Fluticasone (Generic Flonase)

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Table of content

    Fluticasone is an FDA-approved generic derivative of Flonase, a nasal spray that is used for allergic and non-allergic nasal manifestations. It is safe to be used for adults and children who are at least 4 years of age. This spray contains a corticosteroid that non-inflammatory properties and may not show immediate effects after use. 

    When the body is exposed to an allergen, an immediate sequential event occurs in the immune system. This is known as the “allergic cascade”. Fluticasone is responsible for reducing inflammation caused by an overactive immune system. The nasal spray delivery mechanism allows the medicine to directly pass through the nasal cavity, leading to a faster effect than what a tablet would do.  The nasal cavity and the eyes are easily susceptible to allergies, a nasal spray can help in achieving immediate relief. 

    How to use Flonase

    Adults: Flonase can be used two times per day. Spray one or two sprays (50 mcg/spray) in each nostril.

    Children, 4 years and older: One spray in each nostril per day.

    Avoid spraying in the eyes. However, if this does occur, it is recommended that you immediately rinse your eyes with water.  

    Flonase Side Effects 

    Common side-effects that may occur are:

    Fluticasone is not recommended if a fever is present, for those with respiratory infections, asthmatic individuals, and people allergic to droplets.  

    These declarations come from the manufacturer of this medication and should not constitute medical advice. Please consult a doctor to see if this medication is right for you and how you should use it. Relief Seeker provides information about products and their manufacturers and does not offer any medical advice.