Get Unlimited Talk Therapy (Messaging / Chat)

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Unlimited Talk Therapy

Unlimited talk therapy is a relatively new type of clinical therapy and counseling that allows patients to reach out to therapists whenever and wherever the need arises. This type of therapy is cost-effective, and you don’t even need insurance to participate. 

What Is Unlimited Talk Therapy?

Unlimited talk therapy isn’t technically ‘talk’ therapy at all. It’s unlimited messaging therapy with a licensed and board-certified online therapist

Instead of sitting down face-to-face (or even via video call) for a therapy session, you send a chat message to your therapist, and your therapist sends back a message when he or she is next available. 

Patients and therapists can chat back and forth ping-pong style to resolve issues. 

Benefits of Unlimited Talk Therapy

This type of therapy is obviously very different from traditional therapy. The ability to message your therapist whenever a problem arises — day or night, 24 hours a day — is especially helpful for patients who just need to get stressful situations out in writing. 

It’s also extremely beneficial for patients who find themselves unable to remember the problems that surfaced throughout the week by the time their thighs hit the therapist’s chair.

Some of the other benefits of unlimited talk therapy include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Message whenever/wherever you want
  • Work through problems by getting them in writing
  • No need for health insurance
  • No need to schedule a therapy appointment

Unlimited Talk Therapy Vs. In-Person Therapist

Unlimited messaging is a very different experience than in-person therapy (or even video therapy). This type of therapy might not be for patients that need to chat with a therapist in real-time or that want to work through their feelings orally. Yet, most unlimited therapy apps do offer the option to send a video, text, or audio chat.