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Done is a network of doctors that specialize in attention deficit disorder. Patients can chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner, get nutritional and lifestyle advice, and get diagnosed with ADHD all one platform. Doctors and nurses write prescriptions and have medication sent right to patients’ homes. 

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Table of Contents

    Done Company Overview 

    This digital clinic specializes in ADHD medication prescriptions, advice on lifestyle changes, and treating the whole patient (not just the symptoms). 

    Doctors on the platform understand that patients suffering from ADHD often get a ‘late start’ or need extra resources to ensure success. Since ADHD has such a stigma surrounding it, many sufferers of this disorder get dinged on performance reviews or worry that coworkers will think they're ‘lazy’ or simply not pulling their weight.

    Done was created to help everyone get a fair chance at life — despite their ADHD diagnosis. 

    Is Done Right For You? 

    Done is a telemental health provider that specializes in taking a holistic approach to ADHD prescriptions and treatments. Done is for you if you:

    • Want medications delivered right to your door
    • Would rather chat with a doctor via phone, message, or video chat than in-person
    • Crave a wide variety of holistic treatments to choose from
    • Need lifestyle advice in addition to medication prescriptions
    • Want information on supplements in addition to medication prescriptions
    • Need a doctor or nurse practitioner that specializes specifically in ADHD medication and treatments
    • Are interested in how exercise, yoga, and mindfulness activities (such as the ones in health apps) can help ease the symptoms of ADHD when used in tandem with supplements and/or medication
    • Are worried about taking stimulants to ease symptoms of ADHD

    Is Done Credible?

    Done is a network of board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners. Even nurse practitioners on this site specialize in attention disorders and psychiatric care. Doctors and nurses on the platform have graduated from universities, such as the University of California, San Francisco, and UCLA. 

    They’ve also held prestigious positions at nationally-recognized hospitals and medical centers, such as Kaiser Permanente

    All doctors on the platform believe in collaborative medicine, meaning they don’t just ‘prescribe’ treatments or doctor-splain to patients. Instead, they work with patients to determine the right course of action. 

    Many of the platform’s doctors also take a holistic approach to medicine, combining mind, body, and spirit. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Done  

    Done specializes in writing prescriptions for both stimulants and non-stimulants for ADHD. This online psychiatrist network understands that not all patients are interested in stimulant meds. In fact, many ADHD patients forgo treatments altogether because they’re afraid of the harsh side effects some stimulants might offer. 

    The most common types of treatments prescribed for ADHD include:


    • Dexedrine (short-acting)
    • Focalin (short-acting)
    • Adderall (intermediate-acting)
    • Adderall XR (long-acting)
    • Concerta (long-acting)
    • Daytrana (long-acting)
    • Focalin XR (long-acting)


    • Tenex (short-acting)
    • Wellbutrin (short-acting)
    • Wellbutrin SR (intermediate-acting)
    • Intuniv (long-acting)
    • Kapvay (long-acting)
    • Wellbutrin XL (long-acting)
    • Strattera (long-acting)

    Doctors on Done’s platform may also offer non-medication treatment advice, such as lifestyle changes and self-care techniques. Doctors can advise cutting out possible allergens from a patient’s diet 

    Don’t know if you’re allergic to certain foods or suffer from food sensitivities? We recommend ordering an at-home testing kit to diagnose any food allergies. 

    How Done Works

    It’s super easy to order your ADHD meds and get advice on managing your symptoms through this platform. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    1. Fill Out a Consultation Form

    Start by filling out a free assessment (it only takes one minute, and there are only six questions on the assessment!). If you’re a good fit for Done, you’ll be asked to book an appointment with a doctor.

    1. Book an Appointment

    If your assessment shows that you may have ADHD, you’ll need to book an appointment with a doctor to diagnose your symptoms. You book online or in-person appointments. 

    1. Start Feeling Better

    After your appointment, you’ll get your ADHD meds delivered right to your door. You’ll also get follow-up appointments with your doctor and adjust your plan as necessary. Your doctor may recommend changing your dosage or adding other lifestyle changes. Meds can also be refilled right through your Done doctor. 

    Done NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Done is a digital clinic that specializes in prescribing ADHD medication. It is not a substitute for a general practitioner or a psychologist. If you are in an emergency situation and need help immediately, call 911. Done does not offer:

    • Urgent care services
    • Emergency care services
    • Primary care services
    • Services for patients under the age of 18

    Pricing: How Much Does Done Cost? 

    Done’s pricing is extremely transparent; this platform charges a flat fee for diagnosing, a consultation, and meds. Every patient on the Done platform receives a:

    • Consultation
    • Diagnosis
    • Personalized treatment plan
    • ADHD medications delivered to their door
    • Free delivery
    • Ongoing treatment plan adjustments

    The cost for the above services is:

    Initial appointment/plan: $400

    Ongoing care: $59/month.

    Patients are free to cancel services at any time. 

    Done does not accept health insurance; you may be able to pay for your ADHD medications with funds from your health savings account. Contact your savings account provider for confirmation. 

    What Do We Think About Done?

    We’re impressed how easy Done has made getting ADHD medication. This telehealthcare provider has streamlined prescriptions and easy communication with doctors. 

    We love that there’s no need to leave the house or head to a doctor’s office if you want to get tested for ADHD. Plus, all medications are delivered directly to your home, so you don’t need to wait in line at the pharmacy anymore either.

    Done also specializes in offering advice on lifestyle changes and diet tweaks to help ease the symptoms of ADHD; we also appreciate that the platform understands that some patients may not love the idea of harsh stimulants and prefer alternatives to some of the most common medications for the disorder.

    If you suffer from ADHD (or need a diagnosis), we recommend checking out Done. You’ll get matched with an online doctor that can write you an online prescription — no trip to the doctor’s office or pharmacy necessary!