Clear Aligners (All-Day)

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Simply put, Smile Love is an internet-based company who deliver clear aligners right to your door. Similar to Invisalign, Smile Love offer one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways...
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Invisalign Treatment is a modern and sanitary treatment that straightens teeth and closes gaps that use several transparent and removable teeth aligners that apply consistent pressure on the...
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At-home teeth straightening is changing the way people transform their smiles. Historically, the only way to adjust your teeth was to see a dentist or orthodontist for braces or Invisalign....
Clear Aligners (All-Day) Overview
Table of Contents

All-Day Clear Aligners

All-day clear aligners straighten teeth comfortably and inexpensively, especially when compared to the comfort and price of traditional braces. They are a clear 

All-Day Aligners Vs. Nighttime Aligners

Currently, there are two types of aligners: all-day and nighttime aligners. All-day aligners are worn (as their name would suggest) during the day, while nighttime aligners must be worn for at least 10 hours at night.

The type of aligners you wear depends on your preference and teeth. Some people prefer to wear aligners at night when they’re not talking or interacting with other people. Wearing them at night allows you to avoid taking them out for meals, too.

Some people find nighttime aligners uncomfortable and report difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep while wearing them. 

An orthodontist may recommend one over the other depending on your teeth; some patients might need to wear aligners for longer periods, depending on the complexity of their straightening program. 

How All-Day Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligners work similarly to traditional braces. They are designed to make small movements slowly, by putting gentle pressure on your teeth with that pressure being transferred through the roots of your teeth to your upper and lower jaws. Your jaw bone responds to these movements by essentially moving the sockets. Because your teeth are connected to the sockets, your teeth go along for the ride.

How Do At-home All-Day Clear Aligners Work?

At-home aligners work the same as they would if you were having the treatment done by an in-person orthodontist. The only difference here is that you get to do everything from the comfort of your home. 

Do Clear Aligners Really Work?

Clear aligners are a good solution for correcting mild to moderately crowded or incorrectly spaced teeth. They are said to be most effective if your back teeth already fit together properly. In most cases, clear aligners are generally effective in correcting simpler problems and especially effective if you follow the instructions of your orthodontist on how to wear them. 

All-day aligners are to be worn at least 22 hours and should only be taken out when eating or brushing your teeth. 

Benefits of All-Day Clear Aligners

There are so many reasons why clear aligners are better than braces for most patients. At-home clear aligners are:

  • More comfortable than braces

  • Easy to remove for meals and brushing

  • Less expensive than traditional braces

  • Available through telemedicine (online) - no need to go to an orthodontist’s office for visits

  • Basically invisible 

How to Order Aligners

  1. Order a kit to take a 3D molded image of your teeth and send in the finished product

  2. Get your clear aligner in the mail

  3. Wear your all-day aligner as directed

How Many Hours Should You Wear All-Day Aligners?

Most all-day aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day — minimum — if you want them to straighten your teeth properly. Your aligner can (and should) be removed for meals and brushing your teeth.

How Much Do All-Day Clear Aligners Cost? 

Depending on the company you choose to purchase your aligners from will determine the final cost. The cost varies somewhere between $1500 and $8000, which is far less expensive than braces (the average cost of braces is $5,000 to 6,000). 

Of the providers that we recommend, below is a cost comparison:

  • Candid - $2,400

  • SmileDirect - $1,950

  • Byte - $1,895

  • Invisalign - $3,000 - $8,000 

  • SmileLove - $1,895

  • SnapCorrect - $1,749

All of the above providers have payment options and are happy to work with your insurance company so that you have the best opportunity to have the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Providers Offering All-Day Clear Aligners

The providers listed here have all been reviewed by our team, please explore each to find a clear aligner solution that works for you.