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Find out the differences between clear aligners and braces — as well as the major companies that will ship clear aligners directly to your home. 

byte review
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Why We Like Them
Previously if you wanted straighter teeth you only had two options – braces or Invisalign. Both options are pretty expensive and inconvenient, with traditional braces also being a pain and just plain unsightly. Thankfully as 2019 draws, we have a much bigger choice thanks to the development of the home teeth alignment industry. It offers a safe, inexpensive and convenient option that has been prov...
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Smile Direct Club
Smile Direct Club review
Teeth Straightening
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$100 OFF
Why We Like Them
Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman, founders of Smile Direct Club, first met each other at a summer camp when they were both 13 years old and with mouths full of metal thanks to their braces. Years later, the by-then firm friends reminisced over the early years and became convinced that there had to be a more cost-effective and less intrusive way to have a perfect set of teeth. The two soon partnered...
Candid review
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Get clear aligners for straight teeth from Candid! Right now you can get $200 OFF if you visit a studio OR a $20 at-home starter kit using code ATHOME. Eliminate crowding, gaps, and overlapping to get the smile you've always wanted!
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SmileLove review
Teeth Straightening
Why We Like Them
Simply put, Smile Love is an internet-based company who deliver clear aligners right to your door. Similar to Invisalign, Smile Love offer one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of straightening teeth and boosting self-confidence. Their clear aligners are custom-made for each client, ensuring they fit perfectly, are far less noticeable than traditional braces and the entire process ca...
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SnapCorrect review
Teeth Straightening
Why We Like Them
At-home teeth straightening is changing the way people transform their smiles. Historically, the only way to adjust your teeth was to see a dentist or orthodontist for braces or Invisalign. Today, home clear aligner products like SnapCorrect make getting the smile you want affordable and convenient.SnapCorrect was one of the first home aligner companies to come to market, and with some of the lowe...
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Teeth straightening has come a long way in the past few decades. Gone are the days of painful, eye-sore traditional braces. These days, you can straighten your teeth on your own time using clear aligners that can be removed for up to several hours a day.

At-Home Vs. In-Office Clear Aligners

Back in the day, all orthodontic patients needed to visit an in-person orthodontist to get their teeth straightened. 

It could take years for braces to straighten your teeth. 

And have you seen braces? They were painful, clunky pieces of metal that would cut the insides of your mouth — and looked super awkward to boot.

These days, straightening your teeth is so much easier. Simply order a teeth straightening kit, follow the instructions, and wear your aligners for the prescribed amount of time. 

How Long Does At-Home Teeth Straightening Take?

The average time it takes to straighten teeth with clear aligners is just under one year. If your teeth don’t need much straightening, you may end up wearing your aligners for less than 12 months; if your teeth are very crowded or need some extra TLC, you may need to wear your aligners for up to two years.

The minimum treatment time for clear aligners is usually about four months.

The good news is that at-home aligners are virtually invisible, so you won’t need to worry about the way they look. You can also take them out to eat, so you don’t need to avoid hard foods (as you would with braces).

If you opt for nighttime clear aligners, you can even avoid wearing them during the day altogether.

How At-Home Teeth Straightening Works

At-home teeth straightening is super easy. It usually takes under three steps to get a straighter smile. Depending on the company you choose, you may need to start with a kit or scan — both of which you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike Invisalign (that doesn’t offer at-home treatment options), companies like Smile Direct Club offer the option to head to a clinic for office visits to get your teeth scanned. If you don’t want to leave the house, you can simply order an impression kit instead. 

Once you get your kit in the mail, follow the instructions to make an impression of your teeth, send back the mold, and wait for your results.


Using your mold, your online orthodontist will make a 3D image of your teeth and create a treatment plan.

Clear aligners will then be mailed to your home. Simply wear your new aligners for the recommended number of hours each day. 

Some companies recommend follow-up virtual appointments and will send out impression kits at certain milestones to ensure your teeth are on the right track.

Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

While clear aligners have been a god-send for many of us, they’re not right for everyone. At-home teeth straightening is right for you if you:

  • Your teeth aren’t overly crowded
  • Don’t need major dental work
  • Can’t wear your aligners for the recommended time frame each day
  • Have a severe overbite or crossbite*
  • Need tooth extractions
  • Send back a kit that doesn’t have a clear impression
  • Have extremely crooked teeth
  • Suffer from certain oral health issues
  • Have severe tooth decay
  • Suffer from certain conditions and health problems

*Check with your preferred teeth-straightening company just to be sure you’re not a good candidate. Some companies may be able to offer a kit despite overcrowding and bite issues. 

In some cases, certain patients will need to opt for other teeth straightening options, such as metal braces, ceramic braces, clear braces, or lingual braces (braces affixed to the backside of your teeth) to treat severe crowding and misalignment. The good news is that most online orthodontists will refund the cost of the impression kit if you’re not a good fit for clear aligners. 

Clear Aligners for Straight Teeth 

Right now, there are five major at-home orthodontists that offer treatments for teeth alignment. These companies include: 

All of these companies offer options to get your teeth measured via an at-home impression kit, and some companies also offer in-store measurements, too. All companies on this list will refund your money for the kits if you’re not a good candidate for clear aligners.

All companies on this list offer a payment plan; some companies charge more for the cost of a retainer to keep teeth straight after the end of the treatment.


Visit one of Candid’s locations to get measured for aligners, or get the starter kit mailed directly to your home or office.

Price: $1,900 or $88/month (starter kit is $95).

Insurance accepted: FSA, HSA, and some orthodontic insurances.

Smile Direct Club

Visit a Smile Direct Club SmileShop to get measured for aligners, or get the starter kit mailed directly to you.

Price: $1,895 or $85/month.

Insurance accepted: FSA, HSA, and CareCredit


Get a starter SmileLove kit mailed to your home or office (no in-person measurements offered).

Price: $1,495 or $62/month (starter kit is $79).

Insurance accepted: HSA, FSA, and some dental insurances. 


Get a starter Byte kit mailed to your home or office (no in-person measurements offered).

Price: $1,895 or $83/month.

Insurance accepted: FSA, HSA, CareCredit, and dental insurances.


Get a SnapCorrect starter kit mailed to your home or office (no in-person measurements offered).

Price: $1,749 or $81/month.

Insurance accepted: FSA, HSA, CareCredit, and some dental or orthodontic treatment insurances.

Ready to get a perfect smile? Order your at-home starter kit, or head to a brick-and-mortar location to get fitted for your clear aligners, and get results in as few as four months.