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Brillia creates and ships supplements to help adults, teens, and children manage their ADD/ADHD, anxiety, stress, and hyperactive symptoms. This company pairs its supplements with lifestyle advice and behavioral change recommendations to treat both the conditions themselves as well as accompanying symptoms. 
Phoenix, Arizona | Founded 2016
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    Brillia Company Overview 

    This online ADD/ADHD specialist uses a holistic approach to help adults and children find relief from their symptoms. In addition to providing supplements, Brillia provides information on lifestyle changes and healthy habits that can lead to reduced symptoms of not just ADD and ADHD — but also stress and anxiety

    Brillia’s supplements are non-prescription and do not have harsh or harmful side effects or long-term effects. It's a cumulative, gentle supplement that may take several weeks to start working, so it’s not a quick-fix or substitute for prescriptions, such as Xanax or sleep aids. 

    It simply and gently allows children, teens, and adults to improve focus and attention while reducing anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity. Essentially, it addresses the condition itself — not just the symptoms.

    Is Brillia Right For You? 

    Brillia was designed for adults, teens, and children that suffer from attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety, and stress. It was specially designed for people that want to incorporate a supplement with lifestyle changes.

    The company follows five holistic lifestyle pillars:

    • Brillia supplements
    • Controlled screen time
    • Mindfulness/relaxation
    • Quality sleep
    • Proper nutrition 

    This supplement may be right for if you or your child need to:

    • Reduce hyperactivity
    • Lower impulsivity
    • Manage anxiety
    • Enhance clarity
    • Improve focus
    • Manage symptoms without prescription medications
    • Get help with lifestyle changes
    • Take supplements in chewable form
    • Try a holistic supplement with a 100% money-back guarantee

    Brillia is also right for you if you don’t:

    • Have a prescription for ADD/ADHD medication
    • Want harsh side effects
    • Know the severity of your symptoms
    • Currently take medication for attention deficit disorders

    Is Brillia Credible?

    Brillia’s supplements were created based on scientific research. This supplement regulates S-100 protein, using targeted ingredients to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, and ADD/ADHD. 

    It’s not habit-forming, doesn’t cause drowsiness, and doesn’t change personality. It also doesn’t tote harsh side-effects (such as depression, drowsiness, or weight loss) that many prescriptions carry. It doesn’t interact or interfere with other medications.

    Brillia is both gluten and nut-free (though it does contain lactose).

    It’s manufactured in Lithuania at a GMP-certified facility that uses Bosch, IMA, and Marchesini equipment. 

    The company abides by FDA standards and regulations.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Brillia  

    Brillia’s supplements are formulated to treat anxiety, stress, and ADD/ADHD in both children and adults. 

    The most common types of conditions Brillia treats include:

    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD

    How Brillia Works

    It’s super easy to get ADD/ADHD relief for children and adults through this platform. Simply choose your dosage and delivery frequency, and start getting focused.

    1. Choose Your Treatment

    For adults, choose between mild, moderate, and severe symptoms; for children, choose between moderate and severe symptoms. If you don’t know if your symptoms are mild, moderate, or severe, Brillia recommends starting with supplements that treat moderate symptoms and tweaking your dosage as needed.

    2. Get Your Supplements

    Your supplements will arrive in the mail. Brillia recommends spreading out dosages throughout the day and avoiding doubling up on dosages. 

    You may need to adjust your dosage as needed. 

    For children, Brillia recommends taking one pill in the morning, one mid-day, and one around two hours before bed. If your child can’t take the second dose around lunchtime because of school, Brillia recommends taking that dose right after school. 

    3. Start Feeling Better

    Since Brillia is a supplement, it may take a few weeks to start feeling its effects. The company recommends taking it for three months to feel the full effect.

    Brillia Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Brillia specializes in over-the-counter supplements for adults and children suffering from ADD and ADHD. The company also places an emphasis on behavioral and lifestyle changes that can help individuals attain better focus and concentration.

    Yet, if you suffer from any condition outside the realm of attention disorders, we recommend checking out one of our other providers.

    If you need medical treatment for ADD and/or ADHD, we recommend contacting an online doctor for a prescription. 

    Brillia also doesn’t replace your primary care provider. If you need an online doctor or have an urgent care issue, we recommend contacting the appropriate company. 

    As always, if you need immediate emergency care or medical attention, call 911. 

    Pricing: How Much Does Brillia Cost? 

    Brillia’s pricing is very transparent. All costs are posted online, and you can see the cost of supplements before you commit to buying. The prices for Brillia supplements are as follows:

    Brillia for Adults

    Mild one-month supply: $86

    Mild one-month auto-refill subscription: $73.10

    Moderate one-month supply: $129

    Moderate one-month auto-refill subscription: $109.65

    Severe one-month supply: $172

    Severe one-month auto-refill subscription: $142.60

    Mild three-month supply: $146

    Mild three-month auto-refill subscription: $135

    Moderate three-month-month supply: $263

    Moderate three-month auto-refill subscription: $247

    Severe three-month supply: $335

    Severe three-month auto-refill subscription: $315

    Brillia for Children

    Moderate one-month supply: $66

    Moderate one-month auto-refill subscription: $56.10

    Severe one-month supply: $99

    Severe one-month auto-refill subscription: $84.15

    Moderate three-month-month supply: $120

    Moderate three-month auto-refill subscription: $114

    Severe three-month supply: $200

    Severe three-month auto-refill subscription: $190

    Brillia doesn’t accept health insurance, but you can pay for the product with funds in your health savings account (HSA). 

    What Do We Think About Brillia?

    We’re happy to see a company has taken a holistic approach to managing anxiety, stress, and attention deficit disorders. 

    With all of the medications currently on the market that tote harsh side effects, it’s nice to see an alternative for consumers. We also love Brillia’s commitment to education and treating the whole condition — not just the symptoms.

    We love Brillia’s transparent pricing (as well as the supplements’ low cost). 

    We’re impressed with its five pillars of stress, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD management. It’s obvious that this company doesn’t have a one-and-done approach to healthcare and understands that managing symptoms starts with behavioral changes — not just medication. 

    If you or your child suffer from ADD/ADHD, anxiety, stress, or hyperactivity, we recommend checking out Brillia’s supplements.