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Rory is a digital clinic for women offering treatment for a wide variety of women’s health conditions. They are widely known for prescribing the eyelash growth serum, Latisse. Also known as HelloRory, it specializes in reproductive health, daily health, and menopause treatments. Online doctors meet with patients virtually to diagnose symptoms, such as hot flashes and sleep disorders. Rory offers medical advice, support, and treatments. 
New York, New York | Founded 2017
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Online Doctor (Single Visit) $15.00 /Session

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Treatment for 14 Conditions

Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Personalized Night Cream $25.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Montelukast (Generic Singulair) $19.00 /Month
Levocetirizine (Generic Xyzal) $19.00 /Month
Fluticasone (Generic Flonase) $19.00 /Month
Azelastine (Generic Astelin) $19.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Valacyclovir (Generic Valtrex) $14.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Rx) $13.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Triamcinolone Cream $15.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Drysol (Aluminum Chloride) $13.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Latisse $53.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Valacyclovir (Generic Valtrex) $14.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) $30.00 /Month
Paroxetine HCL (Generic Paxil) $30.00 /Month
Vitamin E & Black Cohosh $20.00 /Month
Get supplements delivered right to your door
Vitamin E & Black Cohosh $20.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Paroxetine HCL (Generic Paxil) $30.00 /Month
Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) $30.00 /Month
Online Doctors
See a doctor about anything in 30 minutes
Online Doctor (Single Visit) $15.00 /Session
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Melatonin $9.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
Nicotine Gum $42.00 /Month
Bupropion $45.00 /Month
Digital Clinic
All-in-one doctor consultation & prescription delivery.
All Natural Personal Lubricant $13.00 /Month
Vaginal Estradiol Cream $60.00 /Month
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More about Rory

Table of Contents

    Rory Company Overview 

    Rory is just one brand in a new wave of femtech companies, helping to advance the women’s healthcare industry. Rory women’s digital health clinic was created by parent company Ro Health (that also owns Roman, a men’s health digital clinic). Roman was first pitched to investors back in 2017 by founder and CEO  Zachariah Reitano who experienced erectile dysfunction in early adulthood and later realized that a simple Sildenafil Citrate prescription was the answer to his problems. Along with co-founder and chief product officer Saman Rahmanian, Reitano has transformed this male-oriented startup into two multigender telemedicine platforms that exist under the umbrella of the Ro family.

    Rory (Ro’s women's healthcare brand) offers a long list of treatments for a variety of symptoms for women of all ages — but especially for women entering menopause and perimenopause. Conditions range from skincare to hot flashes to vaginal dryness, and Rory sells and ships authorized generic prescription medication to patients. The company hires highly-recognized doctors and physicians with impressive medical experience to sit on its board. It also prescribes Latisse lashes serum, a hormone-based lash-growth solution to both menopausal and non-menopausal women alike.

    Rory Treatments for Women

    Is Rory Right For You? 

    Rory bills itself as a women’s health platform, specializing in telehealth services for women of all ages (though Latisse can only be prescribed to patients 18 and older). Yet, the majority of Rory’s telemedicine patients suffer from menopause symptoms

    If you’re one of the millions of menopausal women who are tired of schlepping to an office for a doctor’s visit just to get a prescription for adempas riociguat (guanylate cyclase stimulators) or other authorized generic treatments, Rory women’s health technology can connect you to doctors and physicians without the need for a visit to a doctor’s office

    Rory reviewers also love the convenience of getting Latisse for thinning lashes delivered right to their door.

    Since Rory was founded, this healthcare company of online doctors has developed treatment plans for women who experience:

    • Thinning Eyelashes
    • Hot flashes 
    • Vaginal dryness 
    • Hair loss
    • Weight management
    • High blood pressure

    If you’re a woman, seeking treatment for weight management, allergies, reproductive health, sexual health, symptoms of menopause or perimenopause or thinning lashes (who also happens to be on too much of a time crunch to go to a doctor’s office or pharmacy), Rory might just be the next best thing that happens to your health. 

    Is Rory Credible? 

    This telemedicine company offers convenience, but is Rory legit

    Rory may not have been founded by doctors or physicians, but this women’s health doctor’s office takes every measure to ensure medical professionals play an important role in its day-to-day operations.

    Rory is backed by leading telehealth experts, doctors and physicians. The board consists of leading women’s health experts who have extensive experience in a wide variety of reproductive health and women’s sexual health issues. Board-certified physicians who provide patient care to members all have a special interest in women’s health. Rory’s medical advisors help doctors create treatment plans and services for symptoms including (but not limited to) hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hair loss, weight management, and high blood pressure. Many members of the board have graduated from ivy league colleges and one board member (Dr. Joycelyn Elders, MD) served as U.S. Surgeon General from 1993 to 1994.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Rory  

    Rory’s online doctors treat a long list of conditions for hair and skin, daily health and menopause. Since many women experience varying symptoms, this women’s health mega house doesn’t provide one-size-fits-all medical advice. 

    The company’s doctors and physicians offer a variety of treatment plans for patients and are authorized to write prescriptions for medication right through the telemedicine platform. Rory offers both authorized generic prescriptions, such as estradiol cream and bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (otherwise known as Latisse) as well as naturopathic alternatives, such as black cohosh and vitamin E. 

    Most of the healthcare conditions treated are related to women’s sexual health and reproductive health; nearly all treatments are related to female hormonal fluctuations and imbalances (though some do focus on everyday health and concerns, like smoking and thinning lashes). 

    Just some of the symptom categories Rory treats include hair health and lashes, sexual health, everyday health and menopause.  

    Thinning Lashes

    Rory Latisse reviews almost always mention how much reviewers love getting their bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (Latisse) mailed right to their front door. Most patients don’t think about thinning lashes before looking for a new women’s health clinic, so this one is just icing on the primary care cake. Latisse is used for stimulating eyelash growth and promoting thicker lashes. 

    Rory Latisse Eyelash Treatment


    Personalized Skin Care & Nightly Defense Cream

    Beyond acne and eczema, Rory's healthcare professionals can provide you with a custom skin care regiment that's personalized to your exact skincare needs. Here are the conditions that Rory’s skincare treatment addresses.

    • Anti-aging
    • Acne
    • Dark spots
    • Customized blends
    • Unlimited follow-ups with a healthcare professional
    • Free follow-ups

    Rory skincare for women

    Sexual Health

    Sexual health is a big part of a woman’s general health. Since many women visit a gynecologist specialist and a primary care physician at least once a year, many women are thrilled they can cut down on their in-office time for certain symptoms — and simply snag an online prescription for some health concerns. Just a few of the sexual health issues that Rory’s medical physicians treat include:

    • Genital herpes
    • Cold sores
    • Vaginal dryness 

    Everyday Health

    In addition to menopause treatments, Rory online doctors also provide treatment for a wide variety of everyday health issues. While the company focuses mostly on hormone-related symptoms, its doctors can also provide treatment for symptoms ranging from seasonal allergies to excess weight gain. Everyday health concerns that Rory doctors treat include:

    • Allergies
    • Weight management
    • Sleep disorders
    • Smoking cessation


    Even though Rory hires general women's health doctors, this telemedicine company is most known for providing treatments for menopause. While many of the other symptoms treated on this list overlap with menopause-specific treatments, Rory doctors have extensive knowledge of symptoms and can offer highly-specialized advice for women before, during and after menopause. Symptoms treated include:

    • Hot flashes 
    • Vaginal dryness 
    • Sleep disorders

    Rory Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Unlike your gynecologist, Rory’s doctors and physicians don’t treat all sexual health symptoms. An online doctor may not be an appropriate or safe replacement for a live physician in certain circumstances. Before you are connected with one of Rory’s physicians, a specialist will review your file and determine if an online healthcare company can provide you with the best possible service. 

    Rory may not be suitable for women who:

    • Have not seen a physician in person in the past two years
    • Live in certain states where prescription medications cannot be delivered to their home
    • Live in states where Rory is not licensed to prescribe medication 
    • Are under the age of 18 and wish to purchase Latisse 
    • Are experiencing symptoms that online treatment may not be safe or appropriate to treat 
    • Wish to replace their primary care physician with an online doctor

    Rory is not a replacement for an in-person gynecologist — especially when it comes to your annual Papanicolaou test (pap smear). The doctors on this platform are not equipped to provide such services online, and you might not be accepted as a patient if you haven’t seen a gynecologist in over two years.  

    So far, Rory offers 11 low-cost authorized generic and naturopathic treatments. If you’re looking for a prescription or treatment outside of the ones offered by Rory, you might need to find a physician that offers a wider range of medications and natural options. 

    Rory also only provides services that pertain to women’s health. If you’re looking for a doctor who specializes in men’s health (such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, herpes, cold sores, prostate health and testosterone support), check out Rory’s older brother, Roman — another online healthcare provider that offers similar services that are geared toward men. 

    At this time, Rory doesn’t offer hormonal services to transgender or transitioning patients, as these services are highly specialized. Since Rory’s doctors are all experts in women’s health, we recommend seeking out an online transgendered clinic that specializes in providing hormone replacement therapy, medication, and monitoring services.  

    And until we have access to mail-order flu shots, you’ll need to visit your primary care physician annually for one of those too.

    Pricing: How Much Does Rory Cost?

    Rory’s treatment program costs vary depending on the patient. Most online doctor visits cost only $15 (similar to the cost of a doctor’s visit copay). Yet, you can often find Rory promo codes and Rory discounts to help wave the fee of the online visit — though treatments aren’t included in that $15 fee. 

    After your consultation, your physician may determine that you are not eligible for Rory’s online treatment (see above section); should this happen, Rory will refund the cost of the visit. 

    Rory’s online visits, treatments, and medications are not covered by insurance. The following is a list of medical treatments that the company currently offers with prescription delivery:

    Hot Flashes Treatments

    • Paroxetine HCL & Venlafaxine HCL
      • 1 month supply - $35.00 per month
      • 3 month supply - $30.00 per month
    • Vitamin E & Black Cohosh
      • 1 month supply: $25.00
      • 3 month supply: $60.00

    Vaginal Dryness Treatments

    Sleep Disorder Treatment

    Lash-Thinning Treatment

    • Latisse ® (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution)
      • 1 month supply: $110 per month
      • 3 month supply: $53 per month

    Cold Sores and Genital Herpes Treatment

    • Valacyclovir (generic Valtrex®)
      • 1 month supply (single outbreak): $14 per month
      • 3 month supply (suppressive therapy): $48 per month

    Allergies Treatments

    • Azelastine (Generic Astelin)
      • 1 month supply: $29 per month
      • 3 month supply: $19 per month
    • Montelukast
      • 1 month supply: $29 per month
      • 3 month supply: $19 per month
    • Levocetirizine (Generic Xyzal)
      • 1 month supply: $29 per month
      • 3 month supply: $19 per month
    • Fluticasone (Generic Flonase)
      • 1 month supply: $29 per month
      • 3 month supply: $19 per month

    Compared to the costs of name-brand pharmaceuticals, Rory-packaged treatments can save you money — especially when you take into account the cost of the doctor’s visit just to get your prescription. 

    Something else we love about Rory healthcare is that it removes the middle man from the equation. You don’t need to waste time and money driving to the pharmacy and waiting in line to fill your prescription. Another bonus is that you don’t need to worry about a physician calling in your prescription to the pharmacy; your doctor and your pharmacist work together (in the same building!) to create a seamless experience. 

    What Do We Think About Rory? 

    Rory has gone above and beyond to create an online women’s healthcare platform that takes patient health and safety very seriously. 

    Treatments on Rory cost very little compared to the cost of in-person doctor’s office visits and non-generic prescription medications — especially with the Hello Rory discount

    With discreet and first-class service Rory is the top brand in its category. We’re excited to see what the masterminds behind the Ro network come up with next.

    Rory online doctors for women