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Get 50% off of FDA-approved & clinically tested migraine treatment. 20+ treatments delivered right to your door. $4 online doctor consultation & low-cost prescription delivery.


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    Cove Migraine Company Overview 

    This online migraine specialist delivers medication straight to your doorstep monthly and offers unlimited messaging with doctors that specialize in migraine care. 

    Its platform features an app where patients can access all health records, chat with doctors, and use progress tools to track their symptoms.

    The newest specialized care provider from parent company Thirty Madison, Cove has set out to prove that you don’t need to drive all the way to an office to see a concierge-level doctor.


    Is Cove Migraine Right For You? 

    All Cove’s doctors focus on migraine treatments, so patients can rest assured that they’re getting the best possible (and most up-to-date) care for migraine headaches.

    Patients can connect with doctors via phone, 24/7 instant messaging within the platform, and email. 

    The app’s messaging system is secure, so you can feel comfortable sharing info with your doctors and storing health records right within the app.

    Cove offers over 20 different migraine solutions as well as advice for migraine sufferers in need of:

    • Lifestyle changes

    • Supplements

    • Preventative medications

    • Acute medications

    • Non-drug treatments

    • Migraine pain relief

    Cove also sells its own branded migraine treatment called Migraine Relief (generic Excedrin® Migraine) and is perfect for anyone who needs spot treatments for mild-to-moderate migraines. 

    Doctors on the platform can also assist patients that need appointments for Botox® injections and even offer at-home alternatives to injections. This is ideal for anyone who can’t get to an office because of time constraints or COVID social distancing protocols. 

    Cove is for you if you’re looking for such alternatives, including:

    • Anti-CGRP medications

    • Anticonvulsants

    • Antidepressants

    • Supplements

    • Lifestyle changes 


    Is Cove Migraine Credible?

    Cove is a subsidiary of Thirty Madison and only hires doctors that are licensed and board-certified. All doctors must have extensive experience treating migraines to be accepted onto the platform. All medications prescribed and shipped from Cove’s pharmacy partner Eagle Pharmacy are FDA-approved prescriptions.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Cove Migraine  

    Cove treats… you guessed it, migraines! Yet, even though this online specialist treats migraines, it doesn’t mean they treat all migraines. Doctors start each appointment with a consultation to determine the type of migraine the patient suffers from — and the root cause of the condition. 

    Should your doctor determine your migraines can’t be treated through telemedicine and require in-person care, you’ll be refunded any fees you’ve paid.

    What are the Most Common Types of Migraines Treated by Cove?

    • Basilar migraines

    • Chronic migraines (case-by-case basis)

    • Cluster headaches (case-by-case basis) 

    • Less common types of migraines

    • Vascular migraines

    How Cove Migraine Works

    It’s super easy to get migraine relief through this platform. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    Choose Your Treatment

    Some patients know exactly what treatments they need, while others require a little medical advice. Simply let Cove know if you already know what treatment you want. If so, you’ll be able to choose your own medication. Your Cove doctor just needs to sign off on it (based on the info on your intake form). 

    If you don’t know which medication is best, you can fill out an online consultation form and get recommendations.

    Schedule a Doctor Consultation

    Submit a consultation form (this is necessary for both patients who know their desired treatments and those that need more advice) with your medical history and migraine symptoms.

    According to Dr. Crystal, one of Cove’s neurologists, your questionnaire will include info about your migraine history; using that info, your doctor will perform a complete consultation and possibly request a message or phone chat. 

    Within 48 hours, you’ll get an email to confirm your consultation is complete (though you could hear back as soon as just a few hours after you submit your intake info).

    Start Feeling Better

    After your consultation is complete, all you need to do is to sit back and wait for your meds to arrive in the mail. You’ll get monthly refills automatically. You can also ask for adjustments to your meds. 

    Cove partners with Eagle Pharmacy to offer low-cost generic medications, yet you can always ask for your prescription to be sent to your preferred pharmacy. (Though many pharmacies charge more than Cove for such medicines. If you want to use your own pharmacy, we recommend using an app such as GoodRx to save even more money on prescriptions).

    You can access all your health information and records right within the app, and you can also make changes to your info online. Cove can also send you a copy of your medical records and have copies sent to your in-person primary care physician or an online doctor.

    Such records generally include a:

    • Physician‘s evaluation

    • Condition analysis

    • Condition diagnosis

    Cove Migraine Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Cove is one of the leading online healthcare providers treating migraines these days. Yet, this telehealthcare powerhouse doesn’t treat everything (especially since it specializes in migraines alone). 

    This provider doesn’t replace a primary care physician or general practitioner. It recommends heading to an in-person or online physician once a year for a check-up. Just some of the other conditions Cove doesn’t treat include:

    Cove also isn’t available for anyone under the age of 18 or for customers that don’t live in the U.S.

    If your migraines require you to get blood work or an MRI, Cove can recommend seeing a local provider. For blood work, you may be able to order an at-home testing kit through an outside provider. Leaving the house, not required.

    Pricing: How Much Does Cove Migraine Cost? 

    Cove makes it easy to get your migraine meds — especially since its pricing is so transparent. You’ll never be billed for mystery charges, and most patients spend less than $60 a month on doctors’ appointments, including meds.

    Cove charges the following fees for its services:

    Medical fee: $4/month

    Average treatment plan: $20 to $55/month - This is entirely dependant on which medication or supplement you choose to go with. 


    Medications and Supplements Offered by Cove

     Acute Medication + Pricing 

    Acute medications can help by reducing the severity of your migraine attacks. They are available by prescription only --

    Preventative Medications + Pricing

    These are best for those wanting to reduce the frequency of their migraine attacks.

    Anit-Nausea Medications + Pricing

    These medications are best at reducing migraine-associated nausea.

    Dietary Supplements + Pricing

    Supplements are a great way to treat your migraines naturally or complement your medicinal treatment.

    What’s Included in the Cost?

    Included in the monthly medical fee and treatment plans are the following services:

    • Unlimited messaging with your doctor

    • Prescriptions delivered to your door monthly

    • Prescription refills

    The monthly medical fee is simply a fee that allows Cove to operate its business and pay its doctors. The first fee is due after your first consultation, and you’ll then be charged after each treatment plan. 

    You can message your doctor as often as you’d like, and you’ll never be charged any additional fees. It is important to keep in mind that should you fail to pay your monthly $4 fee, you won’t be able to message your doctor.

    Prescriptions, over-the-counter meds, and supplements are refilled monthly, and prices depend on your specific medication. Since Cove partners with a pharmacy that offers low-priced generic medications, the fees are typically lower than some insurance copays. 

    The only exception to this prescription plan is patients who are prescribed Nurtec ODT (which Cove’s partner pharmacy cannot supply). In this case, your prescription will automatically be sent to your local or online pharmacy. You’ll either need to pay for Nurtec ODT out of pocket or with health insurance.

    Speaking of health insurance, Cove cannot bill your provider for its monthly fees (or bill it for the cost of your prescription. If you have a health savings account, you may be able to pay for the cost of both with HSA funds. Check with your provider to find out more information.


    What Do We Think About Cove Migraine?

    Cove offers specialized care for migraine sufferers. This is so important as many doctors simply don’t have time to educate themselves on just one aspect of patient health. Since migraines differ from other types of headaches, it takes a unique skill set to diagnose symptoms and pinpoint the root cause of pain.

    We’re impressed that Cove doctors don’t simply offer garden-variety advice, nor do they write prescriptions for every patient. Instead, they offer advice on lifestyle changes and sell supplements to ensure patients aren’t overmedicated and can address the root cause of the migraine instead of just the symptoms. 

    We also love that they’ve created their own OTC migraine medication that’s cheaper than most brand-name meds. 

    If you suffer from migraines, are tired of heading to a doctor’s office every time you need a prescription refill, and want in-depth advice on lifestyle changes from experts that deal with migraines every day, check out Cove Migraine.