Clear Aligners (Nighttime)

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    Nighttime Clear Aligners

    Nighttime clear aligners straighten teeth while you sleep. They’re comfortable and don’t get in the way of eating, brushing your teeth — or cramp your trendy style.

    Nighttime Aligners Vs. All-Day Aligners

    Right now, patients can choose from both day and nighttime aligners. Orthodontists recommend patients who need longer teeth-straightening treatments opt for daytime aligners. Since nighttime aligners are only worn while sleeping and on average, people sleep anywhere from six to 10 hours, that it takes longer to see results as opposed to using all-day aligners.  

    All-day aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours in a 24-hour period; wearing the aligners for less time can prolong your treatment length. All-day aligners are more similar in efficacy to traditional braces as they stay on the teeth throughout the day. 

    How Nighttime Clear Aligners Work

    Nighttime aligners work similarly to traditional braces and all-day aligners. They straighten your teeth over the course of a few months. The biggest difference is that they do so while you sleep. Much like that nighttime retainer you had back in middle school, nighttime aligners do all the heavy lifting after dark. However, it is important to note that because you're not wearing the nighttime aligner for more than eight to ten hours a day, it often takes more time to straighten your teeth as opposed to using an all-day aligner or braces. 

    Nighttime aligners are best for people that have mildly crooked teeth or aren't looking for a super quick fix. Many reviewers of nighttime clear aligners have said that on average, it took more than one year to get the results they were looking for.  

    Pros and Cons of Nighttime Clear Aligners

    Nighttime clear aligners are easy to wear and more discreet than most all-day aligners. 


    • Flexible treatment plan and extremely discreet--wear them on your terms
    • Comfortable enough to wear all night long
    • Worn for 10 hours, rather than 22 (all-day aligners), or all the time (traditional braces)
    • Less expensive than traditional braces


    • Treatment takes longer comparatively 
    • Best for minor teeth straightening only 
    • Could lead to more discomfort as teeth are constantly in a stage of shifting 

    How to Order Nighttime Aligners

    1. Order a 3D imaging kit from the teeth straightening company of your choice (see below for the companies we recommend)
    2. Get your aligner in the mail
    3. Wear your aligner at night as directed

    How Many Hours Should You Wear Nighttime Aligners?

    Most nighttime aligners need to be worn for 10 hours a day — minimum. They should never be worn when you’re brushing your teeth, eating, or drinking. 

    Providers Offering Nighttime Clear Aligners