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Everlywell review
At-Home Lab Testing
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25% OFF all Food Sensitivity Test Kits
Why We Like Them
EverlyWell has developed an impressive arsenal of at-home regulatory-compliant diagnostic tests, including food sensitivity, fertility, hormones, STDs, thyroid, metabolism, and most recently, an at-home test for COVID-19. EverlyWell allows users to perform tests in the privacy of their own homes, then receive board-certified physician-reviewed results and insights on their mobile devices within a...
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HealthLabs review
At-Home Lab Testing
Why We Like Them is an online testing service for STDs and general health. is a fast, private, and affordable lab testing that needs no doctor’s prescription or insurance. It has more than 4500 CLIA – certified labs located across the U.S. 
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InsideTracker review
At-Home Lab Testing, Health Apps
Why We Like Them
InsideTracker is an online health company that is revolutionizing how we think about health and wellness. Instead of looking at your health from one viewpoint, InsideTracker aims to improve its user’s overall health and fitness by incorporating science-backed data, actionable insights, and a sophisticated algorithm. 
Baze review
At-Home Lab Testing
Why We Like Them
Baze offers affordable, high-quality supplements and nutritional advice that’s backed by data. Patients draw their own blood at home using a collection device developed by MIT researchers. Dieticians send vitamin packs to patients to keep energy levels high.
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Rootine review
At-Home Lab Testing, Supplements
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Get personalized daily supplements from Rootine - they make custom supplements based on your DNA, Blood test results, and lifestyle. Get Rootine & let science determine your nutrition recommendations, not the vitamin aisle.
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STDcheck review
At-Home Lab Testing
Why We Like Them
STDcheck provides users with a safe platform to avoid awkward and somewhat uncomfortable situations that occur when you order a test STD kit online, which comes to your home. You have to collect your samples on your own without visiting a conventional lab to provide their urine and blood sample. STDcheck is that platform which is combining traditional methods of testing with the convenience of an...
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GoodRx Care
GoodRx Care review
Digital Clinic, Online Pharmacy
Why We Like Them
GoodRx acquired the online telehealth platform HeyDoctor in 2019. This merger now offers patients a seamless online healthcare experience — especially for those without access to health insurance or affordable healthcare. Patients can now get diagnoses, prescription drugs, treatment plans, and prescription discounts all from the same low-cost provider. 
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Nurx review
Digital Clinic, At-Home Lab Testing
Why We Like Them
Nurx is an online platform that allows you to test yourself for sexually transmitted infections at the comfort of your home. Nurx is a simple medical assessment procedure, provides STI home kits to check yourself for common infections with or without insurance. 
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Vivoo review
At-Home Lab Testing
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Why We Like Them
Vivoo takes the guesswork out of knowing what to eat so that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Vivoo’s wellness tips tell you which foods your body needs and offers a new perspective to sustain a healthy lifestyle by helping you understand the importance of what you're eating. Vivoo is an at-home-test kit and wellness assistant that provides custom nutrition advice based on a...
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Table of content

    At-Home Health & Medical Testing Kit Types

    Medical testing kits test biological samples to diagnose symptoms and conditions. These tests were at one time always performed at a specialist’s office or a lab, but now you can order them online and perform the test yourself — right in your own home. 

    From STD screenings to allergy tests, you’ll never need to make a special trip to a lab with these common testing kit types.

    Common Testing Kit Types

    • Ancestry testing
    • B vitamins test
    • Chlamydia and gonorrhea test
    • Cholesterol and lipid tests
    • Folic acid test
    • Food sensitivity test
    • General health tests
    • Genetic predisposition testing
    • Hepatitis C test
    • HIV test
    • HPV test (female)
    • Lyme Disease test
    • Men's fertility test
    • Men’s health tests
    • Metabolism test
    • Ovarian reserve test
    • Perimenopause test
    • Postmenopause test
    • Sexual health tests

    • STD test (female)
    • STD test (male)
    • Syphilis test
    • Testosterone test
    • Thyroid test
    • Trichomoniasis test
    • Vitamin D and inflammation test
    • Women’s fertility test
    • Women’s health test
    • and many more!

    How Testing Kits Work

    Some testing kits must be ordered by a doctor; some kits you can order yourself. The good news is that there are plenty of online doctors that can order the tests for you!

    Simply order the test. When it arrives in the mail, follow the instructions (you’ll need to take samples of saliva, blood, urine, or other biological materials). Pack the samples in the provided packaging, label them appropriately, and mail your kit to the lab.

    Most results take a few days to a few weeks to receive. 

    Benefits of At-Home Testing Kits

    At-home testing kits allow you to be checked for thousands of genetic biomarkers, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and more — right from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to worry about making an appointment at a lab, commuting to the appointment, waiting, and finally being tested. 

    Providers Offering At-Home Testing Kits