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Simply put, Smile Love is an internet-based company who deliver clear aligners right to your door. Similar to Invisalign, Smile Love offer one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of straightening teeth and boosting self-confidence. Their clear aligners are custom-made for each client, ensuring they fit perfectly, are far less noticeable than traditional braces and the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home with no need to visit a dental expert.Smile Love is one of the newer clear aligner companies that are changing the world of orthodontics. Join us as we take a closer look at their offering.


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    SmileLove Company Overview

    The last few years have seen a revolution taking place in the orthodontics market. For decades the there was only one way to straighten your teeth – go to an orthodontist, have metal braces fitted and return every month to have the tension of the wire braces adjusted. Not only was this inconvenient and time consuming, but it was also expensive (total costs range between $5,000 - $6,000). What really put the icing on the cake is that for this large amount you were rewarded with a mouth full of metal, restricting what you could eat and drink and making oral hygiene a real task.

    Thankfully a functional alternative has been developed, addressing each of the issues we’ve mentioned that come part and parcel with the traditional solution. Today at-home teeth straightening is changing the way we improve our smiles and getting that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of has never been easier or cheaper.

    One of the newer players in this field, Smile Love has been operating since 2017 and compete with more established names like SmileDirectClub, Candid, byte and Snapcorrect. Smile Love aims to capture a large share of the market by being one of the most affordable at-home clear aligner options. Smile Love has a number of licensed orthodontists who oversee your treatment process remotely.


    Is SmileLove right for you?

    Smile Love aims to compete with the more established names based on 4 key areas:

    • They claim to offer the cost-effective aligner treatment available.
    • If the patient does like the preview of how their teeth should look by the end of the treatment or if their specialists deem a candidate unsuitable for aligners, they will receive a full refund
    • Smile Love provide the client with their first set of retainers for free, something many aligner companies charge for 
    • They also include a free premium tooth whitening kit 
    • The full amount can be paid upfront, entitling the client to a significant saving or enter into a monthly payment plan


    • Receive your clear aligners at home, with the entire process overseen by an orthodontic expert 
    • No need to waste your time or money with visits to the dentist 
    • Receive everything you need in a single shipment, delivered straight to your door 
    • The average treatment period is only 6-8 months
    • The clear aligners are easily removed, making mealtimes and brushing a cinch   


    • The high-quality materials used to create the aligners ensure a comfortable 
    • Smile Love claim their aligners are noticeably less noticeable than the matte-finished products offered by their competitors 
    • Their aligners are constructed using Essix plastic, regarded as being the leading material when it comes to wear and durability
    • Smile Love aligners have been approved by the FDA and free of all BPAs 


    • Smile Love offer their clients a high level of customer service throughout their Smile Love journey
    • Clients can receive guidance at any point via video call 
    • Questions can be answered in real-time via text or instant chat 

    How SmileLove Works?

    Smile Love have adopted what seems to be the industry format when it comes to how the process works.

    Step 1 - Eligibility

    • The first thing you need to do is answer an online survey. Questions include:
    • Are you 15 or older?
    • Have all of your baby teeth fall out?
    • For you to love your smile, how much teeth movement is required?
    • Have you worn braces in the past?

    Next, you are asked to upload a photograph of your teeth. A Smile Love dental expert will review your answers and photo and decide if you are suitable for treatment via aligners. If you are you will be sent an impression kit.

    Step 2 – Impression Kit

    Next, Smile Love will send you a kit that contains everything you need to make dental moulds at home. Simply follow the included instructions and you will have a highly detailed mould of your teeth. After a week or two of returning your impressions to Smile Love, one of their licensed orthodontists will get to work creating on your treatment preview. This preview is a digital version showing the current state of your teeth and what they will look like by the end of the treatment process. If you are happy with the end result, you can order your aligners. If their experts deem you to be unsuitable for aligners or you aren’t impressed, you will receive a full refund.

    Step 3 – The Aligners

    If you are happy with the treatment preview, Smile Love will mail you your Aligner Kit all at once. Each set of aligners should be worn for two weeks before moving onto the next set for the duration of your treatment. Barring unforeseen delays or extenuating circumstances, your aligners will arrive 4-6 weeks after returning your impressions. 

    Step 4 – Caring for your new smile

    Your treatment is basically over and by this point, you will already have your perfect new smile. Smile Love will supply with your first set of retainers. These are essential and prevent your teeth from sliding back to their old position. For the first 2 months after treatment has ended, they should be worn for 22 hours per day. Thereafter they only need to be worn during the night.

    How much does SmileLove cost? 

    Smile Love claims to have the lowest prices in the aligner market, with their clear aligners costing 75% less than traditional wire braces and being significantly cheaper than any of the other clear aligner brands currently in the market.

    Impression Kit - $79

    Aligner Treatment - $1,895 

    Retainers & Whitening – no cost

    Monthly Payment Plan - $250 down payment and 24 monthly payments of $79

    How is SmileLove Different?


    At Smile Love, licensed and certified orthodontists review, approve and build a customized aligner treatment plan for each. If their orthodontists decide that aligner treatment is not suitable for a particular case, or if the client is unhappy with their treatment preview, Smile Love refund all payments in full. 

    All-in-one package

    Smile Love will send you everything you need for your aligner treatment is mailed all at once shipped right to your door.

    This will include:

    • All your clear aligners
    • Aligner carrying case
    • Tray Spray
    • Post-treatment retainers
    • Lip balm
    • Premium whitening 

    You can get an aligner for just your top or bottom jaw, rather than  

    Please note that while you may only require an upper or lower, Smile Love’s orthodontists will still need impressions of both since they need to make sure that your bite is perfectly aligned, so the treatment cost will the same as if receiving aligners for both the top and bottom jaws.


    Smile Love pride themselves on their levels of customer service and their well-trained support team are available to answer your questions at any stage of treatment via email, call, text, online chat, or video call.

    SmileLove PROS

    • More affordable pricing than most other clear aligner companies
    • Free retainers with the purchase of the aligners
    • Comes with a complimentary whitening kit
    • Treatment typically lasts around 7-8 months
    • Smile love aims to be the most affordable provider in the industry. While their listed price is pretty even compared to the competition, they always have a special of some sort that makes them significantly cheaper than the rest 
    • Smile Love is the only company currently offering a pro-rated refund if you are unsatisfied with the progress of your treatment 
    • Like Candid and byte, all of Smile Love’s treatment plans are designed by licensed orthodontists.


    • Smile Love is fairly new and unproven
    • At the moment Smile Love is only available in the United States 
    • Smile Love is still fairly small and are still building up their track record yet. 
    • Competitors, like Candid and SmileDirectClub, are partnered with large, well known and highly regarded tech providers, helping them create a high-quality product and service
    • While Smile Love uses Essix plastics, a trusted dental product supplier, the competition is partnered with specialists in aligner production like Align Technology and ClearCorrect

    What do we think about SmileLove?

    Let’s be frank – traditional wire braces are outdated and should be consigned to the scrap heap. The future, it seems, lies in clear dental aligners. While most of the at-home aligner providers follow the same procedure, there are a few reasons why Smile Love should always be considered – their low cost, uses of qualified orthodontists and willingness to offer a prorated refund to those unhappy with the progress of their treatment.