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This IV therapy and urgent care provider offers decent, holistic, home-based care options that (figuratively and quite literally) meet patients where they’re at!


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    As this at-home care provider says on the About page of their website, “long-term health starts with short-term choices.” A provider of efficient, novel care that promises to deliver integrative, intravenous relief to patients in two hours or less, Ivee certainly delivers on that tagline too. 

    This direct-to-patient company offers a wide range of acute, preventative, and chronic care services, personalized to meet patient needs. Ivee’s personally-customized Care Membership plans are tailored to offer relief for a myriad of chronic conditions and symptoms, including:

    Ivee will initially aim to assess and address these issues with a comprehensive intake process, where they’ll pour over a patient’s health history and conduct personalized blood testing based on that history. From there, based on your Care Membership plan, the company will send a medical team of at-home doctors and nurses to perform:

    • Diagnostic Testing - From blood tests to point-of-care services in two hours.
    • IV Therapy - A saline solution mixed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
    • Urgent Care - Non-emergency consultation from the comfort of your own home.
    • Health Coaching - Free medical guidance on the best care membership for you.

    The company predominantly offers these at-home services in New Jersey, the New York City metropolitan area, and the Philadelphia metro area. It’s set to expand its service locations in the coming years though, so ahead of this expansion, let’s examine everything you’ll want to know about Ivee!

    How IV Therapy Works

    You don’t need to be enrolled in one of Ivee’s care membership plans to receive one of Ivee’s proprietary IV therapy blends. For members or not, Ivee’s direct-to-patient care team can offer ten therapeutic options:

    • The Personalized IV Therapy: A fortified saline solution touting a robust range of customizable ingredients - available from $249 and up!
    • The Illness Remedy: A Vitamin C-led therapy formulated to alleviate cold, flu, and other illnesses - available for $409!
    • The Athletic Recovery: A hydrating amino acid blend formulated for post-workout muscle recovery - available for $419!
    • The Complete Supplement: A blend of all of Ivee’s nutritional ingredients, formulated into a single IV therapy - available for $529!
    • The Refresh: A rejuvenating IV therapy blend of lysine and other amino acids, formulated for fatigue and energy recovery - available for $359!
    • The Hangover Relief: A reinvigorating IV therapy blend formulated for self-explanatory purposes - available for $384!
    • The NAD+: A IV solution formulated with NAD+, a coenzyme that’s capable of greatly optimizing your overall wellness - available from $599!
    • The Metabolism Support: A proprietary solution formulated to optimize your natural metabolic processes - available for $429!
    • The Sleep and Stress Aid: A relieving blend formulated to help your body recover from anxiety, insomnia, and stress - available for $439!
    •  Supplemental Urgent Care and Diagnostics: Assess your present condition and watch out for future conditions - available from $99 to $199!

    It will be important to open up to your provider about the medications and supplements you’re currently taking - as well as the health conditions you’re currently dealing with - to determine which Ivee therapy is right for you. If you’re still unsure, Ivee will allow you to speak with a Health Coach and take an in-depth intake quiz - both free of charge!

    How long does IV therapy last? These IV therapies will take between 45 minutes to four hours per appointment, depending on which treatment you ultimately choose. A needle-tipped line will feed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream with minimal invasion. 

    According to the FAQ on Ivee’s website, most patients report feeling only just a pinch. Some patients report immediate relief following their IV therapy, and the beneficial effects of Ivee’s treatments can persist for up to 72 hours.

    Ivee does not accept insurance at this time, but you can use FSA and HSA to lower the cost of their services. Enrolling in one of their Care Membership plans will enable you to lower these aforementioned costs by 20% more too. Each plan is geared toward:

    • Ongoing Preventative Care
    • Chronic Condition Support
    • Optimal Nutrition Coaching
    • At-Home Care Membership

    In our opinion, the last plan is geared towards offering the most holistic IV therapy benefits out of any membership. With the at-home care membership, you will receive your own personalized IV therapy regimen (free for 1 month), quarterly health coach visits, and ongoing guidance and support - complete with unlimited direct messaging!

    Ivee’s urgent care services include basic physical exams, vaccination, prescription, and routine blood testing, and the prior health data gleaned from these tests can be used to adapt and evolve future treatments to meet your wellness goals. Currently, Ivee offers the following in-home tests, in collaboration with Labcorp:

    Each plan’s therapeutic IV treatment and testing options will be administered by a team of experienced certified MDs, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Also, each plan will require a minimum 12-month commitment, so if you’re interested in a more long-term commitment, Ivee’s medical team can offer year-round relief. 

    Is IV Therapy Good For You?

    Intravenous therapy is widely seen as a low-risk, high-bioavailability therapy for patients 18 and older, one that immediately delivers vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your bloodstream for fast-acting effects. You can get those three things naturally from food and oral supplements, but unlike Ivee, those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will need to pass through your digestive system prior to metabolization. 

    IV therapy may be beneficial, or it might not be. No two therapeutic cases are uniformly alike. We don’t want to act like IV therapy is the miracle cure that some overhype it as being. You shouldn’t deem Ivee or any other IV therapy service as a replacement for your doctor or primary care physician, a fact Ivee themselves emphasize on their website’s FAQ.

    The company recommends speaking with your PCP concerning the IV therapies that they would personally recommend. Varying IV therapies may have varying efficacy for different people, but so far, across the three states where they’re currently available, Ivee’s at-home services have touted:

    • Over 15,000+ completed appointments
    • A 4.9 star average appointment rating
    • Roughly 2,170+ largely positive reviews
    • A 25-40% decrease in patient hospital visits

    We feel Ivee’s track record is good, but we wouldn’t just encourage you to take our word for it. You can find no shortage of real reviews from real Ivee patients online, each describing their own positive and negative personal experiences with the provider’s service options.

    IV Therapy Side Effects

    Ivee claims that no major side effects are common from their intravenous therapies. However, you may experience mild bruising and a cool feeling around the injection site, and Ivee says that their therapies may not be safe if you’re currently dealing with:

    • Cardiac (heart) disease
    • Respiratory illness
    • Renal (kidney) disease
    • Pregnancy
    • Type-1 diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Suicidal ideation
    • Uncontrolled bleeding

    If you’re dealing with one or more of those conditions, Ivee may not be right for you. Ivee also offers in-home urgent care, but not emergency care. If you’re actively dealing with a medical emergency, you should call 9-1-1 and seek appropriate medical care as soon as possible. 

    Is IV Therapy Worth It?

    Your own mileage may vary, but if you’re a suitable candidate and live in one of the localities they currently serve, we feel that Ivee may be a potentially worthwhile in-home care provider. They offer decent, holistic, home-based care options that (figuratively and quite literally) meet you where you’re at!