a handful of supplement companies that could help you start your journey to feeling and looking your best. 

    The personalized supplement companies that we highly recommend are:

    These companies each offer their users something a bit unique, and it’s up to you to determine which has the potential to work best for you.