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Meditopia is a health app specifically focused on the art and practice of meditation. This app was designed to become your mental coach and will provide you with guided meditations, music, and contemplative content in a therapeutical context to improve and increase your mental wellbeing. 


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    Meditopia App Overview

    Meditopia is a meditation app that was thoughtfully designed to impact every part of your life and touch your soul. As one of the leading meditation apps on both Google Play and the App Store, Meditopia aims to help you be calm, reduce stress, sleep well, find inner peace, and start a journey to self-discovery through the practice of meditation. Meditating has many proven benefits, and with the help of the Meditopia app, you could be able to create a space for yourself in life and truly discover your happiness within. 

    With the Meditopia app, you’ll be able to enjoy curated content and programs that were developed by experts and influenced by Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to positively transform your life. Meditopia provides its users with over 1000 guided meditation sessions and music selections that are personalized for your needs and updated daily to keep things as interesting as possible. Offering a wide variety of programs that cover topics like anxiety, stress, focus, and sleep, Meditopia has something for just about everyone.

    Meditopia is unlike any other meditation app that we’ve reviewed; one because it mostly caters to non-English speaking markets, and two, because it is available in nine different languages, including Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and English. Meditopia reviewers especially appreciate that this app is culturally conscious -- that each culture around the world perceives the provided content differently. The developers worked with trained professionals in each of the available 75 regions to ensure that the content was tailored to meet each culture and language’s specific needs and nuances. 

    Like most things, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. No one person deals with life the same as the next; this includes ways to feel better and deal with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. However, Meditopia hopes to provide its users with an easy to follow meditation practice that will affect them in a positive and life-changing way. 

    If you’ve been interested in exploring meditation, read on to learn more about the Meditopia app. 


    How Does the Meditopia App Work?

    Meditopia strives to offer its users more than just guided meditation; they want each person to heal in a holistic way that’s grounded in breathing and relaxation techniques. The app markets itself as a mental coach that wants to make a positive impact in all areas of your life, not just your mental health but your overall lifestyle and the way you take on each day’s different challenges. Meditopia believes that mental wellbeing is rooted in the things that surround us and the ways in which we experience our daily lives. With Meditopia, you are able to learn the basics of meditation, listen to relaxing music and nature sounds, use a timer to meditate without guidance, and focus on different topics and/or emotions with their unique and specialized programs. 

    Meditopia topics include:

    • Foundations (Meditation 101)

    • Body awareness

    • Release stress

    • Sleep well

    • Acceptance

    • Self-confidence

    • Relationship Issues

    • Managing work-life

    • Motivation

    • Sexuality

    • Body positivity

    • Change and courage

    Guided meditations that focus on specific emotions include:

    • Anxiety

    • Loneliness

    • Happiness

    • Anger

    • Inadequacy

    • Gratitude

    • Compassion


    Each meditation is offered in nine languages and aims to cover the whole spectrum of human experiences with the goal of creating a safe space for each user to access the tools necessary for building up mental resilience and peace of mind. 

    The Meditopia app is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Upon signing in, you’ll be prompted to let the app know what you’d like to focus on, such as feelings of anxiety or relationship issues and how you’re feeling. This is a unique feature that will tailor which meditation programs are most beneficial for you at that moment. You are able to change your response at any time, as Meditopia wants its users to be anchored in the present. 

    Once your personalized programs have loaded, you’ll see four icons (sections) that will help you navigate through the app. These sections include Today, Discover, Sleep, and Music.


    The Today section offers up a variety of guided meditations that might be beneficial for the day ahead. Each meditation lasts between three and 20 minutes and is meant to provide small breaks that will eventually promote productivity. Depending on how you feel that day will determine the meditations that the app feels are best suited for you. 


    Discover is meant for just as it says; to explore all that meditation has to offer. In this section, you will find meditation basics, FAQs, and a flurry of topics that each have their own unique programs that will take you through five to seven guided meditation sessions. Suppose you’re not feeling up to browsing the ins and outs of each program. In that case, there is a quick start option that serves up a bunch of meditation topics that you can select depending on where you physically are, what time of the day it is or any feelings you might be experiencing. These options range from morning to walking to after work. One great feature of ‘discover’ is the blog section. Here you will find thoughtfully curated articles to better understand meditation, its benefits, and how to best deal with specific feelings. 


    Many people say that sleeping is the most important time of your day. Restful sleep will set you up for the next day’s success and keep your mind and health in tip-top shape. Meditopia not only has meditations and visualizations for a restful sleep but also offers its users over 30 bedtime stories to choose from. Who said bedtime stories are just for kids? Each meditation or story is meant to provide you with the ultimate way to relax and have the best possible sleep to take on the day ahead. 


    The music section is chock-full of soothing nature sounds and relaxing music to be used for just about any part of your day. Music is excellent for studying, staying focused while working, and cooking. Meditopia believes in the power of music and wants to be able to provide its users with music that will touch the soul. 


    How Much Does the Meditopia App Cost? 

    The Meditopia app is free to download and offers everyone a 7-day free trial to fully explore the app. They know there are many meditation app options available and want each person interested to make an informed and conscious decision that works for them. Free content includes four different courses, which total 30 guided meditations that will introduce you to the benefits of meditation.  

    Once the trial is up, Meditopia will cost you $59.99/year, which is comparable to its main competitors, Headspace ($70/year) and Calm (also $60/year); however, we think that Meditopia has more to offer in the way of personalized wellness programs than either of its competitors. With Meditopia’s premium subscription, you will have access to:

    • 1000+ guided meditations

    • Daily meditations on a new topic each day

    • Daily inspirational quotes

    • Personal note-taking to track your progress

    • Reminders of when to meditate and when to sleep

    • Bedtime stories

    • Meditopia blog

    What Do We Think of Meditopia?

    Meditopia is relatively similar to its competitors in the case of being able to download meditation sessions, track your progress, pricing, and choosing favorites, however, where we feel Meditopia really shines is in its cultural diversity and holistic approach to healing. The founders of Meditopia honestly believe that each person experiences and perceives things differently. They set out to make meditation and mental wellbeing attainable and accessible for anyone interested. Each topic included in the app is approached differently depending on where you’re from or the culture you belong to. The app has been downloaded in over 75 countries and is available in nine languages, making this app readily available worldwide. 

    Botton line: Meditopia is for everyone. We recommend at the very least giving them a try for seven days if you’re even the slightest bit interested in starting a meditation practice. We can’t guarantee you’ll be hooked, but we’d be surprised if you weren’t. Meditopia is where it’s at!