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Gennev review
Digital Clinic
Why We Like Them
Gennev is an online platform designed to help women in menopause by providing numerous healthcare services, education, and products fine-tuned for this phase of life. Gennev is on a mission to be the go-to health and wellness solution for women going through menopause and to provide a community of women with shared experiences. Gennev’s goal is to empower women through the use of technology...
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Rory review
Digital Clinic, Skin Care
Special Offer
Why We Like Them
Rory is a digital clinic for women offering treatment for a wide variety of women’s health conditions. They are widely known for prescribing the eyelash growth serum, Latisse. Also known as HelloRory, it specializes in reproductive health, daily health, and menopause treatments. Online doctors meet with patients virtually to diagnose symptoms, such as hot flashes and sleep disorders. Rory offers m...
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