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These impressive figures are achieved through the use of a pharmaceutical process that takes place in a cGMP certified facility. This ensures that every batch produced by Koi can be traced along every step from start to finish.


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    Brand Name: Koi Cbd
    Product Reviewed: Koi Naturals CBD Tinctures

    Thanks to the many recent amendments to the law, which now permits businesses to ship CBD oil and other hemp products around the United States, the CBD industry is booming and is currently valued at well over $2 billion. This boom means that there suddenly seems to be a huge increase in the number of brands that have each introduced several products. While this may first seem like a positive, the simple fact of the matter is that not all CBDs are equal. Just as in every other industry, you have the brands that have made an investment, done the research, and spent huge amounts of time and capital to create quality products. On the flip side, you also get the companies who are just out to make a quick buck with inferior or even counterfeit products.


    In the latest of our CBD oil reviews, today we will be putting Koi CBD and their CBD oils under the microscope to see where they fit in on the CBD landscape.

    Opening up shop back in 2015, Koi CBD is a California-based company that creates 0% THC CBD oils products with 99% cannabidiol. These impressive figures are achieved through the use of a pharmaceutical process that takes place in a cGMP certified facility. This ensures that every batch produced by Koi can be traced along every step from start to finish.

    While Koi CBD is known for its impressive range of products, today we will be focusing on their organic CBD oil products.


    So, as we already mentioned, Koi are known for their rather unique and innovative range of hemp-derived CBD oil products. Their full range includes:

    •       CBD tinctures
    •       CBD vape juice
    •       Vape pens
    •       CBD gummie bears
    •       And even a range of pet-friendly CBD products

    Koi Naturals CBD Tinctures is a full-spectrum CBD oil product that makes use of CO2 extracted CBD oil and offers users a complex solution.  Consisting of a combination of CBD, CBN, CBDV, CBG, and coconut oil as a carrier, which ensures rapid delivery of the CBD, and speedy digestion, the Koi Naturals CBD range of tinctures consist of 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg variants all sold in 30ml bottles. A nice differentiator between Koi and the rest of the competition is that each strength is available in 4 different flavors - Natural, Spearmint, Orange, and Lemon-Lime.

    Health-conscious users will be glad to note that the product is 100% natural and, even though it is flavored, contains no artificial flavorings. Each bottle comes standard with a dropper for sub-lingual use. It can also be added to food and drinks.

    Perhaps the best feature of the product being full-spectrum is that it encourages the Entourage Effect


    With this effect, it was proven that CBD is more effective when it consists of a number of cannabinoids as they complement each other, work together and increase the potency of the product.


    At first, you may wonder why the color of the oil is even a factor. But when dealing with an all or mostly natural product with no artificial colorants, the natural color can tell you quite a bit.

    The color is almost always dependent on the type and quality of filtration the product undergoes. There are three different forms of CBD oil, each the result of a different filtration process - raw, decarboxylated, and filtered.

    Raw CBD oil undergoes no further filtration once the oil has been extracted from the plant. This usually means that the resultant oil will appear greenish in color thanks to the chlorophyll that remains in the oil.

    Decarboxylated CBD oil usually has a dark green to almost black look to it and is quite thick in consistency and said to be easily absorbed by the body.

    Filtered CBD oils are the gold standard of the industry. This filtering process removes the vast majority of excess material found in the original oil, giving it a clear, golden appearance and palatable taste. It is also the most expensive form as oils produced in this way contain the highest concentration of CBD.

    Due to the product being filtered, it is quite transparent and runny, both excellent signs of a great product. Please bear in mind that the products are flavored and that this may have an effect on their coloring which may be different from the usual golden tone a top-quality unflavored oil would possess.


    The 4 flavors - Natural, Spearmint, Orange, and Lemon-Lime – are great. They totally cover any organic flavor and don’t leave a chemical taste like some other flavored products might. The same can be said when it comes to the aroma – pleasant and not overpowering with no real aftertaste.


    Koi CBD is definitely creating a positive reputation among its users. While Koi Naturals products may seem expensive compared to the competition, this is very much a case of paying for what you get. It is a premium, high-quality product and we believe their prices are justified. This is definitely a product that should be on every CBD user's shortlist. Use Koi Naturals coupon code and Koi Naturals promo code to avail best offers on their products. 



    Price: $29.99 (100mg) - $399.96 (1000mg)

    Range: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and Variety Pack 100mgx5 (for the price of 4)

    Base: Not stated

    Ingredients: CBD isolate, food-grade vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and natural flavorings

    Extraction: Natural isolate extraction process

    Testing:  ‎Lab Certified

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states