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Why We Like Them
All of Kat’s Naturals CBD oils are made using CBD obtained through CO2 extraction and includes organic hemp seed oil, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid (LA), and alpha-linolenic...
Why We Like Them
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Why We Like Them
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Why We Like Them
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CBD Oils & Products Overview
Table of Contents

    Complete Overview on CBD Products & CBD Oils

    What is CDB? Where does CBD from? What does CBD do? In this article we answer these questions and more, filling you in on everything you need to know about nature’s panacea.


    What Do People Use CBD For?

    With potential health benefits and uses said to include relief from pain, reduction of anxiety levels, enhanced moods, combating cancer, relieving depression, soothing arthritis and rheumatism, boosting the immune system, overcoming insomnia, healing skin afflictions and more, it’s no wonder that CBD oils are hailed as the latest miracle cure-all. With people across the world suddenly hailing its benefits and mixing it in their tea, taking it in pill form, and even adding it to their vape juice, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on exactly what CBD oils are.

    CBD Oils For Pain
    CBD Oils For Anxiety
    CBD Oils For Stress
    CBD Oils For Sleep
    CBD Oils For Back Pain

    Where Does CBD Come From?

    Well, generally speaking, it comes from the marijuana plant. But before you head off thinking it’s as simple as taking a pair of scissors and harvesting the next plant you come across. CBD oils are extracted from the resin glands found on the buds/flowers of the cannabis plant. It can also be sourced from hemp, the fibrous material found on the plant that has little buds with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC – a chemical compound that is responsible for the high associated with cannabis) concentration of less than 0.3%.1


    Do CBD Products Make You High?

    No. Marijuana contains over 80 active cannabinoids and the effects they have on us are the result of them interacting with the different receptors found in our brains. The main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis is THC. THC creates the ‘high’ users when it interacts with our CB1 receptors. Since the majority of authentic CBD oils have, at most, a negligible amount of THC, it cannot make you high. However, we recommend that you always thoroughly research the different brands offering CBD oils as the amounts can vary.


    Are CBD Products & CBD Oil Legal?

    There are several countries across the world, such as; Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, where CBD oil, even if it contains no THC at all, is illegal. In the United States, the laws vary from state to state. Currently, there are 29 states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal and has legalized low THC/high CBD products for medical reasons and in limited situations. 

    Other states restrict access and have specific laws about CBD possession and usage. These states include:

    • Alabama
    • Georgia
    • Indiana
    • Iowa
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi
    • Missouri
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma
    • South Carolina
    • South Dakota
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Virginia
    • Wisconsin and
    • Wyoming

    Each of the above states has unique laws and regulations in place in terms of THC levels and who may use CBD oil. For example, it is only legal in Missouri when used for treating epilepsy. We strongly recommend that you consult your local health specialist before using or ordering online CBD oils


    Is There Any Proof That CBD Products & CBD Oils Work?

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical-grade CBD product created to combat seizures that are a symptom of 2 forms childhood-onset epilepsy – Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. This is major step towards the nationwide legality and acceptance of CBD oils as a legitimate and effective cure for serious medical conditions.

    Two recent clinical studies (published by The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet) clearly demonstrated that CBD oil is effective in reducing the effects of certain types of seizures. There have also been significant anecdotal and animal studies that have provided extensive evidence that CBD oils are effective in combatting substance abuse, chronic pain, central nervous system diseases, anxiety, and much more.

    While the testing and studies so far have been encouraging, research involving human subjects is relatively limited. But as marijuana is legalized in more states and public education on its medical and recreational benefits increases, the outlook for CBD oil becoming legal and regularly used and accepted across the country is positive.


    Are All CBD Oils The Same?

    As of 2018, the FDA has not yet approved the use of CBD products for any purpose, medical, or otherwise. This, unfortunately, means that CBD oils are not yet subjected to federal regulation. This means that the quality of concentrations can vary wildly between products, either containing higher or lower levels of substances when compared to what the labels might say, with some of them even containing high levels of THC. These excessive THC levels mean that the product could be illegal in certain states and may get the user high

    “The safety and reliability of currently available CBD products depend somewhat on the states where they are produced. In states where production is not regulated, there is no way to know for certain what CBD products contain. Studies have shown that these products can contain impurities, pesticides, fungus, or not the amount of CBD that is on the label.”

    Timothy E. Welty, Professor & in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Drake University

    We strongly recommend that if you choose to purchase CBD oils you only purchase from trusted and reliable brands producing products with 0%THC. We will be conducting a number of in-depth reviews to help you find the best legal CBD oil in the near future.


    What Are The Side Effects of Using CBD Oils?

    As with any remedy used for medicinal purposes, there are a number of side effects that the user may experience. With CBD oil these include possible dizziness, hypotension, fatigue, dry mouth, and reduced motor skills. However, if used responsibly and in accordance with the advice of an expert, most users will not experience any of these symptoms. In addition, none of the side effects are known to be fatal or dangerous. Over the last 15 years, there have been tens of thousands of studies into marijuana, hemp, cannabinoids, and CBD oils, with the vast majority of results showing them to be highly beneficial.

    When it’s all said and done, there is overwhelming evidence pointing to the numerous benefits that CBD oils bring, with our knowledge on the subject growing with every day that passes. Until the day that it is approved by the FDA, federally regulated and part of conventional medicine, your best bet when dealing with CBD oils is to do your research and only use reputable brands. By reading our review in the coming weeks, you will know everything you need to know about CBD oils and which is the right one for your particular needs.

    1. While laws on the legality of marijuana and CBD oils differ from state to state, we recommend using oils 0% THC. The THC content does not have an effect of the efficacy of CBD oils



    A Quick Look At Some Of The Most Popular CBD Oils On The Market Today

    So now that we’ve given you the low down on what CBD oils are, today we’ll be going a bit more in-depth and taking a look at some of the best and most popular CBD oils available in the United States. We’ll also go through the different ways you can consume the product. We’ve summed up each product in short points listing its price, type of marijuana/hemp used to make the oil, the strength, availability and more.

    While the majority of the products below are in oil form, there are a number of ways you can use your CBD oils.


    CDB Tinctures

    Tinctures dispense the CBD oil in a small dropper, similar to the way you would administer ear or eye drops. The oil will usually be combined with a preserving solution (most commonly alcohol). The dropper allows for easy sublingual consumption, adding it to a tea or your food while cooking.


    CBD Topicals 

    More commonly known as a cream. These products are infused with the CBD oil and is applied directly to the skin. This method is especially useful when dealing with skin problems, rheumatism, or arthritis.


    CBD Patches

    Essentially no different from the nicotine patches smokers were covering themselves when trying to give up smoking. This method allows for a slow, continuous release of CBD oil into the body without the hassle of having to take numerous doses throughout the day.


    CBD Vapes

    Perhaps one of the easiest methods, vapes (an ink pen-sized “electronic cigarette” that has a heating element and cartridge containing the CBD oil) are quite popular with younger users. It leaves very little odor and is great for users looking to be discreet as it is small and can easily be used on the run.


    CBD Infused Foods 

    A growing range of products that infuses CBD oil in everything from gummy bears to drinks to dog snacks. This method almost completely eliminates the often-unpalatable taste of the oil with ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon, etc covering the earth bitterness of the oil.


    Most Popular CBD Oil Companies



    Price: $49.95 (500 mg) – $149.95 (3,000 mg)

    Range: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 3000mg

    Base: Organic Kentucky grown non-GMO hemp

    Ingredients: CBD isolate and MCT oil

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method (recognized as the best method)

    Testing: Third party lab-tested

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states and internationally



    Price: $29.99 (100mg) - $399.96 (1000mg)

    Range: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and Variety Pack 100mgx5 (for the price of 4)

    Base: Not stated

    Ingredients: CBD isolate, food grade vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavorings

    Extraction: Natural isolate extraction process

    Testing:  ‎Lab Certified

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $26.99 (100mg) - $209.99 (1500mg)

    Range: 100mg, 250mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg and 1500mg

    Base: European certified organic hemp


    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $29.99 (300mg) - $249.00 (3600mg)

    Range: 300mg, 600mg & 3600mg

    Base: Organic hemp

    Ingredients: MCT oil, organic peppermint extract & CO2 cinnamon extract

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third-party lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $38.50 (240mg) - $439.00 (4850mg)

    Range: 240mg, 725mg, 1450mg, 2425mg & 4850mg

    Base: US sourced organic hemp

    Ingredients: 100% organic hemp oil

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third party lab tested

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $31.50 (300mg) - $156.00 (1500mg)

    Range: 300mg & 1500mg

    Base: Organic hemp

    Ingredients: organic certified hemp oil, 1.2g Omega-3, 4g Omega-6, CBD+CBDa 15%, 8g Vitamin E

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $29.99 (100mg) - $79.99 (600mg)

    Range: 100mg, 300mg & 600mg

    Base: Danish-grown organic standard hemp

    Ingredients: no artificial or synthetic ingredients

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third party lab tested

    Availability: Not shipped to Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, and Louisiana



    Price: $69.00 (Green Label 3g Oral applicator) - $1423.00 (Gold Label 10g Oral applicator)

    Range: Green Label (50mg CBD per serving), Blue Label (85mg) and Gold Label (120mg)

    Base: Sustainable and non-GMO hemp

    Ingredients: no artificial or synthetic ingredients

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Triple lab tested

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $24.99 (Blue 15%C BD) - $176.99 (Gold 25% CBD)

    Range: 150mg, 450mg and 1500mg that range from $24.99 to $176.99

    Base: Hemp sourced from European countries

    Ingredients: Sunflower oil and MCT oil combined with raw hemp

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third-party lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 US states



    Price: $9.95 (1/3oz) - $159.95 (8oz)

    Range: +250mg available in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz 

    Base: Hemp sourced from Germany and Switzerland but will soon switch to a US-grown supply

    Ingredients: Hemp extract emulsified in organic hemp seed oil

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third-party lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to most states. Speak to a medical practitioner for info on your state 



    Price: $19.99 (100mg/50ml) - $90.99 (1000mg/30ml)

    Range: 100mg CBD - 4000mg CBD

    Base: organically grown Scandinavian hemp

    Ingredients: MCT coconut oil and extract hemp oil 

    Extraction: CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Lab-tested, results available on request

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states 



    Price: $74.99 (500mg) - $159.99 (1500mg)

    Range: 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg 

    Base: European-grown hemp

    Ingredients: MCT oil

    Extraction: Not definitively stated but does appear gold in color indicating effective extraction and filtering process

    Testing: Lab-tested, results available online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states 



    Price: $34.99 (300mg) - $244.99 (3000mg)

    Range: 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg and 3000mg

    Base: US-grown organic hemp

    Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil and industrial hemp oil CBD Concentrate

    Extraction: Not stated but does appear gold in color indicating effective extraction and filtering process

    Testing: Lab tested, results available online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states 



    Price: $120 for one bottle, $220 for two and $300 for three

    Range: 10mg CBD per capsule

    Base: Organic hemp

    Ingredients: Curcumin, magnesium, starch, and cellulose

    Extraction: Extraction and filtration not needed as it is in capsule form

    Testing: Lab tested, results available online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states 



    Price: $39.95 (300mg) - $249.95 (4000mg)

    Range: Prime & Plus - 375mg, 750mg,1500mg and 3000mg

                  Active Lifestyle - 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 4000mg

    Base: Organic Colorado grown hemp

    Ingredients: Prime & Plus - MCT oil, sunflower oil, hemp oil, organic natural flavors

    Active Lifestyle - hemp seed oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, organic and natural flavors

    Extraction: Cold ethanol extraction

    Testing: Third party lab tested, results available online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states 


    CPD Oils Are Here to Stay & More Popular Than Ever in The USA

    As of 2020, the US is the undisputed leader when it comes to legalizing marijuana and hemp. Many other countries are now following our footsteps, in both a medical or recreational manner. The fact that the scientific community is making new discoveries on a daily basis shows that CBD oils, once officially recognized, could change the face of modern medicine.

    We hope you found our short summaries of the most popular CBD oils and ways of consuming it helpful. Watch this space for the latest in-depth reviews and news of CBD oils in the US.





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