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Why We Like Them

GoodRx is an online prescription drug coupon site that offers brand-name and generic drugs at discount prices — some that are often lower than a typical insurance co-pay. It makes medications accessible to anyone, regardless of their income or health insurance plan. 


Does Not Accept Insurance
Does Not Accept HSA/FSA
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    GoodRx Company Overview 

    Founded in 2011 by two CEOs who were sick of rising prescription drug prices, GoodRx strives to help consumers save money and time in the search for pharmaceutical transparency. Since its conception, the company has saved users hundreds of thousands of dollars on common name-brand and generic medicines. 

    The app is easy to navigate, and the website offers board-certified medical advice and information. 

    But what we really love about this freemium medicine coupon service is its transparency. There are no hidden fees, costs, or markups. 

    GoodRx makes all of its money through affiliate marketing and advertising. For our cord-cutter friends out there, it’s like the difference between paying more to subscribe to Hulu’s ad-free service or paying less and watching a few commercials. If the difference between ad-free and ads were hundreds of dollars. 

    Is GoodRx Right For You? 

    GoodRx is a handy money-saving app for anyone who hates paying too much for name-brand and generic prescriptions. This app is ideal for anyone who:

    • Wants to save money on prescription medications 
    • Wants to save even more money on generic medications
    • Wants to buy brand-name medications but doesn’t want to pay full-price
    • Needs to buy brand-name medications but doesn’t have health insurance
    • Hates high insurance premiums and copays
    • Doesn’t have health insurance

    The app is free for all users, but GoodRx also offers a Gold plan for individuals, families, and pets. 

    Participating pharmacies include brand-name retailers, such as:

    • CVS
    • Walmart
    • Walgreens
    • Kroger
    • Rite Aid
    • Stop-N-Shop
    • Target

    If you don’t live near a GoodRx partner, contact the company to ask that your pharmacy be added to its network. 

    GoodRx Gold Individual

    This plan is for individuals who want to get lower prices on prescriptions and services and save even more money on brand-name and generic medications through the app or website.

    GoodRx Gold Family Plan

    This plan is the same as the above plan — offering a discounted price on meds -- but can be used for up to seven family members — and even pets!

    In addition to a prescription discount at pharmacies, GoodRx Gold members can also save on dental and pet services, diabetes monitors, and lab tests to ensure members get the best price possible. The company partners with the following service providers for lower prices on: save 15-to-50% on dental procedures at dentists across the U.S.

    Candid: get discounts on at-home dental starter kits for straighter teeth.

    Heartland Veterinary Supply: save on treats, prescriptions, and medications.

    Diabetes supplies: save 20% on test strips and glucose monitors from Bayer, Prodigy, Redcode, and Embrace.

    Lab Tests: get 20% off some lab tests, including CBC, thyroid, and lipid panels at over 2,300 lab testing locations.

    Medicare Customers

    GoodRx Gold offers even deeper discounts for Medicare customers. If you have a Medicare plan, check for discounts on the site — in addition to the coupons offered in the app.

    Is GoodRx Credible?

    GoodRx was created to make prescription medication and healthcare more affordable. It’s not a doctor or health insurance provider. But that doesn’t mean that the GoodRx team isn’t composed of medically-proficient members. 

    The company was formed in 2011 by founders and board members with deep healthcare, technology, and customer service experience. 

    Co-CEO and co-founder Doug Hirsch started the company after going on a wild goose chase for a costly prescription and decided patients shouldn’t be forced to pay such high prices. One of the original 30 Yahoo employees (and later a vice president at Facebook), Doug is all about creating online communities and products that improve people’s lives.

    Co-CEO and co-founder Trevor Bezdek comes from the biotech and medical tech fields and has worked in IT for healthcare, providing services for insurance companies, biologists, and scientists. 

    GoodRx’s board consists of an elite team of doctors and medical CEOs who have served on other prestigious boards. They hire doctors to consult on the website and provide medical advice on the GoodRx blog. 

    This app has more than 10 million American users. It’s consistently ranked no. 1 in the medical category on the iOS app store and Google Play store for Android. 30% of doctors recommend the app to patients. More than 70,000 pharmacies in the GoodRx network across the U.S. and more than 325,000 healthcare providers use the app. 

    GoodRx doesn’t sell medical personal information, but it does share some data. 

    “It’s common practice for companies to share data for advertising and analytics purposes, which is what GoodRx does. And the small amount of data that is shared cannot be linked back to an individual person. GoodRx has also gone above and beyond in implementing an opt-out and data deletion feature that is available to all users.”

    To opt-out of cookies and tracking on GoodRx’s site, go to, go to the footer, and click “cookie preferences.” You can turn off tracking for marketing, personalization, or analytics.” If you’re using the app, go to settings and choose “remove all personal data.”

    You can remove all your data from its system by submitting a form.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by GoodRx  

    GoodRx offers both generic drugs and brand-name drugs for common (and often not-so-common conditions). There are so many coupons for medications on the website; we recommend using the app’s prescription checker to see if your medications are discounted at pharmacies near you. 

    Here are some of the most common conditions for which pharmaceuticals are available on the site and app:

    Brand-Name Drugs

    Some brand-name prescriptions on the site are still a little pricey because GoodRx does not pay for part nor all of the drugs. Many prices are still lower than paying the full amount for the drug, but we recommend opting for generic brands for some medications.

    Even if you want to use a brand-name drug, you can often find coupons, patient assistance programs, and other ways to save with GoodRx. To find these savings, simply search for the prescription and click on “savings tips” on the menu.

    Pet Drugs

    Any pet owner will tell you that your furry friends' medications can be just as expensive as they are for us hoomans. GoodRx even offers discounts on medications for pets! Just some of the pet medications covered in the app include:

    • Acepromazine
    • Amitriptyline
    • Clomicalm
    • Deramaxx
    • Diazepam
    • EasySpot
    • Fluoxetine
    • Frontline Plus (cats and dogs)
    • Frontline Plus 
    • K9 Advantix II
    • K-Brovet
    • Gabapentin
    • Heartgard Plus
    • Humulin N
    • Iverhart Max
    • Lantus
    • Metacam
    • Novolin N
    • Onsior
    • Parastar Plus
    • Previcox
    • Primidone
    • Phenobarbital
    • Prozinc
    • Rimadyl
    • Vetsulin
    • Reconcile
    • Revolution (cats and dogs)
    • Trifexis

    How to Use GoodRx

    Using GoodRx is super easy. Simply go to the website or download the app in the Apple iOS store or Google Play store. 

    1. Search for the name of the drug you need 
    2. Choose from the drugs available on the list
    3. Choose your preferred local pharmacy (or just choose the lowest price on the list)
    4. Download your discount card
    5. Download the coupon on the website and print, or save the coupon in the app
    6. Head to your pharmacy to fill your prescription
    7. Tell the pharmacist you’re using GoodRx and want the cash price, so your insurance doesn’t accidentally get charged; once your insurance is charged, you won’t be able to use the coupon and get your discount! 

    How to Use GoodRx Gold

    Download the mobile app or go to the GoodRx Gold site.

    1. Sign up for a gold account through the Gold banner or in account settings
    2. Choose your plan
    3. Enter your credit card information (the first 30 days is free)
    4. Enter the primary card holder’s first name, last name, and birthdate (double-check to make sure it matches the info on your prescription!)
    5. Print your card, or simply access your account through the app
    6. Search for the pharmacies that offer GoodRx Gold services by sharing your location or entering your zip code in the search bar
    7. Choose your preferred pharmacy and begin searching for your medications

    GoodRx Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    GoodRx is not medical insurance, and it does not replace health insurance. This pharmacy coupon app provides discounts on both generic and name-brand medications by making deals with pharmacies and drug companies. 

    It makes money through affiliate marketing and ads on its website. GoodRx may not be for you if you:

    • Insist on using insurance to purchase prescriptions
    • Receive free or deeply-discounted prescription medications already
    • Don’t live near a pharmacy in the GoodRx network
    • Forget to use GoodRx coupons instead of health insurance
    • Forget to check the GoodRx app to find retailers with the best deals before choosing your pharmacy
    • Need to use certain brand-name drugs that don’t offer savings through the app
    • Want to pay for GoodRx Gold membership through HSA or FSA funds

    If you don’t live near a pharmacy in the GoodRx network, we recommend checking out Honeybee, an online pharmacy that offers generic prescriptions at near-cost prices — and mails them straight to your door. 

    Pricing: How Much Does GoodRx Cost? 

    GoodRx is free to use. Simply sign up for an account and download the app to find the best drug prices near you. Of course, like many freemium services, GoodRx offers three tiers of services at various price points. Depending on the size of your family, the number of prescriptions you need each month, and the types of prescriptions you need, you might want to upgrade to the GoodRx Gold or GoodRx Gold Family plans.

    • GoodRx: Free
    • GoodRx Gold (single member): $5.99 a month
    • GoodRx Gold (family plan for up to six family members and pets): $9.99 a month

    All Gold Membership plans are free for the first 30 days!

    Common GoodRx ​Price for Drugs

    Below is a short list of some common drugs priced $5 to $10 or less with GoodRx coupons:

    • Glucophage (metformin)
    • Neurontin (gabapentin)
    • Lasix (furosemide)
    • Zocor (simvastatin)
    • Zestoretic (lisinopril/HCTZ)
    • Zestril (lisinopril)
    • Aldactone (spironolactone)
    • Zantac (ranitidine)
    • Robaxin (methocarbamol)
    • Coreg (carvedilol)
    • Celexa (citalopram)
    • Glucophage XR (metformin)
    • Hyzaar (losartan/HCTZ)
    • Roweepra, Keppra (levetiracetam)
    • Glucotrol XL (glipizide ER)
    • Lamictal (lamotrigine)
    • Zyloprim (allopurinol)
    • Prozac (fluoxetine)
    • Jantoven (warfarin)
    • Aricept (donepezil)

    GoodRx recommends that you don’t ‘reuse’ coupons and download a new one every time you want to buy a prescription. This ensures that you always check for the lowest price at your local pharmacy.

    While you can’t pay for a GoodRx subscription with HSA or FSA funds, you can use those funds to pay for prescriptions with any membership level at GoodRx! 

    You can pay for your GoodRx Gold membership with any valid credit or debit card from American Express, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Memberships are free for 30 days, and you won’t be charged until the end of your trial. Memberships renew automatically every month but can be canceled at any time. 

    What Do We Think About GoodRx?

    We’re going to be frank with you: we can’t find anything to dislike about GoodRx. In fact, this online drug coupon company may just win the MVP award for making medicines more accessible to users across the United States.

    We love that it caters to both users with and without smartphones (the website works as well as the app), and we love the simple interface of both the online portal and app. 

    Freemium users don’t need to enter their personal information to download and print coupons, and members can try the Gold service for free for an entire month. All of these features lead us to believe that the founders of GoodRx are in this business to help people save money on medications — regardless of their income, status, or access to health insurance. 

    If you want to save money on generic and brand-name medications without paying a steep monthly premium, download this app or head over to the GoodRx website.