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Rappore offers online therapy, support groups, and prescription delivery for one simple, low, weekly price. Rappore's psychologists and psychiatrists hail from ivy league institutions getting you excellent treatment & successful results.


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    Rappore Company Overview 

    In 1985, Rappore’s founders were tasked with developing clinical programs for patients that had previously fallen through the counseling cracks and didn’t respond to treatments. The Columbia University Day Treatment Program in Midtown Manhattan was born.

    This telehealth network of elite therapists and psychiatrists offers patients a one-stop-shop for mental health needs. Patients never need to worry about their doctors’ credentials and can make appointments with both psychiatrists and psychologists. 

    Rappore was built on the idea that it’s more important to listen than to talk and that vulnerability should always be valued more over machismo. 

    Doctors offer services to patients aged 16 and over; solo, groups, couples, and families and view all patients through an empathetic lens. When patients are in the depths of mental health crises, it can be painful and frustrating. Doctors look at mental health issues and substance abuse in the same light: not that patients are lashing out at society but that they’re crying out for help. 

    Patients that receive such empathy are more likely to open up, share their sorrows, and feel safe enough to collaborate with doctors. 

    Rappore doctors found that when patients saw themselves as a burden to society, disabled, ill, or not worthy of being saved, they were less likely to escape the negativity and rewire their minds for happiness and hope. These doctors were able to restore hope and light by offering them an alternate vision of the future. 

    Only then can patients accept responsibility for their lives and actions and take equal responsibility for their recovery. 

    Is Rappore Right For You? 

    Rappore was designed for patients who need a little extra care and for whom other psychology treatment methods haven’t worked. It offers a higher class of care than most telemental health providers (and face-to-face providers for that matter). Rappore costs a little more than most other online therapy providers, but the extra cost is well worth the service. 

    Rappore is for anyone who:

    • Craves a higher quality therapy session
    • Wants better customer service from therapy admins
    • Is tired of the bureaucracy surrounding appointment scheduling and billing
    • Needs to contact the therapist’s office during hours outside of Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Is aged 16 or older
    • Needs mental health and/or substance abuse services, including individuals, couples, families, and groups
    • Would like to get prescription medications written by an in-house psychiatrist (if necessary)
    • Suffers from insomnia, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or other mental health issues
    • Is interested in trying prescription medications at a low dose and monitoring side effects
    • Wants mental health professionals that care about their goals, needs, and desires
    • Needs to see a therapist via video, phone, or chat or doesn’t want to waste time commuting to a doctor’s office

    Is Rappore Credible?

    Rappore was founded by Dr. Kass, the interim chair of the department of psychiatry and dean of clinical affairs at Columbia University. Originally Dr. Kass created Rappore as a psychiatry service for Columbia doctors. Dr. Kass created services for mentally ill homeless people at New York-Presbyterian, and he’s consulted for the New York Yankees and New York Giants. 

    Other doctors at Rappore hail from other ivy leagues, including Harvard Medical. In fact, most doctors on Rappore’s board and staff have equally impressive credentials. 

    This online therapist and psychiatrist is dedicated to its clients’ privacy and complies with federal and state standards to keep medical records safe. 

    Rappore is also HIPAA-compliant

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Rappore  

    Rappore treats pretty much any issue normally treated by psychologists or psychiatrists. The only health conditions this service provider may not be able to treat are ones that cannot be treated through telemedicine by law (or with prescription medications that cannot be mailed to online patients). 

    The most common types of conditions treats include:

    How Rappore Works

    It’s super easy to get treatment for mental disorders through this platform. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    1. Schedule a Consultation

    All Rappore patients receive a free 30-minute phone consultation with a licensed clinician. Fill out the intake form, explain your troubles, and your clinician will decide if online therapy is right for you. (Following appointments run 45-to-60 minutes long). 

    Customer service associates handle all paperwork for you, so your only concern is with feeling better.

    1. Discuss Treatment Options

    Rappore clinicians believe in collaborating with patients. That means, you’ll never be therapist-splained and you’ll get a say in treatment routes. Each patient receives a personalized plan to meet their goals. 

    1. Get High-Quality Customer Service

    Customer service associates are available for questions seven days a week. 

    1. Schedule Your First Virtual Visit

    All therapy appointments take place by video, phone, or messaging. No need to commute to a therapist’s office to make your appointment.

    1. Start Feeling Better

    All of Rappore’s doctors have elite degrees and a wealth of clinical knowledge. They’ve been in business for years and have helped thousands of patients — so they know what they’re doing when it comes to therapy. 

    Rappore Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    While Rappore doctors are qualified to deal with most mental conditions, they can’t do it all online. There are some cases when doctors may recommend making a face-to-face appointment with a therapist. In some cases, doctors may not be able to write prescriptions for certain medications online. Just some of the conditions and patients Rappore doctors don’t treat include those who:

    • Are younger than 16
    • Have debilitating conditions that require in-person care
    • Need prescriptions for controlled drugs or some psychotropics
    • Are in danger of hurting themselves or others
    • Need emergency or urgent care

    If you’re concerned you may hurt yourself or someone else, call 911 immediately. 

    Pricing: How Much Does Rappore Cost? 

    Unlike many telehealth psychiatrists and psychologists, Rappore doesn’t offer discounts for online services. Since you’re getting your doctor’s undivided attention for the full 45-to-60 minutes (and since all doctors have elite backgrounds and impressive resumes), you’ll end up paying at least $250 for a session.

    All doctors on Rappore’s platform charge different prices, depending on their experience. You’ll be asked about your needs and budget on your intake form and during your consultation.

    Every patient is entitled to a free 30-minute phone consultation with a Rappore clinician before receiving treatment. During this consultation, you’ll learn about your treatment options, available therapists and psychiatrists, and each available doctor’s prices.

    Rappore isn’t in-network with any health insurance providers; yet, if you want to submit out-of-network paperwork, Rappore’s customer service associates can help you with that so you can focus on what matters — feeling better. 

    This telehealth company recommends checking with your health insurance provider before scheduling an appointment to determine the cost that is covered under your plan. 

    Each bill is due at the time of the visit. All patients must have a credit card on file to make an appointment. Cards are automatically charged before your appointment. 

    Patients with PPOs may receive some (or most) of their fees reimbursed after the deductible is met. 

    You can also use money in your FSA and HSA accounts to pay for your visit.

    If your employer offers a wellness stipend, you can usually use the funds in the account to pay for mental health benefits. 

    What Do We Think About Rappore?

    We have to admit: we’re very impressed with the high level of care Rappore offers. Just taking a peek at the doctors’ biographies will leave most potential patients with stars in their eyes. 

    It’s not often that patients can get access to such a high level of care — often only reserved for those with expendable incomes or who live near prestigious universities. Since many of the doctors on the platform actively work at ivy league schools, they aren’t able to see too many private patients. 

    Telemedicine makes this level of clinical and psychiatric care available to all, regardless of location. 

    While we are impressed with the level of care, we wish that the services were more affordable (or that the doctors on the platform were in-network with a few health insurance companies). 

    Despite the small shortcoming, we’re so impressed with the doctors’ empathetic approach and successful results. 

    If you’re looking for a psychiatrist or online therapist that is empathetic and handles high-risk mental health conditions (or have felt that other therapies haven’t worked), check out Rappore’s team of gifted doctors.