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Modern Fertility is a women’s health company that empowers all women to make informed decisions about their health, starting with fertility. Take a fertility test in the comfort and privacy of your own home today and get results within days!


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    Modern Fertility Company Overview

    Struggling with infertility isn’t a new thing and for many women can be especially stress-provoking. Understanding the process of getting tested, analyzing your results, then knowing what to do next can be overwhelming and very costly. This is where Modern Fertility comes in to save the day! 

    Modern Fertility is a woman-focused health company that puts fertility back in the hands of the person with the uterus. This company wants to empower all women to make informed decisions about their overall health, including their fertility. Modern Fertility has taken the same lab tests that are typically confined to infertility clinics and packaged them specifically to be administered in the comfort and privacy of your home with a simple finger-prick blood draw. 

    Modern Fertility believes that by educating women and arming them with powerful information about their reproductive health, they are helping to close the fertility information gap, which in turn enables women to have more data to make the right choices for them about their reproductive journey. 

    The co-founders of Modern Fertility want to close the gap and make fertility testing available and affordable to all women. Traditional fertility testing can cost well over $1,000 out-of-pocket, and unfortunately, isn’t typically covered by insurance. The cost, plus the time you’ll spend visiting a doctor’s office to have said testing done is what makes telehealth companies like Modern Fertility so special. 

    If you’ve been struggling with your fertility or just want to be proactive, read on to learn how Modern Fertility is making the entire process an easy access experience with their at-home fertility and ovulation tests.   

    Modern Fertility Becomes Part of the Ro Family 

    As of late May 2021 when this review was published, Modern Fertility had just been acquired by Ro, the widely popular telehealth company behind Roman (Men’s Health), Rory (Women’s Health), Plentify (Weight Loss), Zero (Quit smoking), and Ro Pharmacy (Affordable prescriptions online). MF will be joining a company that celebrates overall health for all people and adding this platform to its arsenal of heavy hitters will help fill in the puzzle pieces of convenient and affordable healthcare. We couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition! 


    How Does Modern Fertility’s At-Home Test Work?

    If you’ve ever done an at-home test of any sort, you won’t be surprised by the following information. However, if you’re new to at-home testing, you’ll want to take this in. 

    Relatively speaking, most at-home tests are super simple. The process typically involves ordering, collecting a sample, sending the sample to the lab, and getting your results. Modern Fertility is quite the same. 

    Request a Test from Modern Fertility

    Before you can request a test from MF, you will need to first, take their online quiz. You will want to do this so the doctors know whether you’re trying for a child, have just started thinking about having kids, don’t want them at all, or are simply curious about your fertility. The quiz asks general things like, how old you are, how many kids you’d like to have, and if you’re on birth control (the birth control question is most important). 

    Once the quiz is complete, a doctor will review your request and order your test. How you answered the birth control question will be dependant on which test is ordered for you. If you aren’t on birth control, seven or your hormones will be measured. If you are on birth control, only one will be. However, the hormone that’s measured is the most important one, as it will give you insight into how many eggs you have left. 

    You can choose to take the test at home or if you’d rather a professional collect your blood sample, you can easily go to a local Quest Diagnostics lab where a lab tech will lend you a helping hand. 

    Collect your Sample

    Whether you’re taking the test at home or choosing the lab route, you’ll be asked to collect a blood sample. If you’re taking the test at home, follow the included instructions (very closely) and send the sample to the CLIA-Certified lab for analysis. If you’re afraid of needles or don’t like the sight of blood, you may want to opt for a trip to the QD lab (there is no added charge if you decide to go that way). 

    Get your Fertility Results

    Regardless of the route, you take (home or lab test), your results will be reviewed by a board-certified doctor and posted to your private dashboard within a few days. Many Modern Fertility reviewers have said their results came back on average in four days. 

    Is Modern Fertility Right for You?

    Before we get deeper into this review, let’s first chat about who these at-home tests are really for. The short answer is that Modern Fertility’s at-home tests are for any woman looking to educate themselves about their reproductive health. 

    The more in-depth answer includes women who are: 

    • Actively trying to get pregnant

    • Looking to have kids in the future

    • Considering freezing their eggs for IVF

    • Looking for insight into the ability to become pregnant

    • Want the peace of mind when it comes to their reproductive health

    • Experiencing a hormonal balance

    It is also a good idea to keep in mind that it takes two to tango (conceive a child). In fact, more often than you might think it’s the man’s sperm motility that’s hindering the baby-making process. Luckily, we’ve also reviewed three male fertility testing companies that can help your male counterpart. Check out the at-home male test options from Dadi, Yo, and Legacy to find out how he too can help speed along the process of the sperm meeting the egg. 

    You can even get $25 off with code RELIEFSEEKER when you purchase a testing kit from Dadi. 


    Products Offered by Modern Fertility

    Modern Fertility is most well-known for their at-home fertility tests, but they also offer a few other products, such as ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, and daily prenatal vitamins at an affordable price that comes along with support from the Modern Fertility community. 

    They also have a handy dandy ovulation tracking app (for FREE), which can be used with any ovulation tests or on its own. 

    Once you’ve decided to order a fertility testing kit, be rest assured that it will come with everything you need to supply your sample safely and (fingers crossed) pain-free. Each kit comes with very detailed instructions and will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. Because let’s be real, it’s no one else’s business what you’re doing with your body. 

    Modern Fertility At-Home Hormone Test

    First off, you may be asking, “Wait, what?! How in the world can a company offer comprehensive hormone testing from an at-home test?” The answer is simple--telemedicine and modern-day science. With both of these things, many companies have been able to offer people ways to skip trips to the doctor’s office, pharmacy, and lab altogether and have everything happen all from the comfort and privacy of their homes. 

    Modern Fertility offers a customized at-home hormone test based on your birth control, putting you in control of not only your reproductive health but your overall health. So, if you suspect you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance (which can occur for a myriad of reasons), are considering egg freezing, or are looking to get pregnant in the next few years, you can definitely benefit from the Modern Fertility at-home test. 

    It is important to note that this test is not recommended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or over 45, as these factors affect the balance in your hormones and can cause your results to come back inconclusive or incorrect. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding can, however, use this test for an update after they’ve given birth or stopped breastfeeding. 

    Which hormones does Modern Fertility test?

    MF tests for up to seven hormones (2 are tested if you’re on birth control) where you will learn about your ovarian reserve (how many eggs), Thyroid levels, any red flags for developing PCOS, menopause timeline, and egg freezing or IVF suggestions. The hormones that could be analyzed are: 

    1. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (can be tested on birth control) - AMH is the most important hormone for testing ovarian reserve.

    2. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (can be tested on birth control) - TSH regulates thyroid levels and health.

    3. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (can be tested if you’re not on hormonal birth control) - FSH grows follicles and starts ovulation. Too much can mean you need an extra push to get things going. 

    4. Estradiol (can be tested if you’re not on hormonal birth control) - A sex hormone made by the ovaries

    5. Free Thyroxine (can be tested if you’re not on hormonal birth control) - TF4 plays a role in thyroid health and is tested to get the best picture of function as it relates to fertility. 

    6. Prolactin (can be tested if you’re not on hormonal birth control) - Get milk production going and puts a pause on ovary production after you give birth. 

    7. Luteinizing Hormone (can be tested if you’re not on hormonal birth control) - Regulates the length of how long Aunt Flow sticks around for (your cycle). 

    What you get with the Modern Fertility Hormone Test

    Modern Fertility wants you to know that it’s one of their goals to be with you throughout the entire process. As soon as you order your test and once you get the results, an MF team member will be there to support you, answer any questions you might have, and direct you to other doctors or specialists if that’s what you wish. 

    When you order a fertility hormone test, you will receive: 

    • A customized test based on your birth control. Don’t fret if you’re taking birth control. All tests measure your AMH (the most reliable marker for ovarian reserve) and TSH. 

    • Clinicaly accurate doctor reviewed results

    • Personalized reports for you and for your Primary Care doctor that will explain how your hormones relate to ovarian reserve, egg freezing and IVF recommendations, menopause, and hormonal balance. 

    • Care Team Support where you can choose a one-on-one consultation with a fertility nurse. Plus, access to MF’s weekly “Egginar” (webinar) where you can ask any and all questions; big or small.

    • Access to the Modern Family Community where you can connect with other women and people going through the process. 

    Modern Fertility Ovulation Tests

    These strip tests track your LH levels day by day to help you determine your two most fertile days. Plus, it works in tandem with the free MF ovulation app.

    Modern Fertility Pregnancy Tests

    Test if you’re pregnant and trust the results. The MF pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate and can be tested up to five days before your missed period. 

    Modern Fertility Prenatal Multivitamin

    These vitamins were developed with OB-GYNs to prep your body now for kids whenever. Packed with 12 nutrients recommended by the American College of OBGYNs, including Folic Acid and Choline. They are easily digested and come in vegetarian capsules. 

    Is Modern Fertility Legit?

    In our honest opinions, yes, and here’s why --

    For one, Modern Fertility is offering the same test that you would get in a fertility clinic at a fraction of the cost. It gathers the same detailed, science-backed results about your reproductive health and hormone as the expensive tests and can be administered from your home! 

    Secondly, the team at MF offers ongoing support. Even after you’ve gone through the process, you will have access to their weekly Egginars and the Modern Fertility community where you can chat with licensed fertility nurses and other members about your fertility experience. 

    Lastly, MF works with some of the top medical advisors in the fertility game. Dr. Nataki Douglas is Chair of the MF Medical Advisory Board and received both her MD and Ph.D. from Yale. She spent a bunch of years at Columbia and recently joined Rutgers-NJ Med School as a Director in the OBGYN and Women’s Health Department. 

    Each test was developed by fertility experts and is always ordered by and reviewed by a board-certified physician where it’s tested for accuracy in a CLIA-accredited lab. Bottom line: no worries should be had. 


    How Much do the Modern Fertility Products Cost? 

    • Modern Fertility Hormone Test - $159

    • Includes, 1 Testing Kit (instructions, band-aids, finger-prick lancet, alcohol swab, blood-collecting paper)

    • Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test - $14

    • 4 pregnancy tests

    • Modern Fertility Ovulation Test - $16 

    • 20 ovulation strip tests

    • Modern Fertility Prenatal Vitamins - $30

    • 60 Vegetarian Capsules (30-Day Supply)

    • Modern Fertility App - FREE  

    • Available in iOS only 

    Even though the MF products are not covered by insurance, you can still use your employer’s HSA or FSA card to pay for your purchase. 

    What do We Think of Modern Fertility?

    Modern Fertility is revolutionizing the women’s reproductive health game and with their partnership with Ro they can only continue to create change and improve the entire process for women and people wanting to educate themselves about their fertility. 

    We say, head over to the Modern Fertility website, check out what they have going on and you’ll see that you can trust them for their accuracy, support, and most importantly affordability!