Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy Overview
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Couples Therapy

We all know romantic relationships are hard work, heck, relationships, in general are hard work, let alone one where you have to be a friend, lover, and confidant. At the very least, they require basic maintenance to keep them running smoothly, and if a problem arises it is best to try your best to repair it before it becomes a more complicated situation down the line. 

Some couples are capable of dealing with the basic maintenance, but most couples need that extra set of ears or an outsider’s opinion to deal with the heavier stuff. This is where a licensed professional’s come in to take a deeper look under the hood to help navigate what’s really going on. 

In research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family, more than 97% of couples said they were satisfied with the help they received in couples therapy.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy where a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with clinical experience, specifically with couples, helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain perspective into their relationship, improving their satisfaction by using a variety of therapeutic pathways. 

Most couples therapy involves focusing on a specific problem, active participation from all parties involved in a solution-focused environment with clear and agreed upon treatment goals.

Who Benefits From Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy aims to improve the long-term connection between two adults in a relationship. 

Couples that are considering therapy can benefit if:

  • They would like to improve sexual satisfaction, increase intimacy, or work on gaining more romance in their relationship 

  • They want to participate and communicate more productively when parenting issues arise

  • They would like to learn how to better manage stress-related issues, such as stress from work, health concerns, or parenting responsibilities

  • They need help navigating daily disagreements more effectively 

  • They are wanting to adjust to a major life transition, like after getting married or having their first child

  • They are wanting to come to an agreement over major life decisions, such as getting married, buying a home, or having a baby

  • They need help talking about the “hard to talk about” issues, such as money managing or joining back accounts

  • They would like to learn how to best support each other after a traumatic experience, like the loss of a family member or friend 

Regardless of the circumstance, a therapist is there to improve the couple’s communication process and encourage couples to state their feelings, desires, or thoughts in a concise manner and as their communication improves, the connection between the couple will hopefully deepen and become more intimate so they become better at resolving future disagreements. 

Online Therapy 

Online couples therapy has several advantages that are not supported in traditional face-to-face couples therapy. First, there is the opportunity for much more communication given the ability to share as much as one wants, without any interruptions. The format also provides each partner the time and space to process their partner’s response and reflect on what they’ve “heard” rather than only focusing on what they are going to say. Some individuals also find that they can explain themselves better through writing. This can then allow for more open and honest emotional expression, increasing intimacy among partners.

This method of couples therapy is ideal for couples that have very different schedules and are unable to coordinate a time to attend couples therapy sessions together. Also, couples with children who have difficulty finding childcare can greatly benefit from the accessibility of online therapy.

We’re reviewed many online therapy providers; here are a few that will hopefully work for you:



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