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Table of content

    Supplements for Energy 

    Energy supplement blends are generally taken daily to help boost your energy levels. While most of our nutrients come from food, our bodies don’t always absorb the right levels of nutrients from food alone; these supplements blend simply to balance your nutrient levels. 

    What Do Energy Supplements Do?

    Energy supplements have the power to balance the hormones in your body so that you can enjoy stable energy all day long. They can even support your sleep quality, allowing you to feel refreshed and awake each morning.

    Common Ingredients in Energy Supplements

    Energy supplement blends contain two or more ingredients known to give your body an energy boost. The most common ingredients in energy supplements are:


    This miracle plant aids in supporting a myriad of things--from skin fatigue to relieving stress, ashwagandha is a natural way to improve stress levels, giving you a more controlled and focused energy throughout the day.  


    Known for its digestive qualities, ginger can awaken and energize the body. 

    Beetroot Powder

    This superfood can boost your energy levels, detox the body, improve cognitive and physical function, and fight off unwanted inflammation. What more could you really want?! 

    Gotu Kola

    Known in the ancient Chinese medicine circle as “the fountain of life,” this herb can assist with blood flow, reduce fatigue, and improve mental clarity. 

    Vitamin B6

    B6 can awaken your metabolism, providing assistance with breaking down the proteins that help keep you energized throughout the day. 

    Astragalus Root

    This legume-related herb and root extract can protect your immune system as well as offer you a natural pick-me-up for staving off fatigue. 


    Most widely known as an immunity-protecting herb, the root of this plant can restore and re-energize your body during that midday slump, helping you cross the finish line each day. 

    Rhodiola Rosea

    As an adaptogen herb known to ease everyday stresses by boosting mental stamina and lowering levels of fatigue. 

    Vitamin B12

    B12 supports energy metabolism and red blood cell development. It is also key for proper brain and nerve cell function. 


    This is a non-essential amino acid that produces adrenal stress hormones and is most commonly used to improve mental alertness and concentration. 

    How to Use Energy Supplements

    You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when taking supplements. Most supplement companies recommend taking vitamins with food (for better absorption) and taking them continually for at least one month to see results.

    Sometimes your online doctor will also recommend lifestyle or dietary changes to help your supplements work better with your body’s chemistry.

    It is always important to remember to talk to your doctor before incorporating supplements or OTC medications into your diet, especially if you're already taking prescription drugs, as some ingredients may not interact with each other well. Some drug interactions can cause you to suffer from mild to severe side effects. 

    Where Can I Get Supplements to Boost Energy?

    In recent years, many companies have broken into the supplement game. Here, at Relief Seeker, we always want to keep you well informed with the best information, so we've taken the guesswork out of finding said companies that offer supplements for those looking to boost their energy. 

    Here are just a few of our favorite supplement providers that have the supplements you're looking for:

    These declarations come from the manufacturer of this medication and should not constitute medical advice. Please consult a doctor to see if this medication is right for you and how you should use it. Relief Seeker provides information about products and their manufacturers and does not offer any medical advice.