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Curable is a user-friendly online pain psychology app whose goal is to educate and train those who suffer from chronic pain (any pain that has lasted or has been reoccurring for longer than 3 months) on the role their brain plays in their chronic pain. Curable wants to provide comprehensive access to evidence-based, safe, and effective chronic pain therapy for all who need it.

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    Curable Health Overview

    Curable uses a biopsychosocial approach, which addresses pain from many angles physical, psychological, and emotional. This approach uses what we know about the relationship between the brain and physical pain signals with the goal of reversing these signals over time. The idea is to re-train the way your brain processes pain to reduce symptoms and reverse the cycle of pain. This approach is built on the understanding that the brain has a considerable influence over physical sensations in our bodies and works to break old patterns and habits that could be reinforcing they cycles of pain and educate pain suffers on how to create new patterns and habits to break the cycle. This approach has helped millions of people suffering from recurring pain get rid of their pain for good.

    To utilize Curable you need access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Curable provides a 24/7 support team for any questions that may come up.  All Curable users gain access to a virtual pain coach called Clara. You message Clara with questions and it will provide feedback backed by scientific information and provides interesting lessons and exercises that help reverse the cycle of pain going on in your brain. Curable is designed for users to complete one lesson a day, three days a week. Each lesson or exercise lasts 5-20 minutes. The time provided between each exercise is meant for users to process what they have learned. Curable users all have unique pain experiences, therefore, everybody’s journey to pain relief is different, some users experience a decrease in the pain within 3 weeks of using the app while others see a gradual decrease in their pain that could take months of commitment and perseverance To get the most out of the Curable program they recommend taking time to really understand each lesson and dig deep into your personal journey with pain to discover the parts that could be contributing to your pain.

    Curable also offers many Breakthrough Bootcamps to help you on your healing journey when you are feeling lost, stuck,  low on motivation, or feeling ill-equipped to overcome your pain or its effects on your life. Curable Breakthrough Bootcamps are a great option to provide you with structure, motivation, peer support, and science-backed tools to help you overcome challenges that may be preventing you from chronic pain recovery. There are a few different options depending on your needs whether you are struggling with pain and depression, need to overcome the fear of pain, or you need a more intensive program that helps you in all aspects of your journey to healing. Breakthrough Bootcamps are a great option to dive deep into specific areas of your pain that you are struggling with.

    Is Curable Health Right For You? 

    Curable was designed for those suffering from chronic pain, however, Curable can help improve many aspects of one’s life. Curable might be right for you if you are living in pain and are ready to put in time and effort into improving your quality of life. Curable Health is great because all you need is your phone, tablet, or computer, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Curable is convenient and easy to use which makes it a great option for those who have limited access to healthcare.

    Is Curable Health Credible?

    Curable was founded by three people who all previously suffered from chronic pain and were each able to end their chronic pain by using the methods that Curable offers. They realized that there are millions of chronic pain suffers in the world who could benefit the same way they did so together they created Curable. Curable was created by taking the hard work of many doctors and researchers over the past 40 years and embedding their principles into the Curable app creating many biopsychosocial lessons and techniques. The methods used by Curable have been used successfully by leading physicals and specialists at healthcare institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Northwestern, and NYU. Physicians selected to work with the Curable Groups are all board-certified medical doctors who are experts in their field and are dedicated to supporting patients in their journey to heal their chronic pain.

    What does Curable Health Treat

    Curable is designed for chronic pain suffers and uses techniques like educations, writing, meditation, visualization, physical therapy, exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy to reverse the recurring pain cycle. Some examples of chronic pain issues Curable can help with include:

    • Migraines
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Back pain
    • Nerve pain
    • Arthritis
    • Pelvic pain
    • IBS
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Post-surgical symptoms
    • Post-concussion syndrome
    • Endometriosis
    • Trigeminal neuralgia
    • Sports injuries
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Hand pain
    • Sciatica
    • Knee pain
    • Foot pain
    • Lyme disease
    • Fainting spells
    • Tinnitus
    • PTSD
    • Shoulder pain
    • And more

    Curable also helps users work through how to manage the side effects of their chronic pain, these side effects could include:

    • Sleep disturbances
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Social isolation
    • Anger
    • Relationship stress
    • Work stress

      How Much Does Curable Health Cost?

      The Curable app costs 9.99/month and is billed yearly. Currently Curable is offering a temporary price drop to $4.99/month  in light of the global pandemic we are facing. Curable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Curable also offers many Breakthrough Boots camps which are more intensive programs to help you dig deeper when you are feeling stuck or lost in your healing journey.

      Beat the Cycle of Pain and Depression Bootcamp - Regularly $297, temporarily discounted at $99, includes:

      • 14 Mini-Workshops
      • Weekly video guidance from Howard Schubiner, MD
      • Science-backed exercises for recovery
      • Printable 6-week course workbook
      • Built-in peer support

      Overcome Fear of Pain Bootcamp - Regularly $199, temporarily discounted at $99, includes:

      • Includes 2 90-minute video workshops
      • You will receive a $99 bonus credit towards future enrollment in Curable groups

      Curable Groups - $1187 (payment plan available), includes

      • A full year access to nine 90-minute video workshops
      • 10 two-hour virtual group sessions guided by a Curable facilitator
      • 2 two-hour group sessions led by Curable scientific advisory board physicians
      • Free one-year membership to the Curable app

      Sleep Bootcamp - This Bootcamp is coming soon and will address the challenges of getting a good night’s sleep while suffering from chronic pain

      What Do We Think About Curable Health?

      Curable is a convenient and affordable option for those who suffer from chronic pain. To be successful with Curable you will need to be very self-motivated to stay on top of the lessons and exercises provided by the Curable app, so it may not be for everyone. We think that there is a lot of great educational information on this platform to help you better understand the relationship between your brain and your pain. Curable won’t be right for everyone but it is an interesting concept for those who are looking to find options to treat their chronic pain at home.