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Previously if you wanted straighter teeth you only had two options – braces or Invisalign. Both options are pretty expensive and inconvenient, with traditional braces also being a pain and just plain unsightly. Thankfully as 2019 draws, we have a much bigger choice thanks to the development of the home teeth alignment industry. It offers a safe, inexpensive and convenient option that has been proven to have several advantages over traditional orthodontics treatments. Despite being a fairly new industry, it is already packed with several names, all competing for your dollar and claiming to be the best option. Today we will be taking a closer look at byte, one of the newest brands in the home teeth alignment industry, who claim to have developed cutting edge technology that speeds up the alignment process.


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    Byte Company Overview

    Stared in 2018 by Dr Jon Marashi, the byte has a client list that could be mistaken for the cast of a Hollywood blockbuster thanks to the numerous celebrities singing its praises. Put as succinctly as possible, the byte is an online company who custom create and ship cost-effective clear aligners straight to your door. 

    While at first glance, byte may appear to be a more affordable version of Invisalign, with their clear aligners perfectly fitting the contours of your teeth and being far more discreet than metal wire braces. They do differ from the older and more established brand with their treatment that can be done entirely done from home, removing the need for a single visit to the dentist. Instead, the entire process is developed and overseen by one of byte’s fully licensed and board-certified orthodontists. This sets byte alongside the newer generation of competition which includes with Smile Direct Club, Candid and Smile Love.

    What truly sets byte apart from the rest of the field is the innovative spirit they’ve exhibited in the creative solutions they’ve developed in making at-home aligner treatment more accessible and affordable. The two best examples of this innovation are HyperByte, a process that reduces the length of aligner treatment by as much as 50%, and bytepay, guaranteed financing for byte’s aligner treatment regardless of the client’s credit score.

    Essentially, the byte is aiming to dominate the at-home aligner industry by using the latest dental technology, ensuring the shortest periods of treatment, backed up by an outstanding customer experience.  

    It’s worth remembering that a-home aligner treatment is regarded as being cosmetic and has only been developed to deal with moderate instances of spacing, crowding and mild issues relating to the bite.  Generally speaking, those suffering from more severe cases of the above are likely to see better results n-person treatment from an orthodontist.

    How Byte Works? 

    Before you get started in earnest, you are asked to complete a byte-sized question to find out if you are a suitable candidate for byte. The questions are:

    • What is your main motivation to improve your smile?
    • Have you previously worn braces or invisible aligners?
    • Tell us a little more about your teeth...
      • How's your teeth crowding?
      • How's your teeth spacing?
      • How's your byte?
    • Have you lost all your baby teeth?
    • What kind of insurance do you have?
    If you are a suitable candidate, the byte will send you an Impression Kit.

    STEP 1 – Making a good impression

    In your Impression Kit, you will find everything you need to send byte an accurate model of your mouth in under 20 minutes from the comfort of your home.

    Step 2- Review your new smile.

    ‍Once you have submitted your impressions, one of byte’s qualified and licensed orthodontists will first assess if you are a suitable candidate for aligner treatment. If you are, the orthodontist will then review your impressions and use them as the basis to create a personalized aligner treatment plan for your set of teeth. The treatment will usually require you to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, allowing your teeth to gradually shift over 2 to 4 months. You will also receive an interactive 3D model of how you can expect your teeth to look after completing byte’s aligner treatment program.

    Step 3 - Straighten your teeth, fast

    If you are happy with your projected smile and give byte the go-ahead, they will create and then ship your custom aligners, HyperByte and BrightByte to your door for free. Your aligners HyperByte and BrightByte are all covered by a lifetime guarantee.

    HyperByte, one of the byte’s greatest innovations, speeds up the treatment process by up to 50%. All you need to do with HyperByte is bite down on the device for 5 minutes every day. Gentle high-frequency vibrations will stimulate the bone structures in your mouth, helping the teeth shift faster.

    How much does Byte cost? 

    Byte is significantly cheaper than both traditional wire braces and Invisalign by removing the need for in-person consultations with a dentist or an orthodontist. These visits actually account for a significant portion of Invisalign’s $4,000 - $8,000 sticker price. By negating the need for these visits, byte comes in at a far more reasonable cost. 

    Clear All-day Aligners - $1,895

    Clear Nighttime Aligners - $2,295

    How is Byte Different?

    At first glance, there isn’t much that distinguishes byte from Invisalign both create and ship clear aligners to the client’s door. But scratch the surface and you will find a number of key differences, apart from the previously mentioned saving through removing the need for in-person appointments.


    byte claims that there is actually another benefit that comes with not needing in-person appointments – it fits into a busy lifestyle, making it more convenient. In fact, when you combine that and the fact that the average treatment period is only 3 months, versus the 12 months Invisalign requires, it is hard to dispute their claim.

    One patient, one orthodontist 

    From the moment you submit your impressions, the byte will assign you a personal orthodontist who will oversee the development of your treatment plan, creation of your 3D treatment preview, and be on hand to answer any of your concerns at the point in your process.

    Byte has a network with over 50 qualified and licensed orthodontists while some of the competition only offers access to a dentist OR orthodontist, with some even only working with dental professionals. 

    A dental professional is someone trained to use computer software to create treatment plans under the supervision of a licensed dentist. An orthodontist on the other hand undergoes 6 years of post-graduate studies in which time they master the science of adjusting teeth.

    Innovative bytes

    We have already discussed HyperByte but it is not the only innovation byte have in their dental quiver. Smile Science is a software program used by byte’s orthodontists to help them create a smile that compliments your unique facial features. This program is backed up by a specialized treatment process that has been created by Dr. John Mahrashi, Chief Cosmetic Dentist and founder of the byte.

    Byte PROS

    • byte only works with orthodontists (dentists who specialize in the straightening of teeth), which means that your treatment plan will always be created by someone with specialized training in crafting beautiful smiles.
    • byte offers a significantly shorter period of treatment, often lasting only 3 months 
    • With byte, your new smile has a lifetime guarantee. If your teeth happen to shift after you’ve completed your treatment byte will supply you with a free set of new aligners to readjust your teeth. This truly is a lifetime guarantee as they will honor this offer no matter how many years have passed since you underwent your aligner treatment with them. 
    • bytepay is guaranteed financing for byte’s aligner treatment regardless of the client’s credit score.
    • byte recently introduced a night-time-only offering for those whose schedules are more demanding. 
    • Provide you with your first set of retainers for free, while most of the competition charge extra for this.

    Byte CONS

    • byte has only been available for a couple of years and doesn't have an extensive track record like other companies. Their early reviews are promising, but it will take time for their service quality to be fully vetted.
    • byte doesn’t currently have any retail locations, so you’ll need to order an impression kit to get started. While ordering a kit doesn’t obligate you to purchase treatment, it is non-refundable if you are approved. No physical locations also mean you'll be on your own to take the impression, without the support of a professional.
    • We assume that byte works with a reputable clear aligner producer, but can’t verify it because byte does not currently disclose their partnership.

    What do we think about Byte?

    Their customer support which is based out of the US is one the best in the industry. Although Byte's cost is in the upper bracket when compared with other aligners in the market it still enjoys considerable trust from public figures and its customers. The use of the latest technology makes helps them provide better services and great results. The way they perceive the process of this treatment is also worth noting as that gives them a great advantage compared to their counterparts.